10 Best Cell Phone Booster for Rural Areas 2024 – Boost Your Signal

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The digital of the towns is different from what you see in the rural areas. How? Because even though more than 95% of Americans have access to mobile phones, the same statistics are not true when it comes to cellular coverage. Since you are most likely miles away from the cell towers of your area, your signals are equally weak.

But is there a fix for poor network reception, lethal download speeds, and missed text messages from work when you live in remote rural communities? Of course, there is! The need for great connectivity and its delivery can be ensured with the best cell phone booster for rural areas.

This will let you enjoy and meet all your cellular needs in the woods just as well as you would enjoy in the big cities. So for reliable services that include taking calls without a miss, texting without undelivered messages, and working/studying remotely, here are the 10 best options you’ll find in the market.

Comparison of Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Rural Areas

Image Product Name Features Price
Best Overall: weBoost Home Multiroom (470144)  “Undoubtedly, it provides enhanced signals allowing everyone to have uninterrupted coverage. On top of that, it supports all U.S carriers”
  • Coverage: Up to 5000 Square Feet.
  • Carrier compatibility: Verizon, AT&T, Mobile, Sprint, Straight Talk, and all available U.S carriers.
  • Tool-Free installation system.
  • Work on cellular data up to 5G networks
  • Max gain: 75 dB
  • Extremely easy to set up, including direction with video.
Available on Amazon
Best for Outdoor Weak Signal: Cel-Fi GO X 100 dB 4G/5G  “When in the rural area you have the worst signal, then this booster can amplify the collected signal”
  • Coverage Range: Up to 1,500 sq ft.
  • Carrier Compatibility: T-Mobile, AT & T, and Verizon.
  • Maximum Gain: 100db
  • Coverage Area in Open Space: 1 floor – Up to 1,500 sq ft
  • AT&T Support: 3G, 4G LTE
  • Verizon Support: LTE Only
  • T-Mobile Support: 3G, 4G LTE
  • Max Downlink Power: 16 dB (10 dBm per 5 MHz)
Available on Amazon
. Best Home Cell Phone Booster: SuperBars Cell Phone Booster “This booster has great coverage of 3000-6000 SQ ft. And support all US Carriers. Also, 2 indoor antennas are going to cover 2-3 rooms easily.”
  • Carrier Compatibility: All U.S. Carriers -Verizon, AT&T, & More, FCC Approved.
  • Cellular Data: Support 5G only that’s largely deployed in existing 4G bands by DSS
  • Coverage: 6,000 sq ft with 2 Indoor Antennas.
  • This one is suitable for: Home / Office, RV, and trucks.
Available on Amazon
Best for Vehicle Signal: weBoost (470154) Booster “While driving the signal is the worst, this booster’s magnetic antenna receives signals and amplifies them; then the inner antenna produces the speed up to 60 dB of gain.”
  • Carrier Compatibility: Verizon, Sprint, Mobile, AT & T, and more.
  • Maximum Gain: 60 dB
  • Cellular Data: 5G
  • Coverage: 74% farther from the driving range.
  • No more dropped calls while traveling in a car for poor signal.
  • FCC-approved booster, so safe to use.
Available on Amazon
weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR 470210
  • Approved Frequency Bands: 2,4,5,12,13
  • Consuming less battery power ensures additional talk time up to 2 hours.
  • Compatible with 4G LTE signal and 5G networks.
  • Supported to the U.S and Canadian carriers
  • Exceeds the FCC certification.
  • Appropriate for use in the journey and room.
Available on Amazon
HiBoost Home Signal Booster Up to 10,000 SQ
  • Bands computability: 12, 13, 5, 25/2, 4
  • The product has an official app. By installing it you can get technical support.
  • Max gain: 65 dB
  • Meets the FCC certification
  • Coverage: 4000-10000 square feet.
  • Included LCD display.
Available on Amazon
weBoost Home Studio 470166
  • Coverage Range: Up to 1,500 sq ft.
  • Carrier Compatibility: Sprint, Straight Talk, T-Mobile, AT & T, and Verizon.
  • Maximum Gain: 60 dB
  • Cellular Data: 5G
  • The product is designed and assembled in the USA.
  • Using this booster is 100% safe and approved by the FCC.
Available on Amazon
Hiboost All U.S. Carriers, FCC Approved
  • Coverage Range: (1,000-4,000)sq ft.
  • Carrier Compatibility: T-Mobile, AT & T, Verizon, and Sprint.
  • Maximum Gain: +60 dB
  • Cellular Data: 2G/3G/4G/5G LTE
  • It has a panel antenna, a yagi directional antenna & an LCD screen.
  • This booster supports CDMA, GSM, HSPA, LTE, WCDMA & EVDO.
Available on Amazon
weBoost Home Room 472120
  • Coverage: Up to 1,500 sq ft.
  • Carrier Compatibility: Verizon, Sprint, Mobile, AT & T, and more.
  • Maximum Gain: 60 dB
  • Cellular Data: 5G
  • Get the best experience of fast internet speed with this booster.
  • It ensures all the guidelines from FCC, so it’s safe to use.
Available on Amazon
. Bolton Technical Cellular Antena
  • Coverage: Up to 10 Miles
  • Carrier Compatibility: AT & T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.
  • Maximum Gain: +28 dB
  • Cellular Data: Wifi, 2G-5G, and any kinds of cellular bands.
  • Easy installation system and tools included
  • The booster is weatherproof and powerful.
Available on Amazon


