A History of Kingston College

In 1917, Percival W. Gibson becomes the first Jamaican to gain the Bachelor of Divinity degree externally in Jamaica from the University of London.

In 1924, Gibson and his sister, Gwendolyn, purchase the property at 114 3/4 East Street, the former All Saints Rectory, and Archbishop Cecil de Carteret founded Kingston College with Gibson as its first principal.

Kingston College (KC) opened its doors on April 16, 1925 with an enrollment of 49 boys.
In 1932, the school becomes a government grant-aided secondary school meaning that the government would provide funds to the school although the administration and ownership remained intact.

In 1933, the Church of England declares the school a diocesan school and allocates funds for construction of new buildings.

In 1934, the school is relocated from East Street to Clovelly Park on North Street and some of the ‘modern school buildings in Jamaica.’

In 1947, Gibson is ordained as the Suffragan Bishop of Kingston. St. Augustine’s Chapel is dedicated to the African Saint and the Kingston College Chapel Choir is established.

In 1948, there are 500 students enrolled. It is the largest secondary school in Jamaica.

In 1949, KC wins the Manning Cup and Olivier shield in football, both for the first time.

In 1955, Gibson becomes the first native Lord Bishop of Jamaica and resigns as headmaster. He is succeeded by first master, Douglas Forrest.

In 1964, KC makes history as the first Jamaican high school to compete in the Penn Relays.

In 1975, KC wins the Track & Field Competition, “Champs” for the 14th consecutive year.

In 1986, the KC Development Trust Fund was launched.