Top 6 Best GoPro for Kids in 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

From grown-ups to children, everyone likes to click photos. Be it for a special occasion or to capture precious memories. GoPro is one camera that would look like a toy to the naked eye. But looking closely at the camera, you would realize it is an actual camera. Its various salient features make it reliable to be kept even with children.

Below is a list of best GoPro for kids in 2024 that you can go through to better understand what you can give to your child and what you can trust them with.

Top 6 GoPro for kids

1. Go Pro Hero 7

This cam device is a sturdy companion for all your little adventures. Be it to the amusement park, the water park, pool, or camping trip. This cam device will never fail your expectations with its strong-built and water-resistant body. It comes with various features and high resolution giving you high-quality photos even while moving.

All GoPro Hero 7 cameras are attested for use in action, even with water, to check their credibility and provide quality products to the user. It is inaugurated with new features such as live streaming, slow-motion time wrap, and more. It supports such features the quality of video stabilization and voice control is heightened. It all results in user comfort, better understanding, and experience.


  • It weighs around 4.2 ounces.
  • It can take 12mp photos with 4K 60 videos.
  • Hypersmooth stability with 8 x slow-mo option.
  • Can capture stable time-lapse videos and apply HDR intelligently
  • Its body is curated such that it is waterproof as well as rugged.

2. Go Pro Hero 8

Even though many of its features are similar to GoPro Hero 7, its new upgrade is unique. It allows its users to capture Live videos and share them with people simultaneously on their social media platforms. It gives its full user availability to choose to click a photograph sooner or later only with the help of voice control. Only with the commands can you control its features as you wish.

This version of the GoPro camera comes with digital lenses of 4 options. You can offer any of the four lenses to click your photographs combination of a few to get clearer, better pictures. This cam device also comes with the option to click super photos. That is, it applies formatting options to the photograph on its own. Another new feature of this cam device is to click live burst photos, which you can customize a few seconds before or after and choose from a few or a collection of photos.


  • Its body weighs 14.8 ounces.
  • It has a sleek body design for better grip and ease of mountain.
  • It is twice more impact resistant than previous versions.
  • Has variable stability options. Total three of them – On, High, and Boost.
  • Has an upgraded time-lapse video feature where it automatically applies speed direction and lighting.
  • It has an all-new feature of life photographs where you can choose from multiple photos.

3. Akaso B 7

It is one of the best cameras under a budget, offering premium features. This camera comes with a sturdy body and is suitable for all weather. Its body makes it a perfect companion to carry on your journeys. It can survive various terrains and weathers while clicking extra stable and high-quality images. It’s perfect for a child to take it with them to an amusement or a water park.

Even though it is not from the same brand as GoPro, its features and performance in motion earn it that title.

Since GoPro was the first brand to commercialize action cam devices, all other cameras, after some time, were called GoPro, which meant action cameras in general. You can also use this cam device to capture photos on the beach, while surfing, bathing, or even playing games. Its ability to work in various weather conditions makes it a multi-purpose camera. It gives high-quality pictures and cameras while also being easy to maneuver or use as it comes with a touch screen where all its features and options are listed.


  • Its body weighs 1.28 pounds.
  • Has an innovative screen with a dual-color design. It provides ease in clicking both selfies and back photos.
  • It can shoot 4K videos with 30 frames per second and 20 Megapixel photos.
  • It has upgraded 6 axes EIS for better stabilization while clicking photos.
  • It comes with a variety of special features such as time-lapse burst photographs and fast motion photographs.
  • Contains two rechargeable batteries as well as a waterproof housing and mounting kit.

4. Akaso B 4

This cam device comes with the special feature of remote control. While out on an adventure trip and you want to click photos from a distance, then this cam device would be helpful for you. It also comes with WiFi control and a waterproof casing so that you would not have to miss taking your photographs if the weather is not in your favor. It can also keep on recording in a loop as long as needed.

It has a wider angle as well as stabilization to help click photographs while moving on rough terrain. Be it hiking, trekking, or camping traveling, and you can take photographs with this camera and, if needed, crop the photos without blurring them. Its waterproof body even allows for it to be used underwater. You can also edit your videos on the cam device and share them accordingly as well.


  • Its body weighs 5.6 ounces.
  • It has options for video calling please, ranging from 4K 30fps, 2K 30fps, and 1080 60 fps.
  • It has an adjustable view angle ranging from 170° to 70°.
  • It’s specially optimized anti-shaking and high-quality image stabilization for smooth photographs and videos.
  • Its body is designed to shoot action videos and photos, making it preferable for daily life event photography.
  • After securing your camera in the provided waterproof case can stay in that state until 30 m below the water level.
  • It comes with additional accessories in features such as rechargeable batteries and a mounting kit.