Top 10 Cell Phone Boosters for Rural Areas in 2024

Surely, Cell Phone Signal Boosters have evolved a lot throughout the years. Now they are more concise, sleek, and powerful compared to those age-old devices.

But you need to pick the right one that reigns supreme. Therefore, you should go through our top selection below to make an informed purchase.

01: weBoost Home MultiRoom 470144

weBoost Home MultiRoom 470144

On the 1st spot, weBoost for boosting the signal up and getting uninterrupted network coverage you like most in the rural area.

Staying in the coverage area, you can enjoy better voice quality, fewer call drops, and faster data transfer speed, making your experience far better than in rural.

Fortunately, the signal booster is compatible with all U.S carriers letting you cut the extra cost.

However, any drilling or other tools needn’t be required to install.

Moreover, two antennas are needed, both inside and outside. The multiroom booster would be attached to the outside antenna, and the inside antenna can be placed on any desk, shelf, or anywhere else.

Another great fact is, that having 12 dBm in downlink-output power and 21dBm in Uplink-output power, the booster can easily destroy any cell tower even from a far distance.

Finally, the booster meets the FCC certification, which means it can’t be harmful to any carriers’ signal yet interrupt.

  • Hassle-free installation system.
  • Good coverage area.
  • Better speed.
  • The cell phone booster might not support some Canadian series.

02: Cel-Fi Go X

Cel-Fi Go X

Anywhere you live, remote or urban zone, if you want one of the most powerful outdoor cell phone signal boosters, then you should check out this item. This one can be used for mobile or any other stationary usage.

Cel-Fi Go X is one of the best-selling and the best cell booster for rural areas. To be honest, this one is way too powerful than Bolton Technical Long Range Cellular Antena.

This booster is single-carrier, which means it boosts most of the major carriers at once. If you want to use this in an office or a big house, you will be amazed by the performance of this booster.

This repeater can be fitted anywhere like home, office, or vehicles. Plus, it can control 4 indoor antennas at one time. The feature that makes this booster most wanted is, it can amplify the gain up to 100db.

You can test the position of the booster with an app that controls this booster. This app is available on both android and iPhone. The app is called Cel-Fi Wave App.

  • Powerful than other boosters.
  • Ensure great performance.
  • You can fit it easily anywhere.
  • Coverage area isn’t huge.


03: Hiboost Boost 5G for Home and Office

Hiboost Boost 5G for Home and Office

Having a tight budget but desperate for a high-quality 5G rural cell phone signal booster for home or office? Then HiBoost, a brand from China offers its authentic product to meet your necessities.

This single booster can save you money as well as give you the best and faster internet speed and network coverage. This cost-effective package has all the quality features a booster needs.

If you have a medium-size office room or house, then you can use this booster to have maximum gain. Those people who live in the rural zones and suffer from the worst signal outside can also get much coverage with it.

