11 Best No Drill AC Bracket 2024 – Pick The Right One For Your Home

drill less ac brackets

It’s the height of summer, and your central air conditioning is working overtime to keep your home cool. But what happens when you need to install a new air conditioner? If you don’t have an existing AC bracket, you’ll have to drill into your wall to secure the unit. Luckily, there’s a better way! The best no-drill AC bracket can help you install a new air conditioner without any drilling required.

I’m Edward Ball, In a statistic, I learned that intense sunlight may reduce the unit’s competence by as much as 10%. So if you use the best air conditioner bracket, it will protect your AC units from being damaged.

However, It’s difficult to choose the best between so many AC support brackets in the market. I have picked out some of the tops for your consideration. Could you keep reading for my top picks?

Comparison Of The Best Air Conditioner Support Brackets:

  1. TOP SHELF TSB-2438TOP SHELF TSB-2438 – Best Drill-Less Window AC Bracket
  2. BLACK + DECKER BAB-2438BLACK + DECKER BAB-2438 – Best Lightweight AC Support Bracket
  3. JEACENT AC Window Air Conditioner Support BracketJEACENT AC Window Air Conditioner Support Bracket – Best Universal Bracket
  4. A/C Safe ACA/C Safe AC – Easiest Setup Window AC Bracket
  5. Qualward Air Conditioner BracketQualward Air Conditioner Bracket – Best Durable No Drill AC Bracket
  6. Senville GS-380JEACENT AC Window Air Conditioner Support BracketJEACENT AC Window Air Conditioner Support Bracket – Adjustable Drill-Less Window AC Mounting Bracket
  7. PIONEER Foldable Condenser BracketPIONEER Foldable Condenser Bracket – Best Budget AC Mounting Bracket
  8. AnyMount Small AC Support BracketAnyMount Small AC Support Bracket – Best for Outdoor Windows AC
  9. Wall Mounting BracketWall Mounting Bracket – Best Condenser Protection Drill-Less AC Bracket
  10. Jeacent Heavy Duty BracketJeacent Heavy Duty Bracket – Best High-Density Material AC Bracket

Best Air Conditioner Support Bracket: Top 10 Picks for 2024

Below, I present to you a collection of the top 10 Air Conditioner brackets, Let’s Pick and choose the one that suits you best!

01: TOP SHELF TSB-2438 – Best Drill-Less Window AC Bracket


If you want to support your AC unit without drilling or any tools then the TOP SHELF TSB-2438 air conditioner bracket is perfect for you. You can install this bracket in a few minutes from inside the room. It makes the annoying task of installing your AC bracket delightfully simple.

This support bracket is a rust-proof ac window bracket made of premium 18-gauge powder-coated steel that holds up to 200 pounds and ensures long-lasting authenticity.

Besides, the tabs on the wings are made with 13 gauge steel and use pins to lock into place for higher potency. To give unrivaled support and position it’s made with a 4-sided enclosed leg design.

This support bracket fits perfectly with the double or single-hung windows that are from 24” to 38” wide and 6” to 12” wall thickness with 10” of clearance under the window.

So, considering this ac bracket all features and high star rating, you may use it assuredly for supporting and protecting your AC.

  •  Gives maximum safety.
  •  Has window sill protection.
  •  To install you require no drilling and tools.
  •  You may install it easily in a few minutes.
  • Rust-proof gives more durability.
  • Not worthy of the type of heavy window sash unit.

02: BLACK + DECKER BAB-2438 – Best Lightweight AC Support Bracket


The BLACK + DECKER BAB-2438 AC Support Bracket is a no-drill design similar to the Top Shelf, my top pick. Compared with Top Shelf AC Supporter, this one has more load capacity. It can hold up to 200 lbs whereas the previous one can hold 200 pounds.

It’s suitable both for single or double-hung windows from 24″ to 38″ wide. But, keep in mind that this air conditioner bracket is not perfect for a flush-mounted window because it needs a minimum wall thickness of 6″. If the wall thickness is less than 6″ then you should avoid using this support bracket as it’s designed for mounting capacity 6” to 12” wall construction.

