Amazon Echo Show What Does It Do? – Explained The Functions of 4 Variations

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Nowadays Amazon Echo is not beyond someone’s ken. However, the Amazon Echo Show is relatively new.

Can’t find the right answer for the Amazon echo show what does it do?

Amazon echo show is used for implementing voice commands for Alexa and video calls. Besides it now has cameras, a good-resolution display, and some other features. It also supports different wifi and Bluetooth devices as well as a cloud.

There are also some other features you need to know.  So, don’t miss this article to get an insight.

What is the Amazon Echo Show?

Amazon Echo Show is one of the Amazon Echo product offerings. It’s another type of smart home assistant device such as a homeschooling tab, Alexa.

By definition, it is a gadget featured with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa but in addition to a touchscreen display. For those who like to have a visual response to their commands, I would love this combination.

Moreover, if you are more into video calls then this is another big reason to prefer Amazon Echo Show. From organizing grocery lists to keeping an eye on security cameras, this device made everything easier. As an Echo Show user, you can enjoy effortless purchases on the Amazon marketplace and drive sales.

Echo Show is not only about voice commands for Alexa and video calls, there are many many other exciting and cool things it can do for you. If you are interested to know then let’s get started with the specifications and features.

Different Generations of Echo Show

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Amazon Echo product

Now, Amazon released four generations of the Echo Show in total. The list starts with the first generation Echo Show released in 2017.

The latest and largest Echo Show 15 was launched in 2024. In between, Amazon has unveiled other Echo Show devices which are Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8, and Echo Show 10 consecutively.

Again, each release had something different than the previous one. The first generation Amazon Echo Show was a 7-inch touchscreen and it was redesigned as the second-generation Echo Show with a compact shape. Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd generation is renamed with a completely new model.

Amazon Echo Show 5: What Does It Do?


  • Display – 5.5″ 960 x 480 touchscreen
  • Camera – 2MP
  • Chipset – MediaTek MT 8163
  • Available colors – Deep Sea Blue, Glacier White, Charcoal
  • Sound – Full range 1.65” built-in speaker and 3.5 mm output
  • Microphones – Dual microphones
  • Connectivity – Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Music – Supports multiple cloud services


Amazon Echo Show 5 was released in the first generation but later Amazon provided the second generation of Echo Show 5 with some upgraded features. The second generation got a better camera and a fresh look. The deep sea blue is only introduced with the 2nd generation.

Additionally, you will get parental control and two years of access to Amazon Kids in the Echo 5 Kids edition. In addition to an easy glance at security cameras, this model has a new feature called a motion-activated routine. Also, the size is ideal to keep on a nightstand.

Echo 5 Kids edition

Likewise the other Alexa-enabled devices, you can turn off and delete voice recordings and the camera shutter. You can instantly start a video call and send messages. Echo Show 5 is compatible with audio from Amazon Music, Audible, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, etc.

To watch videos, you can go to Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. NRP for news, Food Network Kitchen for recipes, and Red Bull TV for sports is also available. But the drawback is that the screen is not big enough to watch a film. Otherwise, it is a good deal for the money.

Amazon Echo Show 8: What Does It Do?


  • Display – 8.0″ 1280 x 800 LCD touchscreen
  • Camera – 13MP
  • Chipset – MediaTek MT 8183
  • Available colors – Glacier White, Charcoal
  • Sound – Dual 2.0” (52 mm) neodymium speakers with passive bass radiator
  • Microphones – 4
  • Connectivity – Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Music – Supports multiple cloud services


Echo Show 8 is the most popular of people’s choices. It stands apart as it is faster than the other ones and the camera quality is also better. The 13MP camera has an auto framing feature which will keep you in the middle. You can stay in the frame while video calling, cool right?

Echo Show 8

This is not all yet, the adaptive color and stereo speakers will steal your heart for sure.

You can have a quick look through your reminders and calendar. Step by step guide for any recipe you are looking for is available. Timers, list updates, traffic, weather, or news updates are also easy to get from Echo Show 8.

Another distinctive feature of this device is that you can watch HD videos from Hulu, alongside Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. You can access Amazon Photos to put your memories on this digital frame. With a triangular side profile design, the built-in microphones give you instant voice response.

