Top 7 Best Action Cameras Under $100 – Review & Buying Guide

Cameras are a major part of an event or occasion; hence, you need to get a good one. Investing in a good camera does not mean you have to cause a hole in your pocket. You can do that on a budget, for it will offer 2 benefits. One is that you’ll save a considerable amount of money, and second, you can get your hands on a good camera with the best features.

You are on the wrong road if you are a fan of close-ups and portrait shots exploring the DSLR family. An action camera is the best option for such dreamy pictures. One of the best benefits of buying this camera is that you can get a top product by investing $100 or anything below that.

Top 7 Picks For The Best Action Cameras Under $100

Here are the 7 best action cameras under $100 that are perfect for fulfilling your need for versatile pictures and unlimited adventure.

1. Action Camera With 4k Resolution

The first one is an action camera with a wide angle. It is the best for slow-motion shoots that functions through a 2 inches screen. It supports an SD flash memory to store all your pictures. The camera is embedded with anti-shake technology. So, you can expertly try capturing amazing HD views while doing various activities.


  • The product allows control through a remote, which is beneficial while recording. You can access the mounting kits, which are an added help if you are trying to shoot while doing activities like swimming, biking, skiing, and other sports.
  • The camera offers excellent connectivity with the help of in-built connectivity features like wifi and USB.
  • Also, the camera presents full control to the user for working and HD output for a seamless transfer of the files.


  • The product is home to an IP68 case for waterproofing that is functional at 40M under the water level. Amazing underwater adventures await you for this one.
  • You get a detachable dust protector that keeps your camera away from dust particles and unnecessary piling up. Also, it helps keep the scratches away if you invest in the camera for daily use.
  • There are a lot of recording modes that help to enhance the overall picture. You can choose from slow motions, burst pictures, video clocking feature, loop recording, and whatnot.


  • All potential customers may not like the retro touch in the look.

Customer Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars.

2. Action Camera By AKASO With Waterproofing Feature

AKASO’s action camera is a wireless device that offers excellent image stabilization. It is an upgraded version of the AKASO V50 and offers excellent video resolutions. They have an amazing effect on HD pictures and videos. It offers you a chance for a clear recording that does justice to nature’s beauty.


    • Its biggest name in the family of action cameras is its splendid features. The IPS touchscreen is 2 inches wide, followed by an adjustable view and commendable connectivity.
  • The sensor helps produce good footage during the daylight and also helps for nighttime recordings. None of the cameras can produce excellence at night owing to the availability of small sensors.
  • The touchscreen offers the immense capacity for the user to switch between different options and wide-angle degrees.


  • It offers a long battery life, one of the best advantages of investing in this model. You can recharge them as and when you want.
  • The screen has a reliable quality that helps capture pictures in streamlined modes.
  • The swipe and tapping feature is the best to capture the most realistic and authentic pictures.


  • There is nothing about this product that you need to worry about.

Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars.

3. Dragon Touch’s Waterproof Action Camera

The brand offers an excellent action camera that restores connectivity through the wifi devices and has a 4K resolution to capture the videos. The best part about investing in this one is that it includes the time-lapse feature, which is not common in many competitive models.


  • A splendid number of features help you capture smooth photos like on-loop recording, handy shoots, image rotations, motion, and burst photos, among many others.
  • The camera has professional resolutions that are the best for retore amazing moments as a memory. It renders 4x support for pictures without compromising on their quality.
  • You can switch the picture angle from 70 degrees, 110 degrees, 140 degrees, and 170 degrees. The expansion and narrow field depend on what you like and want to opt for.


  • It has an IPS display that helps in proper operation amid the shoots. Also, it is a handy camera, so storage is not a problem.
  • You can use the waterproof case to cover it and secure all parts if you want to go for underwater use. It functions well within 100 feet, covering activities like diving and swimming.
  • There are 2 rechargeable batteries, each of which can help record for 90 minutes straight. It is compatible with other cameras too.


  • The size is relatively small.

Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars.

4. Underwater Camera By WOLFANG

Wolfang’s action camera offers digital image stabilization and has a wide-angle degree to capture the best pictures. You will get various resolution options that help capture the most beautiful moments easily. This is a great pick for you if you are a fan of creating vlogs.


  • The GA100 camera for underwater use is strong and can promise durable functioning. All you need to do is install a waterproofing case over it, and then you are good to go. The range is 40 meters.
  • It is home to an EIS anti-shaking function that ensures the proper stability of the device while capturing pictures, followed by a controlled and smooth finish.
  • You can download the app ‘Live DV,’ which helps in the real-time transmission of videos and photos.