Like weBoost(470166)weBoost(470166), this one also has an authorized app to control the booster. It’s called the HiBoost Signal Supervisor App. You can monitor the booster with this app.

Moreover, this is the cheapest booster in the market but you will get undoubtedly good service with it. It also has an LCD screen to show the signal strength level. I highly recommended this product as the best 5g cell phone booster for rural areas Verizon!

  • Very easy to indicate signal strength.
  • Excellent for 5G 4G LTE Data for Verizon AT&T.
  • Affordable product.
  • Compatible with almost all types of networks.
  • Not appropriate for big office

04: SuperBars Cell Phone Booster

SuperBars Cell Phone Booster

Our last guest on this list is this proud member of the SuperBars Cell Phone Booster brand. This Booster looks very smart and small. Just like HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster, very easy to install.

It can boost voice messages, texts, dropped signals, and internet speeds. You can get the fastest 5G speed even if there are multiple users in the same house.

The innovative booster can detect the outside signals and then make itself adjusted with it for giving the ultimate best signal experience.

It has a flat cable to set up the whole booster. Setting up this repeater is very easy and quick. No need for extra tools.

  • 5G Compatible.
  • Support all US Carriers and FCC approved.
  • Reliable US-based Service Guarantee.
  • Astonishing Reception Range.
  • N/A.


05: weBoost Home Studio 470166

weBoost Home Studio 470166

For a small coverage like in a small apartment, in a studio, or a big room, this booster works the best. At first, I want to mention that this one is FCC-approved like Cel-Fi Go XCel-Fi Go X.

This booster will ensure faster data speed, a clear network with zero dropped calls, and the fastest video streaming. It works on any kind of carrier like Verizon, AT &T, or Sprint.

Use your unlimited data in the quickest and most available way now with this signal extender. weBoost is specially designed to enhance the coverage of smaller places like rooms or apartments.

It also looks smart and hassle-free. No wire rummaging in your house with the booster. It has a directional antenna and board flr supporting the wall.

In rural places where the signal is almost dead, those place this booster works like 32x stronger than others. It’s really easy and simple to set up on your wall. I recommended this best home cell phone booster for rural homes if you have a small apartment, a studio, or a big room.

  • Exceed few certifications.
  • Easy installation system.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Not for the big apartment.

06: weBoost Home Room 472120

weBoost Home Room 472120

Another outstanding weBoost product on my list. weBoost is a band that makes boosters keeping in mind smaller place to medium place coverages.

The gain of this booster isn’t powerful like Cel-Fi Go XCel-Fi Go X, but enough to amplify smaller-sized homes. This cellular device looks very small and smart. Installing this is quite easy and hassle-free.

I would love to mention that this kit has a shorter cable of 6 inches. Most of the users stated that it’s quite simple to install. They fitted the cable under the closed window for a good look.

Just like the other weBoost item in our list, this one is also FCC-approved. So, if you want to save your wallet and have a better quality product, then you can try this out.

It can pull all kinds of network carriers from the USA. For a rural region’s bad signal, they can try this out for the best outdoor signal. Plus, it’s one of the best home cell phone boosters for rural areas.

  • It will provide huge speed.
  • ExceedsFCC certification.
  • Perfect size and easily fit anywhere.
  • No LCD screen available.

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster For Vehicles in Rural Areas

07: weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR 470210

weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR 470210

At the second spot, we kept another popular product manufacturing by once again weBoost. If you are living in a rural area or frequently goes on a long drive, then this cell phone booster is the product you should opt for.

The cell phone booster comes with multi-user functionality. Plus, it has a good covert capacity. Luckily, they are compatible with all U.S carriers such as Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, U.S Cellular, and others.

The noble fact about the product is the outside antenna of the booster is compatible with weather-resistant technology. So it will be more beneficial while driving time.

Just like the weBoost Home MultiRoom (470144) BoosterweBoost Home MultiRoom (470144) Booster, this one also meets the FCC certification. They are pre-tested and come with a limited warranty. However, one little thing that may bother you is installing this cellular device may not be easier than the previous one.

  • Works better while driving.
  • Highly compatible.
  • Already tested before the final production.
  • You may not feel happy about the installation system.

