10 Best Air Conditioner Cover For Winter 2024 – Keep Your AC Protected

Air Conditioner Cover

If you’re worried about properly caring for your air conditioner of the fear of blizzards or hail storms or extreme weather, then you don’t need to worry at all!! Because I’m talking here about the best air conditioner covers for winter to solve your problem.

It’s my personal opinion that no blizzard, hailstorm, or extreme weather can do any harm to your air-conditioner as long as you keep your AC with cover.

Do you know It may be difficult to protect your window unit during the times of winter? You also may be anxious about your outdoor air conditioner. For that reason, I have collected information, reviews, features, pros, and cons of using the air-conditioner cover for avoiding such protection issues.

However, I’m sharing this article for those people who need to choose the air-conditioner cover for the most appropriate circumstances.

Comparison of the Best AC Cover

Image Product Name Features Price
Covermates – Cover
  • Type: Elastic hem
  • Dimensions: 24W x 24D x 22H
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • WARRANTY: 7-year manufacturer warranty
  • Color: Ultima Ripstop Black Fade Resistant Polyester
Available on Amazon
AmazonBasics Square Cover
  • Type: Woven polyester fabric
  • Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 30 inches
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • WARRANTY: No indication of the warranty on the packaging
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 3.25 pounds
Available on Amazon
Sturdy Covers AC Defender
  • Type: PVC-coated
  • Dimensions: 28” wide x 28” long x 32” high
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • WARRANTY: 3-years
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.19 pounds
Available on Amazon
Classic Accessories Ravenna Square
  • Type: Woven polyester fabric
  • Dimensions: 34″ long x 34″ wide x 30″ high
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • WARRANTY: 4-years
  • Color: Dark taupe
  • Weight: 2.7 pounds
Available on Amazon
  • Type: polyester oxford fabric
  • Dimensions: Long 36″ x Wide 36″ x High 39″
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • WARRANTY: No indication of the warranty on the packaging
  • Color: Beige
  • Weight: 3.65 pounds
Available on Amazon
Foozet Window Cover
  • Type: High-quality fabric cover
  • Dimensions: 21”width x 16”deep x 15”high
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • WARRANTY: No indication of the warranty on the packaging
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
Available on Amazon
BELLA (14744) 1.5 Liter Electric Kettle
  • Type: PVC-coated cover
  • Dimensions: 36” x 36”
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • WARRANTY: No indication of the warranty on the packaging
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.45 pounds
Available on Amazon
Classic Accessories Veranda Square Cover
  • Type: Gardelle woven polyester
  • Dimensions: Long 34″ x Deep 34″ x High 30″
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • WARRANTY: 3 years
  • Color: BEIGE SAND
  • Weight: 1 pound
Available on Amazon
Patio Watcher Square Cover
  • Type: 100% woven polyester fabric
  • Dimensions: 34’’ (L) x 34’’ (D) x 30’’ (H)
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • WARRANTY: No indication of the warranty on the packaging
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 1.95 pounds
Available on Amazon,,,,,,,,,,
Hybrid AC Covers
  • Type: Oxford Polyester waterproof fabric
  • Dimensions: Long 34” x Wide 34” x High 30”
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • WARRANTY: No indication of the warranty on the packaging
  • Color: Olive Green
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
Available on Amazon

The top 10 Window Air Conditioner Covers For Winter

01:  Covermates – Cover

Covermates – Cover


Our first selection is the Covermates AC cover. This cover has more size options. You may find this cover in 14 different sizes in total with different widths, depths, and heights, and five different colors.

I ensure that you may match up these covers to the size of your AC unit. Covermates cover is actually a very thick cover that is made with solution-dyed polyester.

For that reason, this cover may give quite more protection and puncture resistance. Besides, the weight of this cover is relatively light despite the thicker material.

Installation is very easy because it is made with straps and an adaptable elastic hem. Having water-resistant and warranty systems you may rest assured that this air-conditioner cover outdoors may last long.

So, it can fit perfectly around your AC unit if you find the right size to start with.

