5 Best Led Grow Light For 3×3 Tent in 2024

Light is one of the essential energy sources that can serve plants in a better way. It also helps people complete their day-to-day work without any delay. Due to the lack of brightness in the traditional lighting setup, manufacturers have started implementing impressive technology that allows people to achieve sufficient brightness.

This eventually led to the invention of LED lights which provided sufficient light for people everywhere. Currently, the lights we use are entirely made of LED strips. These LED strips can save a lot of money and provide excessive brightness for all places.

According to the space availability, users can choose the preferred power light, but users might find it challenging to select the right product. So we have mentioned some of the best LED grow light for 3*3 tent options. People who prefer to implement an impressive lighting setup in their tents should stay connected till the end.

Top 5 Led Grow Lights For 3*3 Tents

In general, there are a variety of led lights, but choosing the right light according to the size of the room might be daunting. But in this article, people can find some impressive lights for 3*3 tents and all the other related size tents.

1. Led Golight Goplanner

Thi series of LED lights can provide excessive brightness in your tent. The manufacturer has provided an impressive design for this unit. Besides the central unit, people can find a great LED light strip to help obtain excessive brightness in your tent. One of the most critical aspects of this LED light bar is that each part of the light bar works independently so that it acts as an impressive light source.

It provides a balanced and stable light output that is well suited for full-time growers. Overall, people can attain a maximum of 2.7g/w light output, which is suitable for growing indoor plants. This particular product is energy efficient, so the electricity bill can be reduced soon after implementing this led strip light in tents.

If users prefer to implement this light in high roofings, the light can be spread all over the room. This will eventually increase productivity and planting efficiency. This unique product is available in various combinations, so users can quickly implement the available light strips according to their usage.


  • This product is powered by a certification that allows users to avail of after-sales service. This service period is valid for a maximum period of 3 years, so in case of malfunction, users can easily avail themselves of free assistance.
  • This LED light is provided with a built-in knob, and this knob can be used to dim the light and adjust depending upon the crop implanted in the tent.
  • This set comes with all the essential fixture elements, so one person is sufficient to fix the ceiling area’s light.
  • The RJ14 network cable enriches the complete set.
  • The working temperature can be maintained to a maximum level of 52 degrees celsius.

2. Viparspectra Led Grow Light

This particular product is powered by a LED light that can enhance the overall user experience better. Better productivity can be obtained by using this product. A high yield of crops along with energy-saving can be done by using this product. This LED light strip canopy can also receive a better light penetration. It provides impressive 3k white light, 5k light, and deep red light, so anyone can switch the preferred color light according to the usage.

This solid construction device is enough to provide impressive lighting for cropping. This light can speed up the bloom and enhance the yield better. This device can cool down naturally, and hence it is noiseless. The aluminum body around this unit makes it possible effortlessly.

The growing process of these yields is comparatively high, so there is no need to worry about the quality. This device is designed in such a way to save a lot of electricity bills. It also helps in achieving 50 percent higher yields, so people should make sure to give it a try.


  • 240W power output can be obtained by using this product.
  • Users can easily switch between various colors and light outputs according to their usage.
  • Well suited for tent sizes of around 3*3 to 4*3.
  • An impressive aluminum body powers this product, so the heat can be eliminated easily.
  • It can be used to obtain 3k, 5k pure white light. Using this light, people can easily switch between various powers.
  • This light will act as a helpful gadget in the blooming season.
  • In case of malfunctions or other issues, users can easily use the money-back guarantee option to get the entire money paid in case of damages or malfunctions.

3. Chrome Plant Grow Light

Unlike other lights, the quantity of this product can be chosen according to the need. It comes with four strips, so if people want to place it in bigger rooms, then it is possible to purchase two sets and implement them in the same room to provide light all over the room. This light can provide proper light outputs of around 3500k, which helps in achieving better germination. This will eventually result in better yields and adequate growing conditions.

Sun-like natural lights can be provided to the plants in indoor conditions. But natural sunburns can be avoided in this artificial light. Users can easily set the timer according to their preference and switch off the lights if required. This might help in switching off the light if required. There is no need to worry about providing excessive light as the timer can help switch off the light.

This LED power strip has four brightness levels, so people should make sure to switch between various light settings according to the usage. This product has a dual-panel power system in which four panels will be split into two-panel lights.