08: weBoost Drive Reach 470154

weBoost Drive Reach 470154


Going camping with your RV or car and worried about bad internet speed? weBoost is again at your service to give you the quickest data signal and faster internet speed.

This booster is made for vehicle usage. Just like the other weBoost items, this one is also very easy to use and install.

In any car, truck, van, SUV, or RV, you can use this booster. The booster has a longer battery life of up to 2 hours.

It has a magnetic omnidirectional antenna to set up quickly. The outside antenna collects the signals from the nearby cell phone towers and the booster amplifies the collected signals. Then the indoor antenna provides a strong signal.

Besides, the manufacturer of this cell phone booster is Wilson Electronics that’s a very renowned company. So, assuredly, you may use this cell phones booster as one of the best rural cell phone signal boosters on the market. Highly recommended for using this Verizon cell phone booster for your rural home!

  • Great battery life.
  • Higher signal strength.
  • Affordable price.
  • The booster isn’t weather-resistant.

Best Mobile Signal Booster

09: HiBoost Mobile Booster for Home

HiBoost Mobile Booster for Home

Now it’s a mobile signal booster from HiBoost. If you are prioritizing the coverage area, then this product is appropriate for you. They claim the booster can cover up to 10000 sq. ft area but that varies from the signal strength.

When it will show a 1-2 bar network then it will be able to cover 4000 sq. feet, 3-4 bars means 6000 sq. Feet 5 bar means 10000 sq. feet.

The thing we love about the booster is it consumes less than 10W during normal operation. Again, it is compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular signals.

The most unique thing about cell phone signal boosters is there is an LCD display. You can get real-time data and other information on the screen. In the past 2 products, this feature is missing.

We found a little negative that the booster isn’t compatible with the 5G network. Other than that it’s a perfect cell phone signal booster.

  • The display will help you to get the info in detail.
  • Easy operation system.
  • Good coverage area.
  • Not for the 5G networks.

Best Cell phone Antenna for Rural Areas

10: Bolton Technical Cellular Antena

Bolton Technical Cellular Antena

Want an outdoor signal booster? For those who live in remote areas where the signal can’t reach the nearest tower, this outdoor antenna will be a great help.

This parabolic grid antenna has gained up to +26db. It can catch all the frequencies between 600MHz- 6500MHz. Plus, where you will set the antenna, it will be able to catch up with nearby 10 miles range high signals in any direction.

This cellular antenna can cover all kinds of cellular brands like- 2G/3G/4G/5G, Wifi, LTE, GSM, UMTS, ISM, and T-Mobile Verizon. It has an outdoor wideband antenna that works 6x more powerful than the other boosters.

Moreover, the grid antenna is weatherproof so no worry about rain or extreme sunlight. If you add more gain to the antenna, you can increase the performance of your booster drastically.

You can even bend or adjust the antenna in different directions to get the range. The antenna comes with some tools to assemble it. So, you won’t need any extra tools for assembling.

  • Great coverage area.
  • No big hassle in installation.
  • Adjustable antenna.
  • No digital display for showing data.

There are many cell phone antenna boosters on the market, but I highly recommend this Bolton Technical Long Ranger AntennaBolton Technical Long Ranger Antenna as the Best Cell phone Antenna for Rural Areas. It is a small, easy-to-use device that can greatly improve your signal in rural areas.

How Do I Choose a Best Signal Booster for Rural Areas?

Signal Booster buying guide

It’s time to share a guide in detail to help you in purchasing the best product ever. Stay tuned…

Carrier Compatibility

The first thing you have to consider is carrier compatibility. As we are from the United States the product must be compatible with all U.S carriers. The common U.S carriers are AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Straight Talk, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular.

There are some mobile signal boosters that are compatible with Canadian carriers.If you have any business in Canada, then such signal boosters are appropriate for you.

Coverage Range

It is another essential thing to check before purchasing mobile signal boosters. If there are 3 rooms in your house, then a booster with a coverage performance of 6000-7000 square feet will be appropriate.

However, if there is more room and you need a larger coverage capacity then get a cell phone booster that can cover up to 10000 square feet capacity.