  • It prevents mold and mildew and protects from debris and water damage.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Provides Elastic hem with heavy-duty.
  • Water-resistant and UV-protection.
  • Different sizes and colors are available.
  • Very simple to use and clean.
  • UV-Resistant ability for long-lasting.
  • It has multiple uses.
  • The meshes of this cover are included in the plan for breathability.
  • Quite expensive than other models


Our Overview

I recommend this AC window cover as it has a combination of breathability. Besides, the proven resistance of this product has become a great matter of discussion. But, I have got some complaints that this cover outdoors is quite light for places with sharp winters. Despite that, you may use this covert for protecting your aircon as the best option.

02: AmazonBasics Square Cover

AmazonBasics Square Cover


AmazonBasics Square cover is part of the AmazonBasics home staple and is designed to fit a large range of air conditioning units. This cover has been made from 100% polyester fabric. So,  it can protect your AC unit from dirt and reduce the effects of the sun as well.

We recommend this cover as a quality cover as it has been well made. Besides, the manufacturers have tried their best to add an extra level of preservation to your AC unit with this cover.

Moreover, the polyester fabric of this cover is woven and made to be long-lasting so that it may stand up to all conditions such as dirt, rain, and winter months.

These AC clothe is very easy to use and fit on the AC unit easily. You may see some loop handles around the unit so that you get help in the removal and adjustments to the fit as needed.

Cleaning this cover is very easy. You just have to simply wipe down this cover with a damp cloth when you think it is needed. It gives durability and covers all sides perfectly.

In fact, using this cover is good value for the money we think. Besides, this cover is built waterproof. So, you can keep it out during rainwater and snow.

  • Very easy to clean.
  • The color scheme is lovely.
  • Largest cover availability.
  • The fabric of this cover is hard.
  • It can save your AC unit from rain and snow.
  • Fits with most models perfectly.
  • Rain and snow can’t get through this cover at all.
  • This cover is compatible with most of the AC units.
  • There are click-close straps for enhanced security.
  • Seams are interlocked for a higher level of protection.
  • The interlocking system provides high protection.
  • Different sizes are not available.
  • It doesn’t adjust well to smaller units.

Our Overview

This cover has a certain quality guarantee because this product is a part of Amazon’s in-house product line. Though the straps of this cover work well for some time, the plastic heads of this AC sleeve break and get weaker with time. But considering all the circumstances, we recommend this window ac cover for winter one of the best at this time.

03: Sturdy Covers AC Defender

Sturdy Covers AC Defender


The Sturdy Covers AC Defender is one of the most reliable covers in the market. This Square cover has been designed to cover the top of an aircon unit and attached with all four sides with bungees.

The mesh design of this cover prevents debris such as rocks and twigs from entering the AC unit. This cover can fit a lot of different aircon units.

Besides, it has three different sizes. For that reason, you can choose the one closest to your size. This cover is both water and wind-resistant and designed for an outdoor air cooler unit only.

Moreover, it has been built with two drawstring hems. So, you can adjust the straps to whatever you need. This lightweight cover is long-lasting and can adapt to harsh environmental situations such as storms and keen sunshine.

The structure of this cover assists to protect your AC from hail storms, snow, rain, sun damage, debris, etc.

In fact, to prolong the service life of your air conditioner and save from different kinds of dirt such as bugs, yard trimmings, sticks, and leafage, especially in the off-season you should better use assuredly this window aircon cover.

  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • Easy to install on most air conditioners.
  • Has 4 hooks for holding the unit in place.
  • This cover is made from potent durable material.
  • Keeps the AC unit out of moisture and debris.
  • Built to universally fit with most standard air conditioning units.
  • Quite a decent product at blocking foliage and large materials from falling into your AC.
  • The bottom cover is unavailable.


Our Overview

Are you looking for a cover for all seasons? If the answer is yes, then this AC sleeve is for you. Buying this cover isn’t wrong if you have the aspect of prolonging the service life of your AC unit.

