10 Best Browser Based FPS Games 2024 – No Downloads Required

Browser based fps games

Shooting games have long been one of my favorite genres. But, if you have a low-end machine, it will be difficult to fully appreciate the experience and graphics of First Person Shooter (FPS) games. Not to mention the cost of several popular games (Overwatch, Call of Duty, Apex Legend, Destiny 2, and so on).

Browser games have become a supplementary alternative for many budget-conscious gamers. You don’t have to spend a fortune to play them. All you need is a nice laptop and a reliable internet connection to get started!

Most of them may lack the visually pleasing graphics that a Computer game provides, but I guarantee you that they are highly addictive. Several made the list because of their basic and user-friendly graphics.

Therefore, without further ado, here are the finest FPS browser games you can play online.

Best Flash-Based Shooter Games

Rush Team

Rush Team appears to be your typical FPS adventure. Nothing has changed since it blends the old Counter-Strike map with Call of Duty’s ADS mechanics.

I can’t emphasize this enough: Rush Team is a direct amalgamation of all recent FPS games.

Some of the available game types include Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Bomb Plant. It’s like getting everything in one game.

To be realistic, the graphics are identical to those found in Android shooter games — but worse. The guns and weaponry seem a little better.

This is true for all online browser games, although some surprise you. The shooting mechanics are archaic, with little recoil.

Rush Team has servers all throughout the world, although the player count is low to non-existent in most locations.

According to in-game data, Europe’s server is the most populated, followed by the US server. Aside from that, most servers are empty, with no players or rooms to play in.

Rush Team is a P v P game, hence you cannot use bots on your servers.

Essentially, the game and mechanics are similar to those of the FPS genre, albeit with some renowned maps from Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

The gameplay is slow, and the cluttered impediment makes movement difficult. Worse, there is no sense of direction provided by the sounds.

Rush Team FPS Live GamePlay

What We Like:

Rush Team’s aiming mechanics are fluid. The aiming feels precise and accurate, with recoil patterns that are simple to understand. Despite the fact that the graphics are not up to par with recent PC games, it does include a 3D character model, which is a pleasant touch. It has a large number of servers, one on each continent.

What We Don’t Like:

The game’s player population is limited and primarily concentrated in Europe.

As a result, you may experience ping troubles while transferring to the European server to play the game. The servers aren’t always the greatest, and there are frequent lag spikes and server breakdowns.

The Maps are packed with things that restrict the player’s movement.

Despite the fact that the map is a copy of Counter-Strike, it is poor owing to the presence of crates and random obstacles.

Best Single-Player Shooter Games


Alright, if you haven’t played Superhot on PC or VR yet, there is an online web browser version available as well. Superhot is a first-person shooting game. The web browser version is merely a preview of the complete version. The developers wanted to give the general public a taste of SuperHot with a mind-blowing tale. The browser mode allows you to play the game on a smaller scale.

We won’t reveal the tale because we want you to appreciate it. Superhot immerses the player in a sci-fi environment where you have time control.

This first-person shooter gives you the ability to control time as you battle through waves of AI men.

Even if there isn’t much contrast, the images seem excellent. The only thing you’ll notice is the gleaming foes who shatter like glass when assaulted.

Because this is a sample version, there are only 3 to 5 levels of gaming.

As you progress through the levels, you will encounter a certain amount of foes before achieving your final objective.

Superhot gives the user the ability to control time; time slows as you stop and moves with you. Essentially, you move in-game as though you have control over time.

Even though it is a trial edition, you can have fun experimenting with different game styles. If you enjoy Superhot, you can purchase it on Steam. Superhot comes in 2 versions; a fully-fledged PC game and a stunning VR title. It contains a fascinating and somewhat stunning plot that will captivate you.


What We Like:

The gameplay is so amazing that we felt compelled to recommend it. Superhot makes you feel like you’re in a superhero action movie.

You can also use the time to your advantage by slowing it down. Even though the graphics aren’t spectacular, the monotone color scheme creates a very nice atmosphere in-game.

The original game’s key bindings were ported by the developers. Because of the acceleration right after slowing time, the aiming system may become rather erratic.

But, over time, you’ll become used to it.

What We Don’t Like:

Because this is a web browser game, not all of the levels are available. The players are given low levels and less content to play with. But since it is a trial, this can be acceptable. As the developer lets you get the test of Superhot before buying it for your PC.