  • Don’t need, This window ac support bracket no drilling, tools, hardware, or fasteners to set up.
  •  Can be adjusted both for a double-hung or single window.
  •  Higher load capacity.
  •  The instructions user is friendly.
  • Quite expensive.

03: JEACENT AC Window Air Conditioner Support Bracket – Best Universal Bracket

JEACENT AC Window Air Conditioner Support Bracket

This is my 3rd choice for heavy-duty support brackets. this is perfect for single or double-hung windows from 22-38 inches wide, without damaging the outside of your house. It fits wall thicknesses between 4″ and 11″. You can easily install this bracket on an existing structure, so there will be no need to remove any paint before installation!

Once installed, Jeacent Window AC No Drilling Heavy Duty Support Bracket relieves stress onto both interior surfaces by transferring all weight onto its sturdy construction instead.

To install, first, locate the installation area and clean it with a damp cloth. Second, apply the included adhesive strips to the window unit. Third, press the bracket firmly into place on the wall. That’s it! Your air conditioner is now secure without any damage to your wall.

 04: A/C Safe AC – Easiest Setup Window AC Support

A_C Safe AC

If you are a fan of a heavy-gauge, epoxy-coated steel material support bracket then this A/C Safe AC-160 Universal AC Window Bracket is suitable for safely supporting your window AC unit.

It can support safely up to 160 lbs. This support bracket is designed to work with partitions 4 to 11 inches thick and may relieve stress on the window and window frame by up to 75%.

This is an easy installation process that can be done without any tools.

  •  Long-lasting and durable because it’s made of heavy-gauge and epoxy-coated steel.
  •  Reduces the chance of mishap and damage to the window perfectly.
  •  Very quick and easy installation.
  • Not found.


05: Qualward Air Conditioner Bracket – Best Durable No Drill AC Bracket

Qualward Air Conditioner BracketC

If you want to get a double support AC bracket then you may use this Qualward window air conditioner, which is designed to fit wall thickness from 3″ to 15.2″ and support up to 180 lbs.

This dual air conditioner bracket helps to reduce stress on the windowsill and leaves out exterior work. It’s perfect for indoor installation and you don’t need to worry about the installation process.

The installation process is very easy as it has an adjustable crossbar and drilling at the windowsill system. Besides, this AC support bracket is durable and long-lasting because it’s made of heavy-gauge and epoxy-coated steel. Also, it corrects the mounting slope position as its designed built-in bubble level.

You can use this bracket for both standard and mini-split air conditioners.

  • Plays a massive duty with 2 Arms.
  • Quite sturdy and easy to install.
  • Comes with all the essential attachment hardware.
  • May face problems using it on vinyl siding windows.

06: Senville GS-380 – Adjustable Not Drill Window AC Mounting Bracket

Senville GS-380

Looking for a heavy-duty mini split wall bracket for your air cooler? If so, then you may purchase this Outdoor Mounting Bracket for Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump Systems, Universal, 9000-36000 Btu Condenser AC support bracket. It may perfectly fit with 9000-36000 Btu Units.

Moreover, you must be happy to know that, this one is the heaviest item in the least compared to other 9 products and fortunately it can hold up to 350 pounds.

Basically, this mounting bracket is best for use for greater placement versatility and provides greater protection to your AC item from dirt, snow, garbage, floods, vandalism, etc.

Even its rearward tilt is designed aiming at safety, and this whole support bracket is basically designed for purposes of masonry wall mount and stud wall mount to accommodate bracket weight load. For the accurate fitting, it requires a 12 mm bit.

  • Can bear a higher weight capacity.
  •  Includes all the necessary hardware for wall mounting.
  •  Greater support and greater protection.
  •  Made of very sturdy and well-painted steel.
  • Seems cheap hardware.