04: Classic Accessories Ravenna Square

Classic Accessories Ravenna Square


Now we will know about the classic Accessories Ravenna AC Square cover that’s the Ravenna Collection from Classic Accessories. This cover combines compatible feature with lasting construction and beautiful looks.

It has been made with woven polyester fabric and has a proper fitting for AC. Besides, this cover has been made with UV-stabilized coating and water-resistant stratified backing.

For that reason, you may find this cover premium and durable, and of course as waterproof. This cover has come with a 4 years warranty to ensure the best confidence to users.

So, time spent with family and friends will be protected for years to come with this aircon cover outdoors.

The reinforced padded handles of this cover window help remove the facile when air vents repose the weather out giving the highest ventilation and lowest condensation.

Therefore, while you are buying this cover, not only you are getting a cover but also you’re purchasing peace of mind.

  • Heavy-duty as it has a laminated coat.
  • Two shapes are available.
  • Both water and wind-resisting.
  • Durable polyester fabric.
  • Good UV protection.
  • Stable and well-formed.
  • Simple to install.
  • It keeps the weather outdoors.
  • This cover comes with a great lifetime warranty.
  • Also, this cover won’t fade easily.
  • Comes with a 4 years warranty.
  • The laminated backing may desquamate.
  • May close its waterproofing for a period of time.


Our Overview

Your air conditioner will not be damaged easily as this cover belongs to Ravenna at home, water, wind, and or harsh UV rays. Besides, this is 100% wind and water-resistant as laminated polyester has been used. So, it provides full coverage of your AC and you can use it to save from snow in winter. Therefore, we recommend this cover as one of the best window air conditioner covers for winter.

05: Costly-Cover



Are you looking for a cover outdoors for your air conditioner? If the answer is yes, then this COSFLY is for you.

The COSFLY AC outdoors is designed with the best quality 600 D polyester oxford water-resistant top fabric.

So, it can defend your outdoor central air conditioner from natural harm. It also can save your AC from dirt, rain, snow, sun damage, and hail storms during the off-season.

This cover has a double-thick layer so that it can make it resistant to wear and tear conditions and so this product is highly durable. Its inner material is made with a waterproof undercoat so that any drop of water can’t reach your outdoor unit.

Thus, the inner material protects your air conditioner from water and dust. On the other side, the outer part prevents your AC from rusting, dust, debris, and keen sunlight, and also its vents allow air to elapse freely.

Besides, the COSFLY  has buckles and a drawstring hem for tightening up the cover so it can assure your AC cover during the windiest days. It has padded handles so you can easily fit this cover and remove package contents.

But keep in mind that, this cover should not be used when the AC unit is in use. So, you have to check and make sure that there are no sharp things on your air conditioner unit before putting this AC support cover on.

To install this cover is not so hard. Maintaining is very easy and has a slit at the bottom of this cover for passing your unit’s cables. And also has a fastening rope with a buckle for tying this cover to stand against strong winds.

  • Built with double-layered polyester.
  • Fade-proof.
  • Water and wind-resistant.
  • Also dust and UV-resistant.
  • Has a waterproof undercoat.
  • Excellent design.
  • May not endure in bitterly cold winters


Our Overview

The Cosfly AC cover is a renowned brand throughout the UK, the United States, and most of European countries. This long-lasting and stylish AC cover won’t crack during the cold winter and its design is quite fade-resistant and cozy. As a result, the colors of this cover may adapt well to your outdoor environment. So, we recommend this cover outdoors for your AC unit as a better result.

06: Foozet Window Air Con Cover

Foozet Window Air Con Cover


Do you want to prolong the lifespan of your air conditioner? Foozet best window aircon cover is such a cover that can help your AC to prolong its lifespan.

This cover is made with quality fabric cover and its material is light.  So, it can easily protect your window from having too much debris.

Besides, this AC cover is waterproof and so it may be resistant to acute winter conditions.

It’s no matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor air cooler. Because Frozet Window Cover is compatible with both indoor and outdoor AC.