Best Arcade Shooter

3D Wolfenstein

If you enjoyed the other Wolfenstein releases, you will enjoy this as well! The first Wolfenstein 3D game is now playable in a web browser.

The famous retro title returns as a browser game, bringing back memories for old players like me.

Wolfenstein 3D is set during World War II, when Nazi Germany gained control of the world.

As a prisoner, you must successfully escape the Nazi hideaway while defeating the opponents.

Wolfenstein 3D is extremely ancient and may not compete with the latest 3D titles, yet it is still superior.

While this is a retro title, the graphics are similar to the original game, which means blocky 2D imagery. With a few tricks up their sleeves, idTech designed its graphics engine to make 2D models look like 3D surfaces. With old-school visuals from two decades ago, it still looks better and more colorful. There isn’t much to say about it because it is a web-based game.

It includes all of the vintage controls and accepts mouse input. But, using the mouse will be awkward. It is preferable to use your handy keyboard, but a D-pad will suffice. Other than that, there is nothing to dislike about the game.

What We Like:

Wolfenstein 3D, is the best first-person shooter of the 1990s. Wolfenstein is regarded as the godfather of first-person shooters. The game is lively and agile. It has a retro feel about it, which makes you nostalgic for the past. If you are a true gamer, you will see that it was much ahead of its time in the early 1990s.

What We Don’t Like:

The controls are a little clunky, and the game occasionally speeds up. Wolfenstein 3D is occasionally careless, and control feels unresponsive at times. Other than that, this great title should not be overlooked.

Best Multiplayer Shooter Games


Krunker is a free-for-all shooter. It is the best first-person shooter browser game on our list. Despite its Minecraft-like aesthetics, it contains all of the functionality you’ll need in a shooter adventure. Because of the blocky nature of the images, it will remind you of Minecraft. The colors on the map, on the other hand, are bright and have their original mappings.

Krunker introduces player classes with their own guns. There are numerous classes to choose from. Krunker has it all, from the everyday rifleman to the sniper.

As you progress through the classes, you will gain access to stronger weaponry and firearm skins. Absolutely, skins are available for every gun class and operator. Skins are far more visually appealing than standard firearms. Yet, they do not provide you with any additional benefits for combat. There are various classes to choose from, including riflemen, shotgunners, and snipers. Krunker is without a doubt the best fps browser game on the list.

There are numerous servers for the Krunker, and they are all crowded and full of gamers. Krunker has a large number of players because it is a fan favorite.

Despite the blocky aesthetics, the movement is smooth. In-game, you can Bunny Hop to move quickly throughout the map.

In addition, the Aim mechanism is more fluid and responsive than in other browser games. It also has an ADS system, which makes it feel more like Call of Duty.

Krunker is a skilled individual.

Krunker coins can be used to purchase weapon cosmetics. You can use Krunker coins to purchase your preferred cosmetics.

Because Krunker has a large number of players, the developers had to keep monetary things.

Krunker.io may be the game for you if you enjoy customization and fast-paced gameplay.


What We Like:

The targeting is precise throughout the game and reads your mouse input really well.

The modes and character classes are advantageous. Character and weapon customization aid in attracting gamers. The servers are typically filled and supported by a large community.

What We Don’t Like:

The most significant disadvantage of Krunker is how simple it is to hack and cheat.

There are a lot of cheats on the internet.

Since there is no hardware banning system, the cheaters come back with a new account or new browser to ruin the experience.

Best Counter-Strike 1.6 based Shooter Games

Global Strike

Global Strike may not be the finest web shooter, but it retains the title thanks to its large user base. It may be the most similar to the earlier Counter-Strike 1.6. Nothing can go wrong with Global Strike being a carbon duplicate of Counter-Strike 1.6 with similar aesthetics and combat techniques. Global Strike includes all of the classic maps from the original first-person shooter.

It offers a variety of modes ranging from Team Deathmatch to Capture the Flag and classic variants. But, the Zombie mode is the finest since you can infect survivors as a Zombie. Alternatively, eliminate all zombies. Yet, this does not imply that Global Strike is beneficial. It lacks a good server and occasionally experiences lag spikes.

It may resemble Counter-Strike, but it is a pay-to-win game. There are numerous firearms and upgrades available, but you must either pay for them or play the game on a regular basis to obtain them. The pay-to-win mechanism is unwelcome in a fading game. Other than that, if you enjoy the gameplay of Counter-Strike 1.6, this could be the game for you.

