How Can I Boost My Cell Phone Signal At Home? – 7 Best Solution for 2024

Boost My Cell Phone Signal

Our everyday life mostly relies on a cell phone and you can’t think of a single moment without it.

So, cell phone signal-related issues like dropped calls, weak signals, slow data speeds can create a big problem in our life.

For instance, think of that moment when you need to make an urgent call or SMS but your cell phone shows no signal, so how would you feel then?

Definitely, your mood will get worse!! But don’t worry!! Because, fortunately, there are some solutions that you can follow to improve your cell phone signal at home.

Poor cell phone signal is a common frustration for many people, especially those living in rural areas or areas with the weaker network coverage. A weak cell phone signal can lead to call drops, slow data speeds, and disrupted connectivity.

This can be particularly problematic for those who rely on their cell phone for work or for staying connected with loved ones.

Why Does Cell Phone Signal Strength Vary?

There are several factors that can impact the strength of your cell phone signal, including physical obstructions like walls and trees, distance from the nearest cell tower, and network congestion in your area. Additionally, the type of phone you have, the operating system it runs on, and the age of your phone can also play a role in signal strength.

01. Switch To Cell Phone Carrier Solutions

Cell Phone Signal Booster

  • Cell Phone Signal Booster

The Best cell phone booster is the most recommended solution to boost your cell signal at your home.

It receives the cell signal from the outside and amplifies the signal as much as it can, then distributes the boosted signal inside your house.

  • Network Extender

A cell phone network extender known as microcell or femtocell is provided by only the Verizon carrier.

So, if the Verizon Wireless service is available in your location, then you can use the femtocell or microcell to boost your cell phone signal at your home.

A cell phone booster brings the cell signal from outside but if you stay in a place where no signal is available outside, then a femtocell is the best option to boost your cell signal.

  • WiFi calling

Though it’s not a method of boosting your cell signal, it’s the alternative way that you can maintain contact with your friends, relatives, or others when there is no way to get the cell signal on your phone. So, go here to know details on how you can make wifi calls on your iPhone or Android.

02. Ensure Your Phone Is In Good Working Condition

Phone Is In Good Working Condition

  • Update Software

Ensure your phone is updated so that it can connect to the network perfectly. Because sometimes, if your phone is not updated to the recent software, it can cause network issues.

So, you have to check your phone frequently whether it requires a software update.

  • Turn Off the Services You’re Not Using Currently

Sometimes some services in your phone like Bluetooth, wifi, or NFC, WhatsApp, IMO, or messenger calling can create issues sending calls or messages. So, you should turn off these services.

  • Voice and Data settings

It may also happen that you’re in a place where 4G LTE is unavailable, so you have to switch to the 3G network to make a call or SMS.

So, you should change the voice or data settings then.

Turn airplane off

  • Turn On and Off the Airplane Mode

phone’s airplane mode

Turning your phone’s airplane mode on and off forces your phone to reconnect to the cell phone network again.

So, when you’re in a good cellular signal area where your phone doesn’t get any signal, then you should try to turn airplane mode on and off.

  • Try Network Reset

After following all the attempts stated above, if your phone doesn’t connect to the carrier, then you have to reset your phone’s network. Follow these steps on how to reset network settings on your iPhone or Android.

  • Manually Network Select

You can also try to find the cell network by manually selecting the network operator but it doesn’t work on the iPhone. However, to manually select the network operator, you have to go to your phone’s Setting option then Find Mobile Network then Network Operators.

Here your phone will begin to search network operators and show the available networks in your location. You will select your network among the listed. Watch the video on how to manually select a network operator.

  • Ensure Your Phone’s Network IC Is Ok

You’re in an area where another phone gets cell signals perfectly but your phone doesn’t get any signal at all which means your phone’s network IC is damaged.

So, you should take your phone to a technician who can identify the issue and solve the phone’s hardware problem.

If the technician can’t fix your phone’s hardware problem that means you have to buy a new phone.

03. Ensure Network is Available Location

Ensure Network is Available Location

  • Move Up On Higher Floor

As you move up to the higher floors, the network obstructions will be minor and you will get better cell signals.

  • Go Closer To The Window

You can get strong cell signals near the window as the signals coming from the window are less interrupted by construction materials. So, when your phone gets a lower network signal, you may go closer to the window.

  • Go Outside

It’s normal to get strong cell signals from the outside as there are no interrupting materials like walls, roofs, bricks, concrete, etc on the outside, so you may go outside when you urgently need to make a call or message to get strong signals.

  • Find a Location Closer To The Cell Tower

Check your location by inputting your zip code or city code into the Cell Reception whether any cell tower is available near your location. If you can’t find any cell tower near your location, you should change your position or you have to use a cell phone signal booster to boost your cell phone signal.

04. Enhance Your Surroundings

objects can't interrupt your cell signal

  • Rearrange Certain Objects

There are some interrupted objects in your home that interfere with your cell signal. So you should set up these objects like refrigerators, metal filing cabinets, solid furniture, and decorative waterfalls so these objects can’t interrupt your cell signal.

  • Cut Off Trees & Bushes

Trees and bushes can block the cell signal, so the surroundings of your living area should be trees and bushes-free to get strong cell signals.

You should trim the branches of trees that are unnecessary as well as cut off the overgrown bushes so that your surroundings become more open to getting better cell signals.

  • Use Alternative Construction Materials

You should use alternative construction that doesn’t affect your cell signal. Usually, metal construction materials including metal roofs, concrete, and brick walls interfere with network signals.

However, if it’s possible to use alternative construction materials, then you should try to get uninterrupted signals.

  • Keep Your Window Open

Opening the window can allow penetrating the cell signal into your home uninterruptedly. So, when your phone gets lower networks, you should open the windows.

05. Change your network provider

Girl with phone

Some providers may have better coverage in your area than others.

06: Install a cell phone signal booster antenna:

If you’re still struggling with a weak signal, installing a cell phone signal booster antenna can be a more permanent solution. Antennas can be installed on the roof or in an attic, and work by extending the range of the signal from the nearest cell tower to your home. This solution is best for those who live in rural areas or areas with the weaker network coverage.

07: Switch Carriers

Identify which carrier provides better signals in your location then use that carrier. Click these carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&TUS Cellular, Sprint ) to see whether your location is available for that carrier’s coverage.


You can boost your cell signal at your home in many ways but among them, the most effective way is to use a cell phone booster or a network extender. So, I highly recommend you use the best cell phone signal booster in the market that can really boost cell signals at your home.

Thank you!!

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