The major benefit of using this cover is that this cover helps you abate your heating expenses. This cover helps to block cold so that the cold may not penetrate your home and the AC units.

Besides, this product causes strikes against insects, sharp objects, and debris and dirt from coming into your AC.

Besides, it fits with most of the air conditioners on the market as the straps of this cover are adjustable and flexible. Because there are buckle straps that assist secure this cover to your air cooler.

Moreover, this cover window doesn’t fade easily when revealed to the sun because of UV resistance. To install and cleaning this cover is also very simple.

  • Built with UV-resistant fabric.
  • May block cold and UV rays.
  • Simple to clean because it is easily wipeable.
  • Edges are elasticized.
  • Very facile to maintain.
  • Has non-slip edges.
  • Fits nicely to most of the AC units.
  • May be quite bulky


Our Overview

If you’re more anxious about protecting your window air conditioner, then the Foozet window cover will help your AC safeguard from harmful components and carries on working as a helping hand all year long. The water-resistant system protects air conditioners from evil components. We recommend this durable and long-lasting cover for your AC. You may certainly use it for your AC.

07: Bestalent Cover for Outside Units

Bestalent Cover for Outside Units


Are you concerned about your AC from damaging harsh winter conditions? Then, the bestalent air conditioner cover is for you to protect your AC units from heavy snow and sharp ice.

It’s constructed from viable tarpaulin components so that it can be resistant to rips and water. This cover also prevents debris from your AC unit.

Besides, it comes with 4 bungee hooks so that your Ac can be attached securely. Moreover, this cover is leak-proof and obstructs water from penetrating your AC units.

The installation is very simple and it fits comfortably with most sizes of ACs on the market. There are different sizes you will find on the market.

Cleaning this cover is easy and almost maintenance-free. You just wipe this cover when you feel it needs it. The weight of this cover is quite light and so you may easily store it after winter.

  • Built from heavy-duty tarpaulin fabric.
  • It can stand against severe winter conditions.
  • Helps your AC unit prevent water from penetrating.
  • Fits comfortably.
  • Different sizes are available.
  • This cover has bungee hooks for stability.
  • Can’t cover the unit’s lower part


Our Overview

Do you want to liberate your AC units and provide all-season protection? Then, you may use this Bestalent air conditioner cover. This cover can stand against windy and rainy weather and protect from snow, leaves, ice, etc. So, we recommend that you may use it for your AC cover comfortably.

08: Classic Accessories Veranda Square Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Square Cover



Now we will know about our last selection “the Classic Accessories Veranda Square AC Cover” which is a great product from the classic accessories.

This cover is efficient enough strong and waterproof. It’s built from woven polyester fabric and the design of this fabric belongs to a waterproof backing, a dark splash guard skirt, and a water-repellent fabric top.

So, this cover can keep your AC dry through winter and stand strictly against harsh weather conditions.

The design of this cover is withstanding and can cover your AC unit perfectly. It’s durable and we hope you will be glad about using this cover.

The strings of this AC cover are of standard quality that hold the bottom tight and so there are no leakages. This AC cover has different shapes hence you will not face any fitting problems. It fits well with various types of AC.

There is a lifetime warranty so that the customers get confidence. The central site of this AC cover is built with high-density stitching and seams so that your AC can be quite strong and durable.

Besides, there are elastic strings in the seam and a strap buckle for installing snugly. There is a pair of padded handles so that you can remove your AC easily. So, you may feel great using this cover hopefully.

  • Very simple to clean.
  • Harsh weather resistance.
  • Has an elastic hem cord with a toggle for an excellent fitting.
  • Fits well with most standard outdoor units.
  • It’s a long-lasting cover made from standard components.
  • Built with high-density stitching and inside tied seams for resistance and durability.
  • Built from Gardelle Fabric and contains PVC undercoating for the best waterproofing.
  • Sustains heavy-duty and has a click-close closure buckle for securing the cover onto the AC unit.
  • Not found.