07: PIONEER Foldable Condenser Bracket – Best Budget AC Mounting Bracket

PIONEER Foldable Condenser Bracket

If you are looking for such a support bracket that involves all hardware for attaching the condenser plus 4 expansion bolts for wall mounting then you may use this Pioneer Mounting Bracket for Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner Condensing Unit.

It’s made with weighty duty steel construction, galvanized, and designed with epoxy paint, and has all hardware for linking the condenser plus 4 concrete expansion bolts for wall mounting.

Besides, there are 4 Rubber vibration absorbing pads near the brackets and the condensing unit legs to minimize the propagation of vibrations from the unit to the window frame.

It will strongly support as well as protect your AC item from dirt, snow, debris, floods, and other perils.

  • Has rubber vibration absorbing pads for reducing transmission of vibrations.
  • Very easy installation process.
  • Included advanced hardware.
  • Long durability because it’s made of massive-duty steel construction and galvanized, and epoxy painted steel.
  • Very sturdy and holds perfectly.
  • Rubber pads and bracket holes matching problem.


08: AnyMount Small AC Support Bracket – Best for Outdoor Windows AC

AnyMount Small AC Support Bracket

You may use this AnyMount Universal Window Air Conditioner, 88 lbs, Designed 5,000 to 10,000 BTU Sized item, Small AC Support Bracket as it’s very easy to set up this support bracket inside the comfortable place of your home in a few minutes.

Besides, it’s made with all-weather stainless steel construction and that’s why it’s more durable and long-lasting as well as convenient and safe to use.

If your window item is between 5,000 to 10,000 BTU in size then this support bracket will fit perfectly and may support up to 88 lbs.

Keep in mind that the windowsill must be a minimum of 2 inches deep and able to accept 3.5-inch long screws.

  • Designed for quick setup.
  •  Durable, safe, and convenient.
  •  Built-in the exclusive precision bubble level that ensures the accurate mounting angle.
  •  All needful hardware included.
  • Not universal support.


09: Wall Mounting Bracket – Best Condenser Protection No Drill AC Bracket

Wall Mounting Bracket

If you want to support up to 265 lbs. and fit 16″ wall mounting distance, you may use this Outer Wall Mounting Bracket for Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump Systems, Universal 7000-18000 Btu Condenser support bracket.

It’s made with galvanized steel to protect against the weather and is designed with epoxy coated to prevent the air conditioner from dropping out of the wall.

There have been advanced techniques for this support bracket to ensure brackets are vertical to each other during condenser leveling. Besides, it has reliable vibration-blocking rubber support absorbers to correct the distance from the wall for airflow and reduce noise and vibration.

The condenser protection is very tough and protects the compressor unit above ground for shelter from dirt, debris, snow, floods, and damage, etc.

The built-in bubble level to correct mounting slope position makes this support bracket accurate installation and the adjustable screw makes accurate adjustment fitting.

  • Used advanced techniques.
  • Includes all needful hardware.
  • Easy and accurate installation.
  • Gives extra protection to your AC part.
  • No cons found.


10: Jeacent Heavy Duty Bracket – Best High-Density Material AC Bracket

Jeacent Heavy Duty Bracket

Jeacent heavy-duty air conditioner support bracket can adapt to most window sash units. It’s made with a universal design and the installation process is very easy without any sliding exterior work. To set up this bracket, you just need to drill into the window sill.

It mostly fits with the wall thickness from 2″ to 15.2″. This support bracket is a built-in bubble level so that it may correct the mounting slope position perfectly. It includes all the necessary hardware so you don’t need to worry about hardware.

  • Easy installation process.
  • Includes all the needed hardware.
  • Fits with most window items perfectly.
  • Gives stable and firm support to the air conditioning units.
  • Long-lasting and durable as it’s made of solid epoxy-coated thick steel plate.
  • Instructions are not user-friendly.
  • Not compatible with casement windows.


How To Choose The Best Air Conditioner Bracket?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best air conditioner support bracket. The type of air conditioner, the size of the unit, and whether or not you want an indoor or outdoor unit all to play a role in which bracket is best for you. Some popular brackets include those designed for window units, rooftop units, and central AC systems.

