How Casinos Use Technology to Innovate Their Games: Betting on Innovation

The rise of the online casino industry has been one of the great internet success stories of this new century.

We’ve seen online gaming grow into a massive global industry – but do we know how it has happened?

What are the advances behind-the-scenes that have made this $40 billion-a-year success possible?

The progress of tech

Internet gaming has certainly progressed since what is believed to be the world’s first online gambling event.

It happened in 1994 as organisers came up with an exciting new way to buy tickets for the little-known Liechenstein International Lottery.

Instead of buying a ticket from a street-corner vendor, there was suddenly a new high-tech method – using a home computer.

The huge success of that simple lottery game has gradually led to advances in providing games of chance over the internet.

Technologies have been advancing ever since. The casino industry has become very adept at employing the latest web builders, security experts and game designers. Many casinos as listed on now even offer live casino games to their players taking advantage of live streaming software available.

Compare today’s cool technology with early slot machines that were primitive metal mechanical devices.

More advanced attempts increased the slot machine’s allure – with brighter displays and electronic noises. But today’s online version of slots can use virtual reels, which offer an unlimited number of symbols.

This means there are infinite combinations and all sorts of gameplay extras become possible. At the same time the online casino operators can experiment with different odds and paybacks.

Playing the numbers

Before the casino designers employs the latest HTML and Java technology to create the look of the games themselves, a more fundamental stage takes place behind the screen.

Gaming software developers have excelled at using the random number generator (RNG) algorithm to drive online games, like blackjack, slots and roulette.

These RNG systems are driven by sophisticated computer microchips. These are programmed to produce huge lists of totally random numbers.

A modern chip is able to generate several billion random numbers in a second. This is the basis of most online games.

For example, an online slot game will be determined by the RNG determining the symbols shown on the reels when they ‘come to rest’. This technology can precisely control the odds for each spin of the reels.

From the players’ side, there’s no discernable pattern.

No machine will be going through a ‘generous spell’. The device purely follows the dictates of its RNG system.

The reels aren’t really spinning and no superstitious saying or movement will change the outcome – in fact, the RNG system already decided the result the second the player pressed ‘play’.

It’s only money

At the same time there has been a rapid improvement in online payment services.

These have used the latest technology from internet marketplace operators to make casino financial transactions smoother and more reliable.

Top casinos now work with major financial networks and payment services to make it as easy as possible for their customers to use their sites. These technologies mean players can make rapid and secure payments and withdrawals over the internet.

Advantages of using Technology in Casinos

The use of technology in casinos has brought several advantages that have transformed the industry. Firstly, it has improved game efficiency and accuracy, reducing errors and improving the gaming experience for players. Secondly, technology has enhanced the user experience by introducing advanced game graphics and sounds, creating a more immersive and engaging gaming experience.

Thirdly, technology has increased revenue for casinos by offering mobile gaming and live dealer games that can be accessed from anywhere. Lastly, technology has brought better security measures to the industry, ensuring fair play and protecting against fraudulent activities. These advantages have not only improved the overall gaming experience but also increased profitability for casinos.

Disadvantages of using Technology in Casinos

While technology has brought several advantages to the casino industry, it also comes with some drawbacks. Firstly, there is a potential for addiction and irresponsible gaming behaviour, especially with mobile gaming. Secondly, the high costs of implementing and maintaining technology can be a burden for some casinos. Thirdly, there is a possibility of technical glitches and hacking attacks, which can result in downtime and loss of revenue. Despite these drawbacks, the casino industry continues to invest in technology to improve the gaming experience and stay competitive. It is essential for casinos to balance the benefits and risks of technology to ensure responsible gaming and protect the interests of their players and businesses.

Security services

Some of the most sophisticated technology in place behind the games is hardly noticed. It’s in the field of security.

Many gamers were initially hesitant about signing up to online casino accounts. They were concerned about protecting their money and their personal banking information.

So a lot of work was done to make sites more secure – and allay those fears. Online casinos typically use some of these examples of high-tech security systems:

  • Elaborate and effective encryption software to stop outsiders reading personal data – even if they are able to hack into it.
  • Using advanced ID verification to safeguard online accounts. It also prevents any under-age players getting access to the site – an important consideration for the modern socially-conscious casinos.
  • Using end-to-end scrambling reducing all data into unbreakable chunks of code that no hacker will be able to decipher.
  • Two-step verification techniques to deter hackers and thieves. This can involve simply sending a unique code to your mobile device, which you have to then re-enter. It’s just a way to double check you are actually the account holder and not an imposter.
  • High-end TLS systems are a new type of very advanced data coding. You may see the letters displayed on an online casino site.

Be reassured, it’s the same TLS system now used by major online banks.

And the future…

We’re only just getting started. Expect big new developments coming in the online gaming world.

Those big profits have created a very innovative and competitive industry. Live streaming games are now becoming common.

There are exciting advances in Virtual Reality games coming soon. And expect Artificial Intelligence to become a big factor too.

It’s all great news for the player. The message is keep playing and enjoying everything they come up with – it’s the best time to be a gamer, ever.

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