Supported Networks

There are many different types of signal boosters, so it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. To help you choose the right one, we’ll discuss some of the most common networks and how they’re different:

  • Cellular Networks

A cellular network uses radio waves to connect devices like phones and tablets to the internet. They’re usually more reliable than wifi networks, but they have a smaller range. If you need a signal booster that will work with both wifi and cellular networks, you’ll need a dual-band booster.

  • WiFi Networks

WiFi networks use antennas to send signals out into the ether and connect devices wirelessly. They’re usually faster than cellular networks, but they have a shorter range. If you only need a signal booster that will work with wifi networks, you’ll need a single-band booster.

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Networks

Radios operate using RF waves instead of radio frequencies like WiFi does. RF signal boosters use this technology to amplify weak signals so they can be sent farther away without interference from other objects in the area.

Cellular Signal

So, which signal are you using? 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G. Surely it’s either 4G or 5G. The fact is every signal extender has a limitation.

Some can support up to the latest 5G and some can support up to 4G LTE signal.

If you are always using 5G then I recommend getting a booster from Cel-Fi GO X 100 dB 4G/5G Cell Phone Signal BoosterCel-Fi GO X 100 dB 4G/5G Cell Phone Signal Booster because all of their signal boosters are compatible with 5G network signal, I’m sure it is one of the best 5g cell phone booster for rural areas. However, they will be a little bit costly. But if you are okay with a 4G signal then you will get one available at a reasonable price.

Installation System

This is a major fact because the installation process of a mobile booster is a bit complex. Sometimes, people mess up and start to curse the device.

I don’t want it to happen with you so get one that comes with an easy installation system. You better check out their website if there is any complete guideline or not.

Besides, Some best cell boosters come with a free professional installation service so, you have to look for those cell signal boosters that provide this service!

best signal booster


When looking to buy a signal booster for rural areas, it is important to understand the different types of warranties that are offered.

One type of warranty is the manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties offer a certain amount of coverage for defects in the product. However, these warranties may not be available in all states.

Another type of warranty is the trade-in warranty. These warranties allow customers to trade in their old product for a new one with a different model number that has been certified by the manufacturer to work with their specific signal booster.

The last type of warranty is the consumer protection plan (CPP). These warranties protect customers from any defects in the product during the first 12 months after purchase.

The top 6 Advantages of using cell phone boosters

  1. No More Dropped Calls: Did you know that almost 72% of cellphone users experience dropped calls as well as slow data speeds inside? So, if you use a cell phone booster, your indoor signal strength will be more powerful and stable. Therefore, you don’t have to experience any dropped calls and slow data speeds also.
  2. Stable Connectivity: Construction materials like concretes, and vaulted ceilings can decrease the signal strength. So, in this case, a cell phone booster can solve the problem and can maintain the signal inside your room. To get stable connectivity, a cell phone signal booster might be the best option.
  3. Improves Home Security: Cell phone booster kits help home security also but how? Suppose you’re in a danger in your home and you need to communicate with your nearest ones to get help. In that situation, if your cell phone shows no signal, what will happen then? So, cell phone boosters indirectly improve your home security also.
  4. Increases Battery Life: Do you know that if you live in such an area where the signal is very poor, then your phone’s battery will drain too rapidly? Yes, it’s true! In the poor network coverage, your cell phone has to continuously search for a consistent signal and that’s why the battery life drains quickly. So, Cell phone boosters definitely help to preserve the battery life of your cell phone.
  5. Ease Frustration and Stress: Think about when you can’t connect to anybody or browse anything because of a weaker signal, and how frustrated you will be. And, for the most important and expected call you’re earnestly waiting for, if you can’t get that call, then how much stress will come to your mind? So, if you use the best cell phone boosters, then hopefully, you don’t have to face these kinds of problems as well.
  6. Can Be a Secondary Network: Sometimes, you may require to use your cell phone data when the wireless connection gets overloaded and provides slowing data speeds. In that situation, you can use the cell phone as the secondary network. But, if your cell phone also provides a lower signal, then what will you do? So, the only solution to this problem is to use a cell phone booster that can solve your network issues.

What are Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

Sometimes our phone shows a weak signal or no signal in cellular data. During this pandemic, we have to work from home and attend classes from home. That’s why we are using cell phone data heavily nowadays.