Global Strike Gameplay

What We Like:

To be honest, this is a clone of Counter-Strike 1.6, which we really enjoyed. The movement and aiming are exact replicas of the classic first-person shooter. Furthermore, the personalization of the character and weapons makes the game more enjoyable to play and breathes new life into it. It’s a lot of fun if you’ve played Counter-Strike 1.6 before.

What we don’t like:

The game’s cosmetics are real money. Loot box openings are promoted in Global Strike. The biggest issue, though, is a lack of players.

I guess the fact that IO games have been in the spotlight has an impact on the player count on these games. The Kill feed and kill counter are annoying because they take up half the screen.

The weaponry in the game must be purchased with in-game currency, making it a pay-to-win situation. The pay-to-win components make it unfavorable for newcomers.

Best Action Shooter Games

Doom 3D

Doom, like Wolfenstein, is a vintage title. Doom established the standards for all FPS games. That this is the only sport that has advanced the FPS genre. It used the same idTech engine as Wolfenstein.

Doom is an intriguing game since it takes place in post-apocalyptic Mars. You take on the role of a Doom Slayer caught up in a slaughter. All of your comrades have died, and the demons have taken control of Mars. Your mission is to return to Earth and save Mars. Nevertheless, there are hurdles in the way, as well as a little halt in Hell.

Doom 3D includes a plethora of secrets and weapons to acquire. To return to Earth, you must fight your way past Cacodemons and Hell Knights. Even after two decades, as a Doom fan, the 3D edition never disappoints. The graphics give it a nostalgic feel, taking you away from the latest high-resolution games on the market.

Yet, the gameplay is comparable to Wolfenstein. The Doom Slayer can be controlled with a mouse or a keyboard. The joystick can also be used. 8-bit audio is also reminiscent of vintage arcade audio.

What We Like:

Doom is the best FPS and one of the first games in the genre. It has a similar feel to Wolfenstein 3D because it was built by the same developer team, id software. The future atmosphere, along with secret levels and ammunition, makes it more enjoyable to explore.

What We Don’t Like:

It suffers from the same issue as Wolfenstein 3D. It has sluggish controls and input latency when playing. Doom has impressed us with its gameplay and has levels, so there isn’t anything to hate about besides the control.

Best Fast-Paced Shooter Games

War Broker

If Krunker.io wasn’t enough, War Broker’s combat royale mode has you covered. War Broker has the boxy and Minecraft-like aesthetics of Krunker.io. It emphasizes the battle royale mode above the map-based arena shooter. I have to say that War Broker is the best battle royale browser game.

War Broker begins immediately and without delay. It immediately drops you into the battle zone with other players. Gather loot and weaponry as you fight to be the last one standing. The firearms have recoil. It’s cartoonish and rather amusing. The map is little, but it’s enjoyable to play on. More activity and faster gaming result from a smaller map.

The in-game audio is excellent, providing greater clarity and a sense of direction. You may quickly flank your opponent and set up for an attack. There are some cosmetic enhancements available, but the gameplay alone will keep you interested.

What We Like:

Despite being a small area, it provides players with fast-action gameplay and a great gunfight experience. The blocky aesthetics are rather fantastic, and the weapon selection is startling. The pointing mechanism works well and has minimal input latency.

What We Don’t Like:

It’s short on content and will quickly bore you. It’s enjoyable to play two or three games in a row. The server is fine, however, it occasionally spikes. The map is little; it would be preferable if it had a somewhat larger area, but it is adequate for the small game that it is.

Best Content-Filled Shooter Games

Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a popular Android game that has found its way to the web. It contains all of the capabilities of its Android counterpart, as well as a plethora of cosmetics to personalize your player. And I mean a plethora of products. Bullet Force is one of the most popular browser games, with a large number of players on the internet platform.

Bullet Force appears to be attempting to imitate the free-to-play game “Warfare.” The aesthetics and gameplay are comparable, however the Interface and HUD have been changed. For a web version, the graphics are surprisingly good. Even though it appears to be well-designed, it frequently contains numerous problems and server troubles.

The game contains a large number of areas and modes to play, but just a few player classes to pick from. The cosmetics, however, must be the most eye-catching element. You can change the appearance of your player as well as the appearance of the gun.

Individuals can either earn a firearm or purchase one with real money from a store. It survives thanks to the proceeds from the cosmetics. The android version of Bullet Force appears to receive more updates and better features than the browser platform, as all upgrades arrive later in the browser platform.

