Cookie Clicker Garden Mini-Game Guide: How to Unlock Every Seed in 2024

Since Cookie Clicker is fundamentally an idle game, players don’t need to stare at the screen all the time to enjoy it. The cookies can almost make themselves with enough improvements.

It’s enjoyable to periodically re-enter the game to review stats, choose upgrades, and then tab out once again to carry out other duties.

The game may be played on many different operating systems and web browsers, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Gamers can easily achieve cookies which can then be used to unlock the next level, the Garden mini-game. This mini-game has not established a chokehold on players gaining great popularity.

If you’re feeling a little lost in Cookie Clicker’s Garden Mini game and unsure of what to do, then this article is perfect for you.

I’ve spent countless hours playing the game and have created a comprehensive guide to help you understand everything you need to know about the Garden.

This article contains all the information you need to master the Cookie Clicker Garden Mini game, so let’s jump right in!

What is the Garden Mini-Game?

The Garden Mini-Game is a feature in the popular incremental game, Cookie Clicker, where players can grow plants and harvest them for rewards.

It was added to the game in version 1.0365 and has since become a favorite among players.

In the Garden Mini-Game, players can unlock various plants by collecting seeds and using them to grow plants in their garden.

These plants can then be harvested for a variety of rewards, including cookies, upgrades, and even rare achievements.

With its unique gameplay and rewards, the Garden Mini-Game is a fun and engaging addition to the world of Cookie Clicker.

What are the Seeds in Cookie Clicker?

Seeds in Cookie Clicker

In Cookie Clicker’s Garden minigame, seeds play a crucial role and can be obtained by upgrading farms.

Initially, players start with only a Baker’s Wheat seed, while Meddleweed can be generated in blank plots of the original garden.

To obtain every other seed, players must create and harvest mutated plants.

This means that obtaining new seeds requires strategic planning and careful cultivation of plants in the garden.

Harvesting Seeds

Harvesting mature plants allows players to obtain seeds. However, each seed is a one-time drop and can only be obtained once.

Once a seed is obtained, it can be planted in an empty tile multiple times.

To collect seed from a mutated plant, simply click on the tile it’s planted in as long as it’s mature.

To keep track of the growth stage and other information about plants in the garden plot, players can hover over them.

Once new seeds are unlocked, they will appear in the seed menu located to the left of the garden plot.

With careful management of seeds and cultivation of plants, players can unlock a variety of rewards in the Garden Mini-Game.

Planting and Maturation


The garden grows in ticks, which vary depending on the soil you use. With every tick, the plants grow a random amount.

They have to bud, sprout, bloom, and mature before they’re ready to be harvested.

Make sure to only manually harvest your garden until you’ve unlocked Crumbspore and Brown Mold.

If you use the Harvest All tool before that, you might kill the newly grown species and keep your seed collection from increasing.

Types of Seeds

There are 32 different seeds you can unlock, not including Baker’s Wheat. Each one has a different effect when it’s planted in the garden.