Our Overview

Are you looking for a cover that’s interior structure is very strong along with high-density stitching? Then, you may use this. It provides extra durability. This cover can withstand your AC from all types of conditions such as humidity, dirt, snow, debris, rain, heat, etc. The design and color of this cover will also be compatible with your decor. So, we recommend you to use it comfortably.

09: Patio Watcher Square Cover

Patio Watcher Square Cover



Are you disturbed with your AC due to exposure to dirtiness and water? Now we will discuss such an AC cover that is dependable to address this issue.

Yes!! I’m talking about The Patio Watcher Square AC Cover. This product is a heavy-duty model designed for most outdoor AC units.

It’s built from durable 100% woven polyester fabric and is protected from extreme weather conditions.

Besides, this AC cover is water and dust-resistant. As a result, This cover may stand against severe rainstorms and sunshine.

The duty of the woven polyester fabric is to reinforce the cover and there is a water-repellent coating for protecting your AC units from damage.

There are also strong stitches along its edges and hemming so that its durability outdoors can be enhanced by these strong stitches. Besides, there are air vents on this cover that allow the free circulation of air to reduce condensation.

Installation and fitting are very simple. No need to worry about this matter. The adaptable design of this cover fits snugly and protects different types and models of ACs.

This cover has a padded handle for easy removal and the bottom hem of this cover is quite stretched to fit with most ACs safely.

The color and style of this cover are awesome and they will blend perfectly with your outdoor decoration.

  • It has a secure closure option.
  • Excellent fitting to most ACs.
  • Different sizes and colors are available.
  • This cover has a water-repellent undercoat.
  • Built from 100% woven polyester components.
  • Durable than most of the other options on the market
  • Requires frequent wiping.


Our Overview

Has your AC ever been spoiled because of excessive exposure to water or dust? Did you lose a few aircon because of it? This problem will be no more. The Patio Watcher Square AC Cover is quite a reliable solution to such problems for many causes.

The heavy-duty polyester fabric and a waterproof undercoat of this cover keep the AC protected. So, you can use this cover as one of the best covers on the market.

10: Hybrid Covers

Hybrid Covers


In spite of using this cover for a long time, you will find this cover as flourishes and is unbreakable. The important coils of your AC would be safe from both freezing and dirtiness.

Hybrid Covers fit perfectly with most of the standard ACs. The color of this cover is olive green which makes it harder to see dirtiness.

For that reason, this cover will be unlikely to be washed more than once a season. But if you want to clean this cover, that’s no matter. The cleaning system is not so difficult. Very easy to clean and you just need a quick hose down with soap to wash it.

The design of this cover outdoors is adjustable with Velcro sides that open. There are pipes or hoses coming out from the top or bottom for washing it with accommodating the styling.

Installation is very easy. Just put this cover on your AC unit and then tighten the drawstring cord. This product has a cord lock so that it may stay in place.

  • Simple to clean and wipeable.
  • Fits smoothly into the AC Unit.
  • Durable long-lasting and standard quality.
  • Works perfectly throughout all conditions.
  • Prevents dirt, debris, and small rodents.
  • May be quite heavier than other covers in the market.


Our Overview

Our recommendation for this product is that This AC cover is such a cover that has been attested to work even in heavy winter by customers reviewing. You may use it if you want to prolong the service of your air conditioner as it has heavy-duty components, a constructed quality, and durable double stitching. You may use it undoubtedly as one of the best AC covers.

Buyers Guide to the Best AC Covers

What to consider before buying cover covers?

Buyers Guide to the Best AC Covers

AC covers preserve your air conditioners from all kinds of weather. So, you should take it very seriously. When you decide to buy an AC cover you have to notice some important factors. Now we will know about some important things that would help you make a smart decision to purchase an AC cover. They are listed below in detail. Let’s get started.

Besides, you can use the best smart plug for air conditioners, and you can power them remotely (app or voice control to turn on and off ) when you’re on the way home, so your home is cool! When you arrive at your home.