01: Window unit brackets

Best Window Air Conditioner support bracket

If you have a window unit, be sure to choose a bracket designed specifically for this type of air conditioner. These brackets typically attach to the window with screws or straps and provide extra support in case of wind or heavy rain.

  • Weight Capacity: Most air conditioner brackets have a weight capacity rating which is how much weight the bracket can hold without failing. It is always recommended to go with an air conditioner bracket that offers a higher weight capacity than the actual weight of your windows AC unit in order to be on the safer side. In this article, already I discuss the weight capacity of different air conditioner brackets. An air conditioner bracket that supports up to 200 pounds will be the best option for large and heavy window air conditioners.
  • Your Wall ThicknessWhen you will be installing an AC bracket on your window sill next to a wall, it is really important to check if the bracket is compatible with your given wall thickness or not. Most AC brackets are designed to be installed on a window sill next to a wall. However, if you are installing an AC bracket on a window sill next to a wall that is thicker than the bracket’s width, then you will need to purchase an AC bracket that is specifically designed for thicker walls.
  • Your Window SizeAlmost all air conditioner brackets feature an adjustable window size support. This can include ranges like 24 inch to 38 inch or 26 inch to 40 inches depending on the air conditioner bracket that you are going for. To ensure proper support, make sure your window’s width falls between this range so that you can easily install an air conditioner bracket for your window AC.
  • Bracket DesignAlso, You should look up the design of the Air conditioner bracket air conditioner brackets are typically designed to hold an air conditioner in place. There are a variety of bracket designs available, so it is important to find the right design of bracket for your specific air conditioner.

02: Rooftop unit brackets

If you have a rooftop unit, be sure to choose a bracket that supports this type of air conditioner. These brackets typically attach to the roof with screws or straps and provide extra support in case of wind or heavy rain.

03: Central AC

There are a few things to consider when choosing an air conditioner bracket: the size of the unit, the type of roof it will be mounted on, and the weight of the unit.

For central air conditioners, look for brackets that can support a unit up to 50 pounds. For units that are mounted on roofs, look for brackets that can support a unit up to 100 pounds. Finally, consider how windy or rainy your area is typical; heavier units may be more stable in windy or rainy conditions.

04: Wall Thickness

Wall Thickness

The thicker the wall, the more likely it is that the bracket will be able to support the weight of the air conditioning unit. However, make sure that you have enough room on either side of the unit for the bracket to fit – otherwise you may have to get creative with mounting options.

If your wall isn’t thick enough to support a window-mounted AC unit, then you’ll need to use an outdoor mount or a central mount system. Outdoor mounts require at least 3 inches of wall thickness, while central mounts requires 2 inches of wall thickness.

05: Room Size

Once you know which type of AC unit you’ll be using and how thick your wall is, the next thing you need to consider is room size. You’ll need to find out the dimensions of your walls and then choose a bracket that will fit.

Some brackets are designed to attach directly to the wall, while others require mounting hardware or drilling into the wall. Brackets designed for smaller rooms might not be able to accommodate a larger model.

06: Warranty

Investigate the warranty offered by the manufacturer of your air conditioner bracket. Finally, be sure to read customer reviews before making your purchase to get a better idea of what others have experienced with this type of product.

Do I need a support bracket for my air conditioner?

Best Window Air Conditioner bracket

If your question do I need a support bracket for my air conditioner? Then my answer is Yes, you need the best support bracket for your air conditioner. It will be wise for all AC window units to have support brackets. Especially the air conditioners which are quite bulky or are older always require a support bracket.

However, you don’t need a support bracket if your AC is a recent, light air conditioning unit as a proper, stiff window frame may help to support your air conditioning units. But, If you are extra conscious then it’s better to have a support bracket for your AC whether your AC is light or heavy.

  • If your AC window unit is more than 5 years old, then you will need a support bracket.
  • If your AC is a recent light air conditioning unit, then you may not need a support bracket.


