Which Device is Best for Playing Games?

December time is one of the most frivolous times of the year as many folks come around together to share the essence of the neighbourhood, friendship, bonding, and most especially family ties.

While it’s imperative to share love. One of the most way to share to love is through gifts and on most cases in this period, the bet gift is gaming devices, because many belief that holiday time is for fun and what is the better way to have fun, than to game with friends and families.

With the holidays just around the corner, many people will be giving and receiving new gaming devices as gifts. In 2024, these presents could be picked from a huge range of options that includes big gaming desktop PCs, compact gaming laptops, dedicated consoles, smartphones, tablets, and virtual reality headsets.

Gaming as we used to know it is now more advanced and easily accessible, to which many people can easily connect with each ether to play the game they all love to, either online or in person. But with so many different options to choose from, it can be hard to know what to buy.

Though, games are best enjoyed with relatives and acquaintances, but getting to know which games is best suited for he platform used can be complicated because their are some games which are best suited for consoles, not phone or PC, and depending on what every gamers want, so it’s better to understand each gaming platform to better understand which of the gaming cadre can best be enjoy this holiday time. So let’s take a look at which ones are best.


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Computers are some of the most versatile devices for gaming. They can be purchased at almost any price point, ranging from just a few hundred pounds all the way up to several thousand. Of course the price difference represents the features you get in return. A budget computer is not going to be able to run the biggest blockbuster titles, but it will handle smaller and older games.

If all youu want is a machine to play games on, a computer may not be the best choice, but it could be ideal if you youor other tasks like doing work, keeping in touch with friends, or online shopping. Computers can also be customized to a much greater degree than any other device, with the option to choose your own performance levels and aesthetics.

Additionally, PCs give their users access to the widest selection of games, covering both modern and retro content. For example, almost all of the titles released on consoles are available for PC players too, including hits like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Red Dead Redemption.

On top of that, personal computer users can also access online betting which could range from the need to bet with each other on the type of games play, online sport betting, and casino games through their web browser or by downloading special software.

Sites like Pokerstars pack in thousands of different themed video slot games, such as the angling-based title Big Bass Bonanza and the Mayan-inspired hit Gonzo’s Quest, which boasts Megaways paylines and loads of bonus features, that ensures the gamers end up with more profit than using consoles


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The advancement of game has increase the nudge of many to fantasized of engaging each other irrespective of the distance between the players. But the traditional sense of gaming has ensure that the use of console is ever-dynamic in current trend and advancement.

Moreover, the originality of the console makes it more suitable to engage in gaming than other means of gaming, thus it’s popularity among the cadre of the gaming platforms.

Consoles are one of the most popular ways to play video games because of their simplicity. While a computer requires you to spend time configuring the settings, making sure you have compatible hardware, and installing robust security software; a console just works.

You plug it in, turn it on, insert/download your game, and start playing. Nothing could be simpler.

Consoles also (typically) , as they cost a fraction upfront for comparable hardware and won’t require component upgrades until the next generation is released. In comparison, PC gamers will regularly replace parts like the graphics card to get the best performance.

And with improving backward compatibility, consoles now offer many more games to their players.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are a newer addition to the gaming ecosystem but they’ve quickly become some of the most popular devices on the market. Beyond the stream of smartphone versioning, the use of mobile device can be attributed to the rise in gaming popularity.

This is because they offer a much more convenient gaming experience than many other platforms. A smartphone, for example, allows players to enjoy a game from their sofa, a train, the park, or while flying 30,000 ft in the air.

They are a cheap way to get into gaming too. Since most people already own a smartphone, there’s no need to purchase additional hardware, and many of the one million games in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store can be downloaded for free.

The quality of games has improved greatly too in recent years, closing the gap on what’s available on computers and consoles, making smartphones an incredibly attractive gaming option.

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VR Headsets

Virtual reality gaming is not a new concept, but it has only just become something viable for the average consumer.

Today’s VR headsets, such as the Meta Quest 2 cost less than a AAA console but offer a unique and immersive 360-degree gaming experience.

The type of games available on these headsets is different to any other machine, creating a unique experience that often can’t be found elsewhere. However, there are also some limitations due to the motion sickness that some players can experience.

That said, VR gaming continues to grow in popularity and as the technology matures it could become one of the best platforms to play on.

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