4 Best Tablet to Use as a Notebook 2024 – Performance, Durability & Reliability

Discover the top 4 tablets redefining productivity in 2024! Explore unparalleled performance, durability, and reliability.

Select a tablet to double as a notebook by considering features such as performance, display clarity, battery duration, and stylus precision. The market offers models for users who prioritize efficiency and creativity. Below, find the top five tablets of 2024, known for exceptional notebook-like capabilities.

1. RUERTU Digital Tablet with Stylus

RUERTU Digital Tablet with Stylus

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RUERTU and KOORUI, under the prestigious umbrella of China’s Tou Huike Group, have carved a niche for themselves in the semiconductor display sector.

Launched in July 2023, RUERTU is a cutting-edge mobile Internet enterprise dedicated to the intelligent hardware and consumer electronics market, focusing on the design, development, and sales of electronic products.

Leveraging HKC’s superior resources, RUERTU has made a name for itself through innovative product design and user experience.

The company’s increasing investments in China’s semiconductor industry have allowed it to integrate resources from both upstream semiconductor screen factories and downstream terminals effectively.

Product Highlights

The RUERTU Digital Tablet with Stylus stands out for its large memory space, offering a 6 GB operating memory capacity. This feature ensures faster app loading, smoother multitasking, and an overall fluid user experience compared to tablets with lesser memory.

We also have to mention that this product comes with an elegant holster. It is worth noting that other brands won’t give you a leather case with the tablet.

Furthermore, the tablet employs electronic ink technology for its display, providing a paper-like writing and reading experience that’s gentle on the eyes, reducing strain from prolonged use.

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Meeting and Note-Taking Efficiency

Designed to enhance productivity, the tablet features capabilities for listening, speaking, transferring, writing, and recording during meetings. It allows for the insertion of meeting notes into recordings, real-time transcription into text, and organization into meeting record templates.

Additionally, a one-click screen projection feature enhances presentations by displaying content on larger screens.

Focus and Handwriting Conversion

The RUERTU tablet is engineered to minimize distractions by omitting entertainment-related notifications, pop-ups, and social media alerts, thereby enhancing focus. It also boasts a handwriting-to-text conversion feature, allowing for the creation of aesthetically pleasing documents that can be shared via email.

With cloud storage expansion and Bluetooth connectivity, it ensures that notes are securely stored and easily accessible across devices.

2. UMIDIGI A15 Tab


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The A15 Tab boasts an 11-inch 2K display, providing users with crystal-clear visuals and vibrant colors.

Its ultra-high resolution of 2000*1200 pixels ensures that every detail is sharp and engaging, whether you’re watching videos, playing games, or browsing the web.

The tablet’s ultra-thin and lightweight design enhances portability and user experience, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go entertainment and work.

Performance and Storage

Powered by the Unisoc T616 Octa-Processor, the UMIDIGI A15 Tab excels in multitasking and office efficiency.

This tablet is equipped with 256GB of internal storage, offering ample space for all your files, apps, photos, and videos.

Its robust performance and generous storage capacity make it suitable for a wide range of activities, from casual browsing to more demanding tasks.

Audiovisual Experience

Equipped with quad speakers, the A15 Tab delivers a rich and immersive audio experience, enhancing your enjoyment of movies, music, and games.

The tablet also supports Widevine L1, allowing for higher-definition content streaming from popular platforms like Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

Battery and Charging

The tablet’s large 7500mAh battery and 20W fast charging capability ensure that it keeps up with your daily demands, whether for work or play.

3. MESWAO Android Tablet

MESWAO Android Tablet

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The MESWAO Android Tablet emerges as a formidable contender in the large-screen tablet market. With its expansive display and robust features, it promises to redefine the user experience for movie watching, work, and study.


Under the hood, the MESWAO tablet is powered by an Octa-Core processor with a maximum frequency of 2.0GHz, running on the Android 13 operating system.

This setup ensures swift app launches and smooth multitasking capabilities, making it suitable for both entertainment and productivity tasks.

The inclusion of a powerful Helio G99 processor further guarantees seamless performance across various applications.

Battery and Connectivity

One of the tablet’s standout features is its 12000mAh battery, which supports extended usage without frequent recharges.

This, combined with WiFi 5 support, ensures that users remain connected and productive, whether at home or on the move.

Camera and Multimedia

MESWAO Android Tablet - gaming tips - best notebook tablets

Equipped with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, the MESWAO tablet captures clear and detailed images.

The quad-speaker setup offers a rich and immersive audio experience, enhancing movies, music, and gaming sessions.

Additional Features

The tablet supports a 256G TF card for additional storage, allowing users to store an extensive collection of movies, photos, and documents.

It also features a versatile touchscreen with multiple touch channels and active stylus support, providing a precise and responsive input method for creative and professional tasks.

4. GAOMON PD1320


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This drawing monitor showcases a fully laminated screen, minimizing parallax to the lowest level and ensuring the cursor closely follows the pen’s movements.

The display covers 86% of the NTSC color gamut, providing vivid images and a wide range of colors. The wide viewing angle and anti-glare glass enhance the visual experience, making it comfortable for long drawing sessions.

Portability and Performance

The GAOMON PD1320 stands out for its lightweight and portable design, weighing just 1.9 lbs.

It comes with a pre-applied anti-glare screen protector and features a headphone jack connector, allowing users to listen to music while creating. The leather stand includes adjustable angles for comfortable drawing positions.

Pen Technology

Equipped with a battery-free pen supporting 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, the PD1320 ensures precise and fluid drawing without the worry of charging.

It also supports a 60° tilt function, responding naturally to hand movements. The pen holder and additional nibs enhance the drawing experience further.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The monitor connects via USB-A and HDMI cables, and it’s compatible with a Type-C full-featured cable for connections to computers, Android tablets, or phones with a Type-C interface (cable sold separately).

This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of digital tasks beyond drawing, including online education and remote meetings.

Software and Operating System Compatibility

The PD1320 is not a standalone product; it requires connection to a computer running Windows 7/8/8.1 or higher, Mac OS 10.12 or higher, or Android devices supporting USB 3.1 and TNT mode.

It’s compatible with most drawing software, including Photoshop, SAI version 2, Illustrator, and more, making it a versatile tool for digital artists, designers, and professionals in various fields.


Selecting the right digital tool can significantly enhance creativity, productivity, and efficiency, whether for professional work, education, or personal projects.

With advancements in technology, users now have access to a wide range of devices designed to meet various needs and preferences, ensuring that there’s an ideal solution for every type of digital creator.

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