Furthermore, Echo Show 8 is paired with compatible light bulbs, thermostats, and so on. Since it is larger than Echo Show 5, it is convenient for watching movies as well. It is easy to set up and use. There are several options including color correction, screen magnification, etc.

Amazon echo show 10: What Does It Do?


  • Display – 10.1″ 1280 x 800p touchscreen
  • Camera – 13MP
  • Chipset – MediaTek 8183
  • Available colors – Dark Charcoal, Light Gray
  • Sound – 3″ Woofer & 2x 1″ Tweeters
  • Microphones – Integrated
  • Connectivity – Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Music – Supports multiple cloud services


With little extra expense, Echo Show 10 can offer you more flexibility. The 10-inch screen is the first thing to notice as a difference. Then comes the three-driver speaker. These have excellent capabilities to respond. Apace from the improved audio and visual quality, it is an eco-friendly design.

echo show features

The most interesting feature of Echo Show 10 is the 175-degree rotating touchscreen. The manual tilt and brushless rotation motor help it to move along with you. Whenever you are on a call or cooking along to a recipe, if you move to the side then the screen will move with you.

Amazon Echo Show 15: What Does It Do?


  • Display – 15.6″ 1920 x 1080p touchscreen
  • Camera – 5MP
  • Chipset – Amlogic Pop1 octa-core SoC with Amazon AZ2 neural network engine
  • Available colors – Black and white
  • Sound – Dual 1.6-inch full-range drivers
  • Sensors – ALS RGB + Accelerometer
  • Storage and RAM – Not provided
  • Microphones – Pinhole microphones
  • Connectivity – Wifi and Bluetooth


A complete change is seen in the Echo Show 15 features. The main layout and widgets are totally customizable. You can even reorder or resize those. In total fourteen widgets are available in the widget gallery menu. If you wish, you can add them to the home screen with just one click.

Echo Show 15

Besides, it has AirPlay which allows wireless communication of Apple devices with external speakers or screens. It has a built-in Zigbee hub. So you can control Zigbee-enabled devices like light bulbs and door locks.

Also, the built-in Chromecast allows users to use apps and stream entertainment amongst Chromecast-enabled devices.

So Which One Is the Best Amazon Echo show?

When comparing the four Amazon Echo shows, if you want to go for only one then we would suggest that the best one will be the Amazon Echo Show 8 (second generation). Why? There are plenty of reasons to choose this one over the others.

First of all, it is more convenient for regular use. For instance, it’s not too large like Echo Show 15 nor too small like Echo Show 5. The 8-inch size is good enough to watch from across the room. Secondly, it has great speakers. Alongside, you can enjoy a bunch of camera-related features.

Above all, it is a budget-friendly option compared to them. You can get it for about 100 dollars less from Echo Show 10. As we mentioned before, it has a lot of features exactly like Echo Show 10 for example, video calling, and a security camera.


1. Do I need Alexa If I have Echo Show?

The answer is simply no. The voice assistant Alexa is already built into Amazon Echo Show devices. So there’s no additional hassle to get both. Just like before you can ask anything as what’s the weather update and so to Alexa with your Amazon Echo Show gadgets.

2. Can you watch TV on an Echo Show?

There are a few different ways to watch TV on an Echo Show. You can use the built-in to watch live or recorded shows, or you can use the Prime Video app. You can also use the YouTube app to watch videos or access content from websites like Hulu and Netflix.

alexa app echo show

3. Does Echo Show have WIFI?

Yes, Echo Show does have WIFI. You can connect to the Wifi network using the built-in WiFi antenna or via an external WiFi adapter.

4. Do you need WIFI for Echo Show?

Yes, you do need wifi for the Echo Show. The Echo Show comes with built-in wifi, but like all Alexa devices, you can also connect it to the internet using a wireless router.

Wrapping Up

We hope you got an overall knowledge about Amazon Echo and show what it does. Amazon has done quite hard work for Echo Show to make it a smart screen. Maybe the best is yet to invent but the Echo Show line is doing well for now. Of course, the next release is expected to be flawless and more useful.

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