Dave Myrie has been KC’s principal since September, 2012. He is one of Jamaica’s most admired and effective principals.

Before joining KC, Myrie was the General Manager of Tastee Limited and before that he was an Executive within the Grace Kennedy Investment division.  

He was principal of Wolmer’s Boy’s School for 7 years. 

His work experience includes 13 years in England’s educational system where he served as Regional Resource Officer, Senior Educational Welfare Officer, Schools Improvement Officer, Education Officer and Head of Special Educational Needs Department in three London Boroughs.

Dave holds a diploma in Education, a Post Graduate Diploma, and a Master of Arts Degree (Management).

Since joining KC in 2012, he has been focused on:

  • Elevating the standard of teaching and learning
  • Building the base by working closely with the base of students in the lower grades
  • Renewing the college’s physical infrastructure
  • Modernizing the science and IT labs and making other key improvements to the physical plant

Kingston College is very privileged to have a principal with Myrie’s superior talents.

Kingston College boasts a dedciated and capable faculty and staff.