Drill-Less Universal Window Air Conditioner Bracket

1. How to support a window air conditioner?

When you install the air conditioner support bracket you have to ensure the air conditioner unit has adequate support to protect the integrity of your window, home, and this rather expensive appliance.

Even, it may be very easy to remove the unit during the cooling season. So, to support a window air conditioner is very important. But you must know how to support it.
Here are given some common methods to support a window air conditioner.

  1. Window Backstop: In this method, the window itself is used to support the air conditioner unit.
  2. Wall Mounted Bracket: The brackets come in all shapes and sizes to fit the window and the unit. This kind of bracket comes in different shapes and sizes.
  3. DIY Brackets: To use the DIY bracket, you need more skill, tools, and materials. So, it’s not for everyone.

Besides, you may support your air conditioner’s safety by using the best smart plug for air conditioners.

2. How to Install AC Support Brackets?

In the meantime, you of course have come to know the importance of supporting your AC. It’s a great idea to protect and support your AC. But, the question seems to us how to install the best window air conditioner bracket?

You may find several types of window air conditioner brackets in the market and the installation process is different for each item.

So, how to install the best window AC bracket depends on your support bracket. And, the installation process is given to its instruction. Finally, to know the installation process you have to follow the instructions that are given with the item you buy.

You can learn how to install a window ac support bracket by watching this video!

Besides, Check here to learn how to install a window air conditioner without drilling.

3. Should a window air conditioner be tilted?

Basically, you don’t need to tilt a window air conditioner. You may have heard that you need to tilt the window air conditioner so that water condensation could drain freely. But the manufacturers have made it already by providing a proper drain system.

But, if you are more conscious then it’s better to tilt your window air conditioner lightly towards the outdoors is preferable. Besides, modern AC units are designed to run level and condensate. So, an air conditioner should be tilted if it’s older I think.

4. How do you seal the side of a window air conditioner?

Not be of account of how effective your window air conditioner is, the cool air will go out of your house unless you seal the side of your window air conditioner properly.

Besides, if you don’t seal the side of a window air conditioner the gaps will be the cause of annoying vibrating or rattling sounds. So, it’s very much important to seal the side of the window air conditioning units.

But, the question seems how to seal the side of a window air conditioner. Well, it’s very simple. To seal the gaps you may use adhesive-backed foam weather-stripping, rope caulk, and pieces of cloth.

Besides, you may need the best air conditioner covers to keep safe while not in the use of your air conditioner units.

5. How much weight can an AC bracket hold?

AC brackets are for use with beams, joists or rafters, and can support a weight of up to 500 pounds.

6. Do you need screws for AC unit?

AC bracket comes with all the necessary screws. If you need more, simply purchase them separately and attach the bracket to the wall.

7. Why are air conditioners never installed near the floor?

Air conditioners are installed at a higher level to avoid moisture and dust accumulation at the base of the AC unit. In addition, air conditioners work best when they are placed in an area where they can circulate air evenly.

8. Why do people put cages around AC units?

The most common reason for people to put cages around AC units is to protect them from pets and children. Other reasons can include protection from theft and the unit from being moved.


A support bracket can create a durable soothing atmosphere for your air conditioner. So, it will be very wise to mount your AC with a support bracket. The support bracket not only supports your AC but also safeguards your AC from damage and dirt.

But, in the market, you may see many types of AC support brackets and among them, it’s quite difficult to find out the best one. For that reason, I reviewed here the 10 Best Air Conditioner Brackets.

Hope if you get one of my selected AC brackets you may increase the durability of your AC by reinforcing it. Besides, if you want to get neat and clean air around your home you may use the best ac filter for home. Finally, I want before ending the article I’m suggesting the “Outdoor Btu Condenser BracketOutdoor Btu Condenser Bracket.” Considering the overall features, price, and installation system, it must be a great deal for you.

I hope this article was helpful for you and provided some valuable information. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below! Thanks for reading!

Thank you.

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