This factor is very important to know. To withstand extremely cold winter disasters your AC cover must have to be waterproof. Otherwise, there will be no use. If water seeps into your AC, your AC will be spoiled by mold, moisture, mildew, etc. So, you have to be sure that your AC is waterproof.


You should notice installation instructions while buying an AC cover. If the installation is easy then you do have not to face any perplexity. Otherwise, you may have to face many troubles. So, you should check them before you purchase them.

AC cover installation

Aerated and Porous

This is also an important factor that you have to know. When you decide to purchase a new AC cover you have to notice that your cover is well-aerated and has enough porous components to allow air to flow in and out. Otherwise, your AC will not work properly. Aerated and Porous AC cover helps in keeping away any stench also. So, you have to check it.


Whether your AC cover will be durable or not that’s the most important factor. So, you have to read the warranty instruction. The good covers come with a warranty period. Generally, a good warranty period is a minimum of two years.


This is also an important issue for window units. Where you live, you would sometimes need an insulated cover to hold off the cold. So, ensure whether your AC cover is insulated or not.

Built Components

You must have to notice what material has been used to build the AC cover. It’s very expensive to repair your AC cover if any elements such as UV and rain damage your cover. So, the built material of your AC cover should be harsh weather resistant. The fabric of the cover should be waterproof and able to stand against UV rays, dust, debris, and heavy winds for a long, issue-free. So, check the components of your AC cover while you are purchasing.


This is the most important issue that must be noticed when you buy an AC cover. If you choose the wrong size, you have to face many troubles while fitting. Many people buy the wrong sizes of AC covers by mistake. You should not make the same mistake.

You must have to check the correct size of your air conditioner. In accordance with that size, you have to buy the AC cover. Otherwise, you have to face many troubles when fitting.

Benefits of Buying This Cover For Winter

Benefits of Buying This Cover For Winter 1

As our all selected aircon covers are the best in quality, you will be benefitted hopefully. Using these AC covers, your AC will be kept protected from dirt, debris, rain, ice, snow, etc. After all, these covers are able to stand against all harsh weather.

During all seasons, your valuable AC will be kept safe. Their color and design are also made by blending the décor. So, no need to be tensed about your aircon’s safety. We recommend you to use one of these collections for better results.

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The biggest drawback of using an air conditioning cover is that it can make your home less energy-efficient. When the air conditioner is working hard to keep everything cool, it’s using a lot of energy.

By covering the unit, you’re cutting down on its efficiency and potentially increasing your electricity bill. Additionally, if there are any leaks from the cover, condensation will accumulate on the inside of the unit, which will also decrease its efficiency.


1. Should You Cover Your AC in the Winter?

Yes! You should cover your air-conditioner unit in winter, in spite of having some cons of covering the air cooler unit. Because the AC shelter prevents falling ice, dripping water, as well as blocks, leaves, and debris from falling inside your AC unit. But it will be better to cover only the top or with mesh air-conditioner covers.

2. Why need to cover your outdoor air conditioner in winter?

outdoor air conditioner in winter 1

You need to cover your outdoor air-con in winter because:

  • A cover keeps your AC coils cleaner from dried foliage and flying debris so they may last longer and work very efficiently
  • It prevents falling ice and dripping water from getting into the AC unit
  • Your AC will remain damage-free and out of the freezing water
  • Besides, an air cooler cover will keep your AC away from accumulating snow.

3. How to Cover an Air-Conditioner for Winter to Prevent Damage?

Winter has come and your anxiety is increasing about the protection of your air-con unit!!! Falling snow, ice, and leaves may harm your AC unit or can cause damage, right?? So, you must know how to cover your air-conditioner unit to ensure protection from damage. So, let’s start:

  • Choose an AC guard that’s waterproof and built with breathable material
  • Then, turn your AC Power off
  • Clean off all the dust and dirt from your AC unit well
  • Finally, cover your AC unit in such a way that the unit can’t get wet
  • For extra protection, you may keep plywood on the top and some bricks on the bottom.