  • Bakers Wheat: You are granted automatic access to this seed when you start the game. It is the primary seed that gets planted in the Garden minigame and increases your CPS by 1% each time.
  • Thumbcorn: A more likely mutation of Bakers Wheat is Thumbcorn.
  • Blackberry: This is the less likely to happen mutation of Bakers Wheat.
  • Cronerice: Boosting your CPS by 3%; this crop is created by the mutation Bakers Wheat and Thumbcorn.
  • Glidmillet: Mutate a Thumbcorn with cornice, and you’ll result in Glidmillet that increases Golden cookies gain by 1% and its effect by 0.1%.
  • Golden Clover and Ordinary Clover: Though both of the clover varieties are bred from the same crops, their benefits differ.
  • Shimmerlily: one Gildmillet and one Ordinary Cliver mutate to make one Simmerlily. It affects your golden cookie gains, boosting it by 1%.
  • Elderwort: It boosts your Wrath cookie gain by 1% and enhances Grandma’s productivity. This crop is immortal.
  • Wardlichen: While it slows down the Wrinklers from growing by 15%, it also reduces your Wrath Cookie gain by 2%.
  • Green Rot: Various benefits like a 1% increase of random drops, a 1% boost in your golden cookie opportunity, and a 0.5% boost in the golden cookie effect.
  • Ichorpuff: Great crop for those who seldom check their garden. Make the plants last longer in a 3×3 grid and cut the age by half.
  • Meddleweed: With the potential to destroy your crop, this fungus grows on empty plots very easily.
  • Brown mold: Its effects are the opposite, and it lowers CPS by 1%. It provides no advantages.
  • Crumbspore: It can cover nearby plants and prevent their growth.
  • Keenmoss: It adds 3% to the random drops’ quality.
  • Chocoroot: When harvested on reaching maturity, it gives additional 3 minutes of CPS.
  • White Mildew: Your CPS is increased by 1% by white mildew.
  • Wrinklegill: This crop makes Wrinklers spawn 2% more quickly and digest 1% more.
  • Glovemorel: You can receive an additional 4% cookies for each click from this, and the cursors are 1% more effective, but you lose 1% of the CPS overall.
  • Drowsyfern: By planting this, you forfeit the potential to receive 5% of cookies every click and 10% of the golden cookie. It increases CPS by 3%.
  • Doughshroom: This plant can develop other adjacent plants in addition to producing CPS for up to five minutes.
  • Juicy Queenbeat: If you harvest at maturity, it provides you with a sugar lump but lowers the CPS by 10% and reduces the effectiveness of the plants in a 3×3 grid by 20%.
  • Duketaters: If picked at maturity, it provides 2 hours of CPS.
  • Queenbeat: When harvested at maturity, it provides an additional hour of CPS. times.
  • White Chocoroot and Nurse Tulip: Harvesting a white choco root at maturity results in an additional 3 minutes of CPS and an additional 1% increase in golden cookie gains.
  • Tidygrass: It makes sure that the tiles in 5×5 areas surround the plant, not allowing the weeds or fungus to grow.
  • Fool’s Bolete: It reduces gains from golden cookies by 5% and the overall value of golden cookies by 2%. However, there is a 2% higher probability of seeing the golden biscuits.
  • Everyday: Its immortality makes it more useful in particular garden arrangements.
  • Whiskerbloom: It boosts the effects of milk by.2%.
  • Chimerose: It increases your gains and frequency by 1%.
  • Nursetulip: It reduces your CPS by 2% while increasing the productivity of plants in a 3×3 grid by 20%.
  • Cheapcap: It lowers the cost of the structures and improvements by 0.2%.

Garden Soil

Cookie Clicker Garden Garden Soil

  • Dirt: Dirt is the base soil that comes with the game as soon as it’s unlocked. Each tick of your plots takes five minutes, and it doesn’t change any of the base rates.
  • Fertilizer: Fertilizer speeds up your ticks, making them only take three minutes each. There’s a 20 percent boost to growth at the cost of 25 percent of your efficiency.
  • Clay: Clay is the next available planting medium. It slows your ticks so that they take fifteen minutes each but boosts your efficiency by 25 percent.
  • Pebbles: Pebbles return your ticket to five minutes, reduce your growth by 90 percent and reduce your effectiveness by 75 percent. However, you get a 35 percent chance to harvest seeds automatically when your plants are dying. T
  • Wood Chips: Wood Chips are perfect for players who are chasing mutations.

Garden and Seed Strategies

While working towards obtaining mutations and discovering new seeds in Cookie Clicker’s Garden Mini-Game, it’s important to maintain a strategic approach. Focusing too much on acquiring new plant varieties may hinder overall progress in the game.

To increase the chances of obtaining desired mutations while still maintaining a high Cookies per Second (CpS), players can implement various strategies.

These strategies can include careful cultivation of plants, monitoring the growth stages of plants, and choosing mutations that complement overall gameplay goals.

By balancing mutation acquisition and overall progress, players can maximize their success in the Garden Mini-Game.

1. Farms and Upgrades

To obtain the most mutations possible in Cookie Clicker’s Garden Mini-Game, it’s essential to have access to as many plot spaces and soil types as possible.

Upgrading the Garden Mini-Game early with sugar lumps can increase plot size and prioritize soil type unlocks.

Aim to reach the maximum plot size of 6×6 at level nine for optimal results.

Soil types are unlocked with the number of farms, so focus on obtaining 200 farms before starting the Garden Mini-Game.

Utilizing different soils can increase growth rates, mutation rates, and plant maturity time.

Using Fertilizer while plants are growing can speed up maturity, and switching to Wood Chips once they’re grown can increase the mutation rate of plants, leading to more new varieties.

2. Plant Pricing

While purchasing plants may seem like a quick way to generate mutations, it can harm overall gameplay progression and Cookies per Second (CpS).

Avoid buying plants during CpS bonuses to prevent increased plant costs. Instead, consider planting during Wrath Cookie or other effects that reduce CpS to get mutations with less CpS loss.