Those who live in remote or rural areas, often fall into a cellular dead zone. That’s the reason they need to purchase a cell phone booster for better connection and signal.

A cell phone booster has 3 components- an external antenna, an amplifier, and an internal antenna. It works as a repeater system and the amplifier collects signals from different directions from the nearby cellular towers. The gain of the signal varies according to the booster’s power and sensitivity.

WeBoost Multi Room Cell Phone Signal Booster

Types of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

There are 2 kinds of cell phone signal boosters on the market. One is Analog Signal Repeaters & the one is Smart Signal Boosters. Let me elaborate on these two types.

1. Analog Signal Repeaters

Analog boosters work in a traditional technology to enhance the frequency. This type of amplifier comes with a broadband amplifier, outdoor antenna cable, and other kits. Most of the boosters in the market are analog boosters. They can cover 65-70 dB of gain.

2. Smart cell phone booster

By the name you can already understand that this booster is smarter and more digital than analog boosters. It works with a very powerful baseband and has an automatic gain control (AGC) feature that covers more amplifiers and adjusts the indoor signal level with the outdoors consistently. Where analog boosters can cover 70db, here smart boosters can cover100db. Moreover, these boosters don’t need any extra antennas or kits. They need no installations. Expensive than analog boosters.


1. Does Verizon offer a free signal booster?

Unfortunately, No. Verizon is no more offering free cell phone boosters. They offered a free cell phone booster just a year ago but now they have discontinued offering that free service.

2. How do get betters cell phone signals in rural areas with weak reception?

It’s so simple: Boost your 4G and 4G LTE signal!

However, there are a few different effective ways you can do to improve your cell phone signal in rural areas. Connect your devices if required and enjoy high-speed signals.

One option is to purchase a cell phone booster. Cell phone boosters increase the strength of your cell phone signal in rural areas by boosting the signal from the nearest cell tower.

2nd; You can also mount antennas on your roof or near windows to improve your reception. Because an antenna can help you get better cell phone reception in areas with weak signals.

If you have multiple devices that need to be connected to the internet, you may need to connect them using a WiFi hotspot or ethernet cable.

Read also; How Can I Boost My Cell Phone Signal At Home? The 5 Best Solutions for 2024

3. Do cell phone boosters actually work in rural areas?

Yes, they work great in rural regions. There are some cell phone boosters that are named network boosters for remote areas. Such devices can reach any tower inside their compatibility and enhance the overall cellular reception and other cell phone services as well.

4. What is the best signal booster for Verizon?

There are lots of cell signal boosters and I have already recommended the top 10 products. Among them, I would love to recommend weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR (470210) Truck Phone BoosterweBoost Drive 4G-X OTR (470210) Truck Phone Booster.

This booster supports all U.S and Canadian carriers. You will face no problem boosting the Verizon signal.

5. Are cell phone boosters illegal?

No, they are not illegal but the boosters which are not registered are illegal. Because it means the price of the booster is not paid yet and is already in use.

6. How far will a cell phone booster work?

It depends on the quality of the cell phone booster. Suppose the cell phone booster is engineered for rural areas it must ensure a good strength. Here the coverage area won’t matter.

Again, if the booster is for a big company then the coverage area must be higher.

In general, it can cover 2000-5000 sq ft area or even more.

7. How do I find the signal strength of my location?

You can use our Android or iOS app to find the signal strength of your location. Simply open the app and input your address. Then, you will get a detailed report about the signal strength of your address.

8. Which cell phone has the best reception in areas with a weak signal?

It’s hard to say which cell phone will have the best reception in an area with a weak signal, as each phone is designed to work best in different environments. However, some general tips that can help improve your reception include using a stronger signal booster, positioning your phone closer to the tower, and using a higher data plan.

Final Verdict

The purpose of this article is to make you familiar with the best cell phone booster for rural areas. We have chosen the top 10 products and all of them are credited by FCC and already have a huge reputation. So, no more tension about what the network will do in your village.

We have also discussed some FAQs and a complete guide. Hopefully, you will face no problem while selecting one. But before leaving we would love to recommend the best on the list, it’s weBoost Home Multiroom (470144) Cell Phone Signal BoosterweBoost Home Multiroom (470144) Cell Phone Signal Booster.

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