Cameron Friscia Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Cameron Friscia has achieved great popularity after his relationship with Katherine Clare Timpf got disclosed in public. You must be aware of Katherine Timpf who is a news specialist at the Fox News channel. It is not hidden from anyone that the jolly reporter got married in 2024.

Cameron Friscia is the husband of Katherine Timpf. After becoming committed to kat, he got attention from the general public and fans. He was definitely a successful man before their marriage but his relationship with Kat grabbed the attention of many fans and viewers. Want to know more about Cameron Friscia?

Here I have brought to you all that you need to know about Cameron Friscia, his Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, and Wiki. Keep reading to find out.


Cameron Friscia is a former military personnel who is currently focusing on the investing and banking profession. You might know him as the husband of the famous news person Kat Timpf. The date of birth of Cameron is 10th of august, 1986. He was born in New York. He was born with a silver spoon. Being wellborn he had never faced many issues regarding wealth.

Although he had worked quite hard in establishing his profession. He is an above-board and wide-eyed man. He leads a simple life. His early military background has molded him into quite a decent man. Cameron is a Christian by religion. He is quite active on social media platforms along with his profession. He is also a research associate, investor, and dealer. Despite his multiple professions he loves to explore and spend time with his family.

Physical Parameters

The Ex-Military Veteran is known for his look, physique, and traveling adventures. The thirty-six years old American is quite active on social media and has gained recognition. The black-haired veteran has dark brown eyes. He weighs around 143 pounds or 65 kilograms. Cameron has a height of 182.88 centimeters or 6 feet. He leads an active and simple lifestyle which is quite surprising for a man with a wealthy background.


Very little is known about Cameron James Friscia’s early life. He completed his education till high school in his hometown, Newyork. Then Cameron decided to join the US Army as an officer after 9/11. He graduated from the US Military Academy with a Bachelor’s degree in science. He also completed his seventeen weeks of training in the Infantry Officer Basic Course from the Officer Training School.

Military Life

Camereon Friscia Military life

From being an officer to becoming a Palton commander, Cameron has worked hard during his almost fifteen years of service in the US army. He graduated and after completing his training he got commissioned by the army in 2004. Cameron slowly progressed from being the Assistant operation officer to becoming the Palton leader. He also worked in the role of Executive Assistant to Bridge Officer, Executive Company Officer, and Palton leader of Infantry. The American soldier resigned from the army after 14 years of service in 2014.

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Professional Life

After leaving the US military, Cameron became more interested in banking and investing. To pursue his career in banking, he did an internship at the Bank of America. Later he worked in the Merill Lynch Pierce Penner & Smith Inc. It is the branch of Bank of America that deals with investment and wealth management. He worked as a dealer there.


Currently, Cameron is associated with Coatue Management as a research associate. There he provided suggestions to the firm regarding investment in technology, media, and telecommunication. Because of his wealthy family background and his keen observation of the profiting fields, Cameron is able to earn an impressive sum of money. It is believed that Cameron fascia has a net worth of around 4 million US dollars.

Personal Life

Cameron Friscia and wife

Cameron Friscia married Katherine Clare Timpf on 1 May 2024. Kat Timpf is a well-known and cherished American columnist and news reporter on the Fox News Channel. She is a witty and jocular media person and manages to captivate the viewers with her hilarity. You might have seen her on a number of shows on the Fox news channel. Cameron got famous after he got married to her. Except for her wife, there is no information about his other family members on social media.


How old is Kat’s husband?

Cameron Friscia is the husband of Katherine Timpf who is also known as Kat Timpf. Kat got married to Cameron on 1st May 2024 at the age of thirty-two. Cameron Fiscia is thirty-six years old American national. He met Kat at an online dating platform and they both got along very well. After many years of keeping their relationship secret, they got married in 2024, after one year of being engaged.

What is the occupation of Cameron Friscia?

Cameron Friscia used to work as a dealer in the investment management branch of Bank of America after he finished his internship at the bank. Later he started working with Coatue Management. There he guides and suggests to many other firms and investors, where to invest and how to gain profit. The company is more focused on worldwide tech companies and media associations.


I hope that now you know all the details about Cameron Friscia and his personal life. He is an American Ex-Military veteran, investment advisor, dealer, and intrapreneur. Known for his relationship and marriage to a renowned newsperson, Katherine Clare Timpf. For your convenience, I have gathered all that is known about Cameron Friscia, his Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, and Wiki.

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