What We Like:

The graphics are fresh and vivid, and there are a plethora of maps to pick from. Essentially, you are receiving a scaled-down version of the Android game. The character model’s animations are excellent. Bullet Force enables you to change the cosmetics of your weaponry in order to attract new gamers.

What we don’t like:

It has a limited number of classes. You have fewer weapons and less content in the game. The PvP isn’t great, and the server experiences some lag spikes. It sometimes faces input lag issues. Other than that, due to the lower player number in the game, it makes a good game hallow.

Best Competitive Shooter Games

Doom Eternal

Warmerise: Red vs. Blue

Warmerise is a futuristic first-person shooter with bizarre weaponry and technologies. It has a sci-fi theme and some insane gun arsenals. As a player, you join one of the two opposing sides. To get on the leaderboard, you must fight your way past all of the players, both red and blue.

It pits players against each other for a position on the leaderboard. To earn their names on the leaderboard, players must play on a regular basis and complete more kills and objectives.

Warmerise has a plethora of weapons, ranging from an assault rifle to a shotgun to a flamethrower. It has introduced a number of other significant weaponry. These specialized weapons can be gained through the map’s drop. But, other gamers will be vying for the weaponry as well. All of the game modes are slow and time-consuming.

The graphics aren’t spectacular; they’re ordinary, and to be honest, they’re similar to the Halo 1 images. The largest issue, though, may be the map’s lack of balance. Some maps feature solely close combat. Some maps are so large that they get tedious after a while.

Apart from its aesthetics, if you enjoy sci-fi shooters, you will undoubtedly enjoy Warmerise.

What We Like:

Warmerise features a large number of servers and a large number of dedicated players. If it could expand more, but the developers cease updating the game. Slight changes to the HUD were nice and helped to tone down the overall aesthetic in-game.

What We Don’t Like:

The fast-paced action gameplay draws the player in with close-quarters battles in smaller levels. It just doesn’t have excellent gameplay in the seemingly big maps. The graphics are drab. Despite the fact that it is set in the future, the graphics and model are cartoonish. This game will be difficult for newcomers to master. The shields are essentially bullet sponges that won’t last long. It’s unjust to be whole.

Best Battle Royale Game

Mini Royale 2

One of the top Battle Royale browser games is Mini Royale 2. It’s a quick-paced action game with a limited map. Yeah, it includes a small map that only allows ten players to play at once. It adheres to all features of the Battle Royale genre. The UI and gameplay design is reminiscent of Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s Danger Zone game mode.

Before entering the combat, you can choose a perk. At the start, there are only a few bonuses offered. The player is issued a sidearm once they join the battlefield.

When it comes to the map, the graphics are on par with other web battle royales. Despite its unappealing appearance, it is a step above Krunker.io and War Broker. The user’s face can be used to visually distinguish them, and the player model has distinct characters.

Mini Royale 2 is an entertaining battle royale browser game. It’s the underdog among all the games here. It is new and needs time to build a strong player base and a loyal fan base. If it takes traction, it may be the final product that a browser battle royale looks up to.

What We Like:

The finest browser Battle Royale game. The graphics are amusing and colorful, and the gameplay is comparable to that of Counter-Strike Battle Royale. Similarly, there isn’t much to overlook here in terms of concept. The map is extremely small, featuring a ten-man battle. The fast-paced gameplay offers for more playtime and a more enjoyable experience.

What We Don’t Like:

It occasionally becomes unresponsive, however, this is due to a minor server issue. Other than that, it has no defects and is a highly recommended gameplay.


Mini Royale

Is a high-end Computer or laptop required to play these games?

No, you do not need a high-end gaming PC or laptop to play these games. You only need a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Certain browsers may not support the games, therefore support for the Unity engine and Adobe Flash Player may be required. Most browsers now support these online games without the need for any additional software.

Are there any payments associated with the game?

All of the games on the list are completely free. But, in-game cosmetics will be expensive. The cosmetics can be obtained by either paying money or completing quests.

Will they support joystick controls?

Most of the games support the joystick controller, and some do even let you map your joystick buttons. It will be fun to play with Joystick, but there aren’t any aim-assists for the joysticks.

So here is our selection of FPS-person shooter browser games. Did we miss any or forgot about your favorites? Comment down below. And tell us which browser games do you like the most!

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