5. Dragon Touch 4k Action Camera

It is one of the best cameras under budget which you can carry along on various activities. Be it your summer camp or winter camp, and it can survive through all kinds of weather. If the camera is in its waterproof case, it’s safe from water up to 100 ft. It makes the cam device safe in all weather, be it snow, rain, hail, etc.

It’s very manageable to click photographs and record videos with this camera. It comes with a wristband that can control the timing and how you want to click or record that moment. However, the wristband is not waterproof. But it helps in clicking high-quality stabilized photographs that you can control from afar. You could be standing away and hand your cam device to your kids or mount it anywhere and can click photographs as you need.


  • Its body weighs 5.3 ounces.
  • It has 16-megapixel photograph ability and has options in videos of 4K 30fps, 2.7k 30fps, and 1080 60 fps.
  • It can zoom from 1x to 4x, and you can also click photographs on time-lapse and photo bursts.
  • Has a remote control option from the wristband to click photographs.
  • It has a wide-angle range starting from 70°, 110°, 140°, and ending at 170°.
  • It comes with 2 batteries and a wrist control with other mounting accessories available with this camera.

6. Remali Capturecam 4k

This camera is available with all the basic features that are expected of an action camera. It comes with a total of 21 mountain accessories; therefore, you won’t need to buy any of them. It is one of the best companions for you to take along on your journey, capturing your favorite moments only with the ease of the screen. The cam device comes with an LCD display screen, giving you better clarity of how your photograph got clicked.

Along with the screen, it also comes with an anti-shake property. Therefore you can click photographs while on a ride in the amusement park, and it would still give you clear, focused photographs. Or even near the beach while playing as it’s waterproof. It can also be connected to WiFi, which would help you transfer your images faster.


  • It has a resolution of 12k for images and ranges from 4k, 2k 1080, to 720 for videos.
  • It has good WiFi connectivity and remote control.
  • It has wide-angle photographs and power and screen saver options.
  • You can also click photographs in time-lapse and continuous lapse. There is also an option to click burst photographs.
  • It comes with 3 batteries which are rechargeable and also comes with charging wires.

Buyer’s Guide


While buying a GoPro camera, you must know whether its features are relevant for you or not. Especially when on a budget, it would help you prioritize some features that can save you some extra bucks. Many cam devices, even though they are not from the same brand as GoPro, features and performance in motion earn them that title. Since GoPro was the first brand to commercialize action cameras, all other cameras, after some time, were called GoPro, which meant action cameras in general.

Below is a list of features you should look out for.

1. Body Structure

Whether the body is waterproof, shockproof, or has an anti-shaking feature is very important. Since GoPro are action cameras, they need to have a body that can survive that action.

2. Ergonomics

If the camera is too big or doesn’t fit in your hands, then it would create problems when clicking photographs. You should check how the cam device feels before buying it. You should also check for other mounting and remote control features just in case.

3. Weight

If it has too much weight for an action cam device, then you cannot carry it around for clicking photographs. It might be manageable at once, but soon you might have to put the cam device down. Look for lightweight options, especially if you are not a professional or do not have much experience with cameras.

4. Resolution

There are various resolutions of cameras available out there. Be it for photos or videos, you should choose one with the highest in your budget. GoPro cameras are meant for high stability and resolution while clicking photos. It would not only help click clear photos, but you can also crop and edit them without losing their quality.

5. Equipment

There are many of equipment needed with a GoPro. They could be mounting accessories such as stands, selfie sticks or batteries, USB cables, wires, and more. Many GoPro cameras already come with these accessories that the companies think would be needed. Many don’t come with any accessories other than rechargeable batteries and USB cables. It would be best if you segregated your choices based on the equipment you would need to buy after buying the camera.



Many parents click photos of their children from when they are babies to their adulthood as keepsakes of precious memories. Many click photos of landscapes, wildlife, trees, and flowers as a hobby and also as a job. Many people click photos to post on social media to show their clothes and other stuff or even to follow the trends. Cameras can serve as a means to bundle up all the memories and instants in one place.

From posing for a picture to clicking a candid picture, cameras have various features and aspects that make them desirable. Opting for one based on needs would be the best option for you. GoPro is built such that it can handle daily rough action and still click high-quality photos. All its models offer waterproofing good and stable body, ease of mounting, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should be the main priority feature in a GoPro?

The main features to prioritize should be the camera’s resolution and stability. An extra point would be the equipment that it comes with.

  • Are waterproof body cases necessary?

A waterproof body case protects the camera from any danger that water can give to the camera. It should be a priority if you are going anywhere near the water with your camera.

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