4. What types of AC covers are there?

You should know about the types of ac shelters. I’m describing here mainly three types of air-con covers for you. They are dust covers, weather covers, and insulating covers. Here are given below in detail. Besides, If you want fresh air then you may use the best ac filters for your home.

Dust AC Cover:

These covers are cheaper than most other air conditioner covers. You may find these covers at a low price. Dust covers mainly protect the air-conditioner unit from dust. Besides, it reduces the maintenance of your ac unit and the colored covers match the room’s decoration.

Weather AC layer:

The other name of this cover is the weatherizing cover. These covers are made from specialized plastic or metal. The main work of these covers is to preserve your AC outdoor units from the keen winter weather. Moreover, these covers might help to leave your ac units in your window year-round and get rid of the need to take them down and store them.

5. How to Insulate AC Cover?

Now we will know about insulating air conditioning covers that cause an airtight impression in the gaps around your air-con unit. These covers can obstruct the winter air from pervading your home at the time of opening the windows in winter. You may notice that most covers are insulating or weatherizing. But insulating covers are naturally more costly than other covers.

or check this video!

6. When Should You Use an Air Conditioner Cover For Your Outdoor Unit?

In fact, you should use a cover when your AC is not in use. And basically, in the winter, the air conditioner is not in use. That’s why winter is the perfect time for using a cover. Moreover, you can cover the top for all seasons.

7. Should I turn off the power to the air conditioner in winter?

Of course yes. Why will you not save energy by turning off your AC cover in the winter? Turning off the power, you should keep your aircon device with a cover in the winter, and during the spring or summer, you will see that your AC is protected and like anew.

8. What happens if you run AC with the cover on?

If you run your AC with a cover on then, it can’t exchange heat and condensation to work efficiently. Besides, in this situation, the AC coils cannot cool. So, you should never turn on AC with a cover on.

Besides, You may need to know How To Reset a Smart Plug?

9. Can I use an air conditioner to cover all time?

No. It’s not better to use an AC cover while your AC is running.

Generally, an AC cover especially has been designed to protect your AC when your AC is not in use. So, using a cover while your AC is running may lead to spoiling your aircon.

10. Can AC cover protect air conditioners from the UV radiation of the sun?

AC cover protect

Actually, the components of an air conditioner are built to stand against all possible weather conditions including UV rays.

In spite of that, the sun’s powerful UV rays begin to fade the AC units over time. The best way to keep the AC units fresh and glitter are to use a cover while your AC is not in use.

11. But, we heard that we should not cover the air conditioner. Why?

Generally, some AC covers cause condensation problems and also lead to rust and corrosion and damage your air conditioner as well. These problems are caused by using low-quality AC covers such as generic covers, plastic tarps, or garbage bags.

But, if you use high-quality AC covers your AC will be protected for years. Besides, these best quality AC covers will increase your aircon’s efficiency and save you money as well.

12. While I am going to purchase an AC cover what should I notice?

The two important things you have to notice at the time of purchasing an AC cover are. One is the size and another is the material used in building the cover. You should always choose fiber material for good output.

13. Which particular AC cover should I opt for?

Basically, you may choose one of our 10 best air conditioner covers.

14. Should I cover my AC unit in the summer?

Should I cover my AC unit in the summer

To truly say, you don’t need to cover your AC unit in summer because it is designed to keep pace with harsh weather. But if you’re more conscious about your AC, it’s better to cover the outdoor units in the summer to prevent your AC from all types of debris, hot sun, and high wind.

Basically, the cover is not only designed for winter but is also made to keep your AC protected and damage-free from all weather.


Keep in mind that AC covers can’t work miracles but they can save your AC from harsh conditions. These covers can keep your AC aloof from preventing dirt and grime. But you have to be sure to compare the covers in this selection to find what fits your AC best. AC covers can protect your AC from rust by lowering the level of moisture.

Besides, these covers can stop some of the freezing effects that can be caused in the winter month and protect from damage to the coil of the air conditioner as well. In conclusion, I suggest you use the AC cover to prolong the lifespan of your AC.

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