3. Sacrifice Garden

Once all seeds have been unlocked in the Garden Mini-Game, it may seem counterintuitive to start from scratch.

However, the Sacrifice Garden option provides an achievement that can help gather milk more quickly and boost future garden production.

This option only becomes available after all seeds have been unlocked, so take advantage of it for optimal rewards.

Planting Plan

Consider a 6×6 plot drawn on paper and get to planning.

Plant one of the kinds necessary for mutation in A2, A5, C5, D2, F2, and F5. Create a second plant row in B2, B5, E2, and E5. This will result in two cross-shapes and two lines should. There will be plenty of unoccupied squares where new plants and mutations can flourish.

Plant in A2, B2, C2, E2, F2, A5, B5, C5, E5, and F5 if you want to gain mutations from a plant that only needs one variety to mutate.

For the majority of plant species, this configuration ought to work except:

  • For Everdaisy, in alternate rows, plant Tidygrass and Elerwort leaving the last row empty.
  • For growing Juicy Queenbeets, start by planting Queenbeets in the entire 1st,3rd, 4th and 6th column. Now plant it in the A2, C2, D2, F2, A5, C5, D5 and F5 spaces.
  • Lastly, for growing Shriekbulb, plant either Duke Tater plants or Ekderwort in alternate rows.

Quick Planting

Hold down shift when you select a seed to plant it multiple times in different plots. If you don’t, you’ll have to click it to choose it before each plot you plant it in.

Unlocking all the seeds in the Garden Minigame of Cookie Clicker can give you substantial CpS gains, help you get more golden cookies, or even boost your passive effects.

Remember that your garden plots will grow as you continue to upgrade your Farms, so save your Sugar Lumps to help make more space for more mutations.

Just don’t use Sacrifice Garden until you’re ready to lose all your seeds and start from scratch — even though you’ll gain a lot of Sugar Lumps for your trouble.


cookie clicker

What Is the Best Seed in Cookie Clicker?

akeberry seed is one of the best seeds in Cookie Clicker for quickly getting lots of cookies. It can provide a boost of up to 100% CPS (cookies per second) increase when fully mature, and when planted in an entire field, it can generate cookies quickly.

However, it should be noted that different players may have different opinions on which seed is the best depending on their playing style and strategy.

Do You Keep Your Seeds when You Ascend?

When you ascend in Cookie Clicker, your garden plants are reset, but you get to keep all the seeds you’ve unlocked. So while you lose any progress made on the plants themselves, you do get to keep the seeds you’ve earned and unlocked.

What Is the Secret Name in Cookie Clicker?

Open Sesame is the control panel for Cookie Clicker. It can be opened with a console command, or by changing the name of your bakery. Opening this panel will secretly award the player the “Cheated cookies taste awful” Shadow Achievement for cheating in cookies, even if the panel’s functions are not actually ever used

How Do You Unlock All Plants in Cookie Clicker?

To unlock all the plants in Cookie Clicker, you need to grow and harvest various plants in the garden minigame. Here are some of the plants and how to unlock them:

  • Bakeberry: Unlocked at farming level 1.
  • Chocoroot: Unlocked at farming level 1.
  • White Chocoroot: Unlocked at farming level 1.
  • Thumbcorn: Unlocked at farming level 2.
  • Cronerice: Unlocked at farming level 3.
  • Gildmillet: Unlocked at farming level 5.
  • Elderwort: Unlocked at farming level 7.

You can also use sugar lumps to unlock various upgrades for the plants which can increase their efficiency or add new features. Note that there is no cheat code to instantly unlock all the plants and their upgrades.

What Is the Best Building in Cookie Clicker?

Some buildings that are generally considered strong and helpful for generating more cookies per second (CPS) include Prism, Shipment, and Alchemy Lab, as they provide a high CPS boost relative to their cost.

Upgrading buildings and purchasing certain upgrades can further increase their efficiency and contribution to CPS.

Ultimately, the best building to invest in can depend on various factors, such as the player’s current CPS, available resources, and goals in the game.

Final Words

In Cookie Clicker, sugar lumps are a valuable but slow-growing resource that can aid in various ways, such as upgrading farms and boosting Cookies per Second (CPS). It’s crucial to preserve sugar lumps for these purposes to maximize their benefits.

A higher CPS can lead to more golden cookies, which provide valuable rewards.

With the help of this easy guide, players can navigate the Cookie Clicker Garden Mini-Game journey and unlock various rewards by carefully cultivating plants, strategizing mutations, and utilizing available resources.

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