  • The model has different modes for recording, and you can enjoy the controls using your smartphone.
  • The feature supporting multiple functions helps capture various pictures while doing different activities like diving and skiing.
  • You need not buy additional inputs to enhance the functioning of this model. It has everything included.


  • The look is a little complicated, requiring you to spend time with the camera to understand the functioning.

Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

5. Sports Camera For Underwater Adventures By CAMCLUB

It is a professional camera that provides the user with a time limit of 30 frames in one second, along with 24MP pictures. It has an optical lens as the front glass that helps to eliminate any vibration that can hamper the photo. It has a commendable resolution and shakes resistance features that do not harm the quality and position of the objects in the picture.


  • It is a spot camera with a dual-screen for better working and accessibility.
  • There are 6 layers of glass lenses that help bring vivid images to life and ensure better clarity of the videos and movies.
  • The helmet camera uses electronic image stabilization technology and is home to different accessories that enhance the model’s functioning.


  • It is a waterproof product and offers clarity in pictures whether you are taking it underwater or even driving at high speed.
  • It is a multi-functional device that has an external microphone. The wide-angle dimension of the phone enables the user to switch between the angles while taking amazing shots.
  • Connectivity is easy with in-built wifi and USB ports.


  • It is a fully-functional model, and there is nothing that can worry you.

Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars.

6. Action And Sports Camera By VERMONT

It is for beginners in the photography field. If your child wants to learn photography, this is a user-friendly choice. It has mounting accessories and hence, is perfect to be used while moving on terrains with helmets, cars, and surfboats. It is super affordable and has immense features.


  • It allows waterproofing; the lens is attached and can be removed if you want it.
  • It has a wide-angle lens that allows zooming and 30 fps, so you don’t miss out on the pictures and portraits.
  • This is an amazing product if you want a durable product in context to its batteries. The recording time is 1.5 hours.


  • It has an LCD screen of 2 inches that offers a real-time display, adding to your qualitative experience.
  • It offers 12 months warranty followed by technical support that lasts a lifetime.
  • It comes with support cases that ensure excellent underwater functioning of the camera.


  • It is more convenient for kids. There are other products for experienced photography professionals to explore.

Customer Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars.

7. Jadfezy’s Camera With 2 Batteries

This is an ultra HD camera that comes with an LCD screen. There are 2 variants. The model offering wifi connectivity is higher in price comparatively. But overall, it is affordable. It helps in photo and video recording of the highest resolution, and you have beautiful moments to cherish forever.


  • You must download the GoPlus Cam application and connect it to the camera for better control and convenience while capturing photos.
  • The range lasts up to 33 feet.
  • It includes the rechargeability feature so that you can go for continuous recordings.


  • The waterproofing feature allows the device to work well to 98 feet. It renders support to different sports like drifting and surfing.
  • Different accessories uplift the functioning of the model.
  • It has a micro SD card and wide-angle for better captivity.


  • Overall, the product is good, and this is the best option if you want to stay lower on a budget. Nothing to worry about as such.

Customer Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Buying Guide


If you want to buy a camera under a budget of $100, there are some things that you should ensure. They are as follows:

  • Presence Of Essentials

An ideal camera should have some essential accessories that are a must for its functioning. Some important things are as follows:

  • Cable for connectivity
  • Batteries and charging devices or power bank
  • Micro SD card
  • Tripod
  • Straps for mounting

You can consider other pointers like the shooting modes available and their functioning in underwater and diving scenarios.

  • Low Light Shooting

These cameras are small, and hence, it impacts their ability to shoot in low lights. Disabling the EIS enhances its functioning and improves the quality of photos and videos. You should check for this feature before buying.

  • Connectivity

Connectivity through Bluetooth and wifi with your smartphone is another consideration while investing in action cameras.

  • Battery And Rechargeability

Another thing to notice while buying the camera is whether it has a replacement battery or a removable one. Also, keep a note on the camera’s recording time related to the battery’s lasting effect. Better features like resolutions and EIS use more battery. Anything between 45 – 150 minutes will work. Rest, you can try buying a power bank to keep it charged while traveling all the time.



Now you are ready to give your photos an amazing and professional angle. You will have beautiful pictures you can sit back and cherish by the end of your trip, all thanks to a fantastic action camera you have invested in. Explore these options and make your treks, travels, and underwater sessions a blockbuster hit.


  • Action cameras are popular. Are they worth the hype or not?

The best part about these cameras is that they give tough competition to harsh weather conditions without hampering the photo or video quality. So, they are worth the type in all cases.

  • How to check for the quality of an action camera?

You can read customer reviews and ask for a trial if possible. All you need to do is note the features you are looking for in an action camera. That’s how you’ll get your hands on a good and desirable camera.

  • Is it possible to get a camera for between $50 to $100?

Yes, there are plenty of options that you can buy for less than $100.

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