10 Best Film Cameras for Beginners

Film cameras have existed for over a decade now. The trend of a film camera is raging back as many shutterbugs or amateurs are stalking to find a new film camera. The film cameras are exceptional for old souls or old school people who like carrying a photograph rather than watching it on the screen.

Fortunately, film cameras are still there in the 21st-century world. And if you are new to film photography, this article will guide you to some of the best film cameras for beginners.

Top 10 Best Film Cameras for Beginners in 2024

Kodak Ultra F9

Ultra F9 by Kodak is a 35mm film camera that is comfortable to hold and move around. This camera has all the settings designated, and its automated feature makes it uncomplicated for photographers to click images without annoyance.

This camera will take you back to the olden days and let you capture memories worth treasuring when you get photographs in your hand. Now, let us look at its features in detail below:


  • F9 is a 35mm film camera, and its optical lens is 31mm.
  • It is a focus-free camera, so you can’t focus on specific objects; it will just click the picture without depth.
  • Its shutter speed is set at 1/120s. It allows the camera to perform well in more light than in shaded areas.
  • 24 x 36mm films will be perfect for restocking the socket with 135 films to click.
  • This camera also stands consistent with monochrome and colourful films.

Kodak FunSaver

Kodak’s FunSaver is a 35mm camera for those who might not use a film camera every moment. Someone who wants to try out a film camera without paying a hefty. It is a great match for them. It is a single-use camera, completely automated and filled with a set number of films; once it is used, you can take out the film and mail it for prints. Then you can toss away the camera.

Let’s look at the attributes of this single-use camera in the features section below.


  • Kodak FunSaver is a single-use 35mm camera with a built-in flash.
  • It weighs 159 grams.
  • A user can click up to 27 shots with its already loaded films.
  • Once used, send the whole camera to a photo lab and don’t uncover the film even by mistake.
  • You can give this camera to photo labs for recycling to lessen the load of plastic garbage on the environment.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

FujiFilm is a well-known brand worldwide; its cameras are operated worldwide even today. They have a wide spectrum of collections in cameras, from film cameras to professional DSLR cameras.

Instax Mini 11 is a polaroid film camera, and they come with cartridges filled with films. The fun thing is it produces and develops the photos in just one minute after clicking a photograph. And also, it’s a reusable camera. Let’s look at more attributes of this camera in detail.


  • This is an instant camera and runs on films loaded inside cartridges.
  • Also, it has an optical viewfinder which helps in pointing at the subject.
  • The lens is 60mm with the aperture set at f/12.7.
  • The camera has a built-in flash and also auto exposure.
  • There’s also a selfie mirror right next to the lens, which allows taking selfies by looking at it.
  • This instant camera has five packs of instant films which is equal to 50 exposure.
  • Mini 11 will come with many other accessories such as matching straps, a glowing shutter button, a mini photo diary of 20 pages, and a case made of leather for the camera.
  • It also includes AA batteries for a camera run.

Kodak EKTAR H35

Kodak has numerous film cameras, and the EKTAR h35 is another such film camera. It is a half-frame film camera, so you can click dual with the assigned films in the roll. It is a cool camera that lets you click double the photographs.

Kodak never lets anyone down with the quality; now, it is even the quantity. This 35mm camera is a unique preference for novices. It is easy to use and carry, making it a seamless venture for anyone without proficiency in camera settings. Let’s look at the traits now.


  • EKTAR H35 is a half-frame camera; it will unleash the creative creature out of humans as with this cool feature, people will get to explore and be creative with its half frames.
  • It is effortless to use and carry, making it a weightless, tiny, and pocket-size camera.
  • Along with it, It includes a silver ring on the lens to switch on the flash and manage the exposure to light and dark conditions and also for indoor and outdoor ventures.
  • Moreover its a point-and-shoot, effortless camera for newbies.
  • The camera body comes in four colour choices black, sage, sand, and brown.
  • Furthermore, it is a focus-free camera, so it is prepared to click anytime and anywhere.

Holga 120GCFN

Holga is recognized among the film photographers in the west. it is a colour layout film camera with four color options on the glass lens to add a filter. It’s amusing and easy to take a camera anywhere you go. It is also furnished with a tripod mounting with flash and other features.

Let’s peek at the attributes in detail.


  • Holga 120GCFN has a built-in flash.
  • Let’s you clicks images with a sharp centre, soft boundaries, and vignettes around the corners, making it vintage.
  • Besides, it has four color filter options red, blue, yellow, and white, with its built-in flash
  • The lens is made of glass.
  • Apart from that it also includes other parts such as a strap, lens cap, built-in flash colour filters, and a tripod mount.

RETO Ultra Wide and Slim

Reto ultra-wide and slim is a reusable 35mm camera. It looks adorable in pastel pink colour. It has a wide camera lens, which seizes wide and broad shots, and it is the USP of this camera.

