Did You Know These Alexa Hacks and Tricks? – 17 Interesting Tricks

alexa hacks and tricks

Since the release of the Amazon Echo in 2014, the brand sold about ten million smart virtual voice assistant Alexa-enabled devices around the world. Besides playing music and online shopping, there’s actually a lot more to it. Moreover, it is continuously updating its features with new Alexa hacks and tricks.

In order to find out about the Amazon Echo hacks to get the most out of Alexa, you should not miss the tips we are going to share. Here are some of the best Alexa hacks all homeowners should know for a better experience.

The 17 Best Alexa Hacks & Tricks for 2024

There are a lot of hacks and tricks but I have selected the best of 17 tricks. Let’s get to know more about them.

1. Set up multiple profiles

The enrolled owner of the device can add multiple profiles of the other members of the family in the household profile from the Alexa app. But first, enter the password and then others can log in or switch profiles. This way, each profile owner can get personalized content libraries like shopping, playlist, etc.

2. Greet with ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Afternoon’

If you share greetings with Alexa such as saying  ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Afternoon, you will receive entertaining answers. In the morning, you will get motivational quotes and in the afternoon you will receive cheerful motivational statements or handy tips.

Alexa Hacks

3. Change the activation name

Another interesting fact is that you can change the name of Alexa just like other smart voice assistants. That means you don’t need to stick to this one only. When you change the name, they are activated to that particular name you select and call them.

4. Control via browser instead of the App

The Alexa app is not the only way to control Amazon Echo. That is the most used method but you can control it from any browser too. Did you know this? Go to echo.amazon.com and this page lets you control the device without a smartphone.

5. Receive traffic updates

Before stepping out of home, you can quickly check the traffic on your route. Just select the destination in the app. Then simply pop up the question “Alexa, how’s traffic?”. You will get real-time traffic updates with all the information.

6. Parental control

FreeTime service offered by Amazon is also available on Alexa. It lets you set parental control for example restrictions on some contents, shopping features, usage hours limitations, and so on. To enable this service, you have to select which device you want to restrict.

7. Connect to external devices

A lot of people miss out on this feature as they have no idea that they can connect Alexa with different external smart devices as well. If the device uses Bluetooth or Wifi, you can discover them from the Alexa app and pair them up. After that, you can control them using voice commands.

8. Protect voice purchases

There is no need to worry that your card info might get accessed by others. You can set a PIN code for shopping online. So you can remain assured that even your kids don’t buy anything without your permission. You can find the feature in Voice Purchasing.

9. Customize flush briefing

For this feature, you should say “Alexa, play my flash briefing,” or else simply ask “Alexa, what’s new?”. You will get all the up-to-date news and weather updates. In the app settings, you can add more content, change the order, turn off the weather, discover the source, etc. whenever you wish.

Work from home with Alexa

10. Create a personalized routine

Those persons who follow the same routine for a time most of the day can set a customized routine. So Alexa will multitask with one command. Go to settings and select the time. Then select the word to activate and you are good to go.

11. DIY skill build-up

There is a feature named Alexa Skill Blueprints. There are a bunch of templates available. You can pick any of them and make personalized Alexa skills for business, home, or anything. Simply sign in with your Amazon user name at https://blueprints.amazon.com/

12. Transform into a security device

With this hack, you can keep an eye on your homestead whenever you are away through any device. You can also avail yourself of Guard Plus for better security. With that, whenever you feel like something isn’t right, you can immediately contact the authorities.

Alexa App Hacks & Tricks

13. Find your iPhone

We all face a problem when we can not remember where the phone was. Alexa can help you to solve this very common troublesome situation. Confirm your number in the app and then if you say “Alexa, Find my phone,” she will call your phone.

14. Sports updates

You can command “Alexa sports update,” and Alexa will come up with a list of news related to your favorite teams. This is something a sports lover must appreciate. To activate, navigate to the app, select more, and then in the settings, you can set up the teams you support.

15. Delete Voice Data

Do you feel a little uncomfortable when you get to know anything you say to Alexa is recorded and uploaded to Amazon’s servers? But don’t worry at all. You can delete those from the app.

16. Listen to Music Throughout the House

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy listening to music. But what if you could listen to music throughout your entire house? With a little bit of effort, you can set up your Alexa-enabled device to play music in every room of your house.

Next, open the Alexa app and go to the Settings menu. Select ‘Music & Media’ and then ‘Link new device.’ Choose the audio system that you want to use in each room. For example, if you have an Echo Dot in your living room and a Sonos One in your kitchen, you would select ‘Echo Dot’ for the living room and ‘Sonos One’ for the kitchen.

Amazon Echo Dot

17. Turn on a Night Light

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night and had to fumble for a light switch, you know how annoying it can be. But with this Alexa hack, you can easily turn on a night light without even getting out of bed.

To do this, simply say “Alexa, turn on the night light.” The light will then turn on, providing just enough illumination to help you find your way around. No more stumbling in the dark!

5 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Alexa?

Alexa may be your best companion for being responsive all the time. Yet there are times when you can get some weird experience with her. So, it is better to avoid asking some questions that people already discovered to have unexpected answers from Alexa.

1. Never ask Alexa whether Alexa is connected to the CIA

If you ask Alexa this question out of curiosity, it immediately lights up just like it turns on before answering but then turns itself off without any response. Now it is updated with a hilarious answer. No one knows whether there is any bit of truth in it or not. However, it’s a fun way to confuse friends.

2. Do not ask Alexa about her age

When you are bored and want entertainment from Alexa, you can ask various personal questions for instance how old Alexa is? Although she won’t give you any numbers. Rather in general, her reply is made up of different jokes or rhymes. She might describe the way AI’s measurement years in nanoseconds.

3. You should not say, “Alexa, laugh”

The people who freak out easily should not try this at all. There were complaints from users that Alexa often started to laugh without any command. It happens to be a glitch behind all these. Therefore, Amazon closed this feature. Instead, now you can ask, “Alexa, laugh for me,” but the “tee-hee” sound is creepy.

4. Not ever try to interrogate Alexa to calculate PI

At times the response Alexa has to this question is, “Achoo! I’m allergic to numbers this large.” Apart from that, the answer is never-ending series of numbers. Whenever you are in a hurry, you would not want to test her skill on mathematical knowledge in this way.

5. Do not want to know about how different animals sound like

It’s not something very pleasant to hear a variety of animal sounds from Alexa. Your home buddies will definitely get annoyed with constant awkward sounds. Though, some Reddit users reported that the goat sound is the funniest one of all those.

Can you change Alexa’s voice?

The answer is yes, you can change Alexa’s standard voice, language, and even accent. All you need to do is just go to the Alexa app and then you can change it in the settings. Interestingly enough, you can switch to a popular celebrity voice too if you wish.

Wrapping Up

Have you ever tried any of the hacks and tricks before? If not then get ready and give them a try. These are not the only ones, there are a whole bunch of these. The list is endless so you should not miss trying some of your own for fun and convenience.

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