  • Twenty-one pieces of LED light strips can provide sufficient light without any issues.
  • Better germination because of excellent light output.
  • Timers can be implemented according to the preference, and they can switch off at intervals of 3h, six h, and 12h, respectively. 24h cycle timing can also help in attaining better outputs.
  • Adjustable brightness levels will be an added advantage in many aspects.
  • The double-sided tape will help people stick the light on walls, whereas other lights can only be hung on walls.
  • Other than this, people can exchange the product according to the terms and conditions posted on amazon.

4. Bloom Plus 2500W LED Grow Light

The newest high-yield LED technology has been implemented in this LED light system. It helps obtain 2.7 umol/j power of light, so there will not be issues in achieving high light.

It has an overall veg coverage of around 3*5 ft and an impressive flower coverage of about 2*4 ft. So there will not be issues in achieving better quality outputs.

This growing light consumes only a part of the power which is 50% less than the average power consumption. Overall the power consumption will range between 250w power, so it will be an added advantage in many aspects. This full-spectrum LED light can provide sufficient energy to the plants and flowers, so there will be no issues obtaining impressive looks after growth.

Other than this, the silent growth life can also be obtained using this kind of LED light in your tent. This is one of the essential products that attained importance among users soon after the launch. The manufacturers have added some impressive features to this device to give users a better idea of what they want. People who prefer to have a special LED growing light in their tent should use this product. This LED strip’s powerful blue light output makes it a perfect fit for general usage.


  • This product can impress users in a better way by providing proper growth to the plants.
  • It consumes only 250W of power which is impressive.
  • Can switch the power of light according to the growing condition of the plant.
  • The entire set is fanless, so there is no need to worry about the sound.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee and three-year warranty can service people in a better way, and in case of emergencies, people can easily exchange the product.

5. Fecida Dimmable Led Grow Light

Almost all LED lights come with adjustable buttons, and even this product has the same feature from which users can adjust the lighting according to their preference. A unique LED light for tents might be an added advantage in many aspects. It enhances growth and provides a constant light source for the tented garden.

The cabin of this LED light is impressively designed in such a way to provide light to all the areas. This kind of cabin light is well suited for tents with sizes 2*2 and 3*3 s; there is no need to worry about the growth of the plants under tents.

It is a 1000-watt LED light with an impressive design in it. The specifications are also good, so anyone with the idea of purchasing an LED light should try it.


  • This LED grow light can enhance the overall look and the growing efficiency of the plant
  • 1000w power output is good enough to provide sufficient light for users.
  • 3000k and 5000k light output can be obtained by using this LED light source.
  • Three input plugin lights can enhance the overall user experience better.

Buying Guide

Source: gardeningknowhow.com
  • Intensity Of Light

Light intensity is one of the most critical factors that must be considered in a LED grow tent light, as the entire growth depends on that particular light. Outdoor plants might receive light energy from the sun, but indoor plants must be provided with a proper light source with the help of LED light grow lights.

  • Size Of The Led Light

Users who prefer to purchase an LED grow light should select the appropriate LED lamp according to the size of the tent or room in which they have placed all the plants. This is because an LED light with less power can serve smaller rooms. At the same time, an LED light with high energy and strips can provide high-intensity light for bigger rooms. It is better to purchase LED lights by looking at the user manual and recommended room size.

Final Thoughts

Now users who prefer to have a LED grow light for their tents will have a clear idea of implementing the right light source. So make sure to try it and have a better plantation experience. Indoor plants can obtain sufficient light energy from LED grow lights; without a LED light with good output power, the plants might not receive enough energy, creating a mess in the indoor garden.

These LED grow lamps can enhance productivity and reduce flowering time by providing seamless light to crops. Anyone with the idea of implementing LED lights should confirm the size of the tent or room. This will help users choose the right product according to the usage and power output. Without proper light indoor plants will not grow properly. So consider these factors and have a better idea of growing the plant properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Source: cavelightstore.com

1. Can we leave the LED to grow lamps on all the time?

No! Of Course not; these LED grow lamps can be switched off for some time as the plants might rest and supply nutrients to various parts of the plant during this rest time. Darkness is an essential factor that must be considered in a plant as it moves nutrients into the extremists.

2. How many hours can the LED grow light keep on?

LED grow lights can be kept on for a maximum period of 8 to 10 hours. The time might vary according to the watt power output, but these LED lamps can generally be kept on for a maximum of 12 to 14 hours.

3. Which LED color is best for plants?

Violet and blue-colored light are well suited for photosynthesis and chlorophyll absorption and growth. But red light makes it a perfect fit for flowering and budding plants.

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