Reto is a lightweight camera and manageable to take around with you. One of the delight cameras to use and looks cool too. Let’s check out this camera’s attributes in the features section beneath.


  • Reto has a wide-angle lens of 22mm, which lets you capture expansive sceneries and get more in the frame.
  • It is extremely light, and it weighs just 68.8gms.
  • Most significantly, it doesn’t require a battery.
  • Also, it is a focus-free camera, making the experience seamless for the users.
  • Prepared to go and just point-and-shoot camera.
  • It also goes with the 35mm film format.
  • The camera body has five dynamic and pretty colours such as pastel pink, charcoal, murky blue, cream, and muddy yellow. Choose your favourite colour.

Ilford Sprite 35-II

Ilford is another notable brand for film cameras. It also has a 35mm configuration and a reusable one. It also has an extra color to choose from. Film cameras are delightful, and Ilford gives a little chance to manage the settings in this camera with manual controls.

It is a fantastic film camera to select for a newbie user. Let’s inspect some characteristics of this camera.


  • Ilford is a point-and-shoot 35mm camera by Ilford.
  • It is a lightweight camera, which is appealing and comfortable to move around.
  • Also, its exposure type is manual so that people can control exposure independently.
  • Along with that it also has a fixed lens of 31mm and a designated shutter speed of 1/120s.
  • As well as, It also has a built-in flash to shoot at night, with 15 seconds of recycling time.
  • Furthermore,it allows users to select the exposure manually and also to rewind the roll when it is completed.
  • Lastly, it lets users use negative or monochrome films. Hence, you can’t desire a colour shot out of this, but a nice monochrome shot will overwhelm you.

Buyers Guide

Source: photorangers.com.au

A film camera for newbies is kind of uncomplicated to choose. Nevertheless, if you have never held a professional camera before, this manual might be helpful to you and if you have not operated a film camera in life. Check out some information before purchasing a film camera for beginners.

This directory will support readers to make a wise and instructed decision about buying a film camera. At the same time, some most promising film cameras with their traits are noted above to choose them immediately.


Essentially, film cameras are point-and-shoot, which makes them automated cameras. So the beginner’s camera doesn’t include difficult control that might complicate a first-time user. It is clean but has the choice to just arrange the exposure according to the day/night ground. Look for a mechanical or point-and-shoot camera as a newbie.

Single-Use (Disposable) vs. Reusable Camera

Source: creativebloq.com

There is likewise an option for single-use or reusable cameras for film cameras. As the name indicates, single-use is a disposable camera that can only be used once. When you have used it fully, you can go to a photo lab to let them develop your prints and wait for them. Whereas, when you purchase a reusable camera, you can refill the film as many times you desire but just when one is completely used; otherwise, it will harm the film if you uncover it to the light.

Film Colour

Some film cameras don’t back colour film and only support a black and white film roll.

It will be advisable to study if you require a colour photograph or if black and white will be enough. It is one more additional thing to regard before purchasing a film camera.

Film Format and Capacity

Films need to be loaded to capture pictures. So it is crucial to know that there are different kinds of formats and capacities. The format is if the camera supports the full-frame or half-frame. Full-frame will capture one picture in one film, and half-frame will capture two images in one film. At the exact time, capacity is just how big a film roll is, and as some camera allows 27 exposers while some can load 120 exposures.


Source: marketplace.org

Film cameras are not unknown to the world, and they have existed for a prolonged period. At the same time, Gen Z would be unknown to this kind of camera. However, film cameras are fun to use but can also be used for serious photography business, and somebody who loves photography and film would go bonkers if they got one.

Some of the finest film cameras are mentioned above, and a buyer’s guide is also given to deliver a clear idea of selecting a camera and what to look for. We hope this article assists in getting a film camera for beginners. FAQ is also given below, addressing some legit queries that might flash in mind.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Source: fbi.gov

How Many Pictures Can a Person Take with a Film Camera?

It depends on the film camera; scan the description of the camera and what size of films you can install in the camera. So that will determine the number of photographs you can take with one film roll.

Is There a Requirement to Attach a Separate Lens?

Although some Film cameras permit switching the lens, that will be too technological for a novice to comprehend. For a beginner’s camera, the lens will be in-built, so users don’t bear to go through any hassle concerning the lens.

How Do You Develop Photographs Out of Film Roll?

Once the film roll is filled with photographs, you can take it to the photo lab and tell them to materialize it for you. Or else, you can DIY too, and you have to buy some chemicals and complete the steps in a dark room that will be in the instructions. You also watch a couple of Youtube videos on that, so you don’t destroy a film roll.

Are All Film Cameras Automated?

No, there is a spectrum of film cameras for novices, as this article has noted some of the best film cameras above. Although there are film cameras, which are evolved, it needs a user to be a little experienced led to use them properly as there are manuals more complicated than you find in point-and-shoot film cameras.

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