Do Doorbell Cameras Record All the Time? Smart Locks Guide for 2022

You can’t imagine your smart home’s high-level security without a video doorbell camera.

It records the events in front of your door and you can get a notification whenever someone comes ahead of the door.

So, even if no one is at home, there is no problem at all as you can observe what’s happening around your main door on your smartphone whenever you want.

But one question arises in our mind that all the video doorbell cameras record all the time?

Truthfully, the answer to this question will be both yes and no, however, to know details, read the whole article.

How Video Recording on Doorbell Cameras Work?

Video recording on doorbell cameras is captured in three ways; Event-based recording, Schedule-based recording, and Continuous recording.

But all the doorbell cameras don’t feature these three methods. However, here are given details about how video doorbell cameras work.

  • Event-based recording (EBR)

Most of the video doorbell cameras work on the Event-Based Recording principle that means the doorbells record video only when they detect any event (motion or movement).

These types of doorbells are designed with motion detector features that help the doorbell trigger instantly and record that exact event when any movement is detected.

This method is more preferable and most of the video doorbell camera manufacturers produce doorbells on this EBR principle so that none needs to go through long recordings.

Even the Event-Based Recording capability system is relatively more energy efficient and you can easily locate the exact event that occurred.

Besides, most doorbells allow users to watch the live view and you can turn your doorbell’s camera on via your smartphone app to watch the real-time view when you need to.

  • Schedule-Based Recording (SBR)

The Schedule-Based Recording system on the video doorbell is such a feature by which you can set a schedule of when you want to record the events on your doorbell camera.

When the set time arrives, the doorbell camera starts video recording, and when the schedule ends the camera stops recording.

  • Continuous Video Recording (CVR)

This is such a mode that helps doorbell cameras to record all the time. That means the video doorbell cameras that come with the Continuous Video Recording feature remain always on and continuously  (24/7) record all the events and store the recordings to the cloud storage or other storage options.

So, Do Doorbell Cameras Record All the Time?

No, doorbell cameras except a few ones don’t record all the time as most video doorbell cameras are designed for event-based recording.

In fact, the home security cameras are designed to record all the time 24/7, but when it comes to video doorbells they don’t need to record all the time at all as doorbell cameras’ main purpose is to notify when someone comes.

But if you want to record all the events 24/7 then you should look for security cameras that are adjusted to do so.

Why Are Doorbell Cameras Not Always Recording?

There are some reasons behind doorbell cameras not always recording and among them, the main reason is doorbell cameras are not designed with enough capacity to store the recording files.

Because if the doorbell cameras come with the Continuous Video Recording (CVR) feature, they must have much storage capacity to save the videos and their price also must be higher, which may create an imbalance between the features and cost.

For instance, a 1080 P 1-minute long video recording could be approximately 140+MB and 1 720P 1 minute video recording could be 100MB+. So think about the 1 hour 1080P or 720P video recording that could consume how much storage?

Besides, the biggest thing is that smart doorbell cameras don’t require to have this feature essentially because people usually use doorbell cameras to see exactly who comes before the door.

So, it’s enough to have the movement recording feature (EBR, Event-Based Recording)on the doorbell cameras and if anyone wants to record all the time, then it’s better to look for security cameras as they are featured to record 24 hours.

Besides, most doorbell cameras are conducted with battery life power and that’s why always recording might be quite tough as it also requires a lot of energy consumption.

Are There Doorbell Cameras That Support Continuous Video Recording?

Unfortunately, the most renowned video doorbell cameras in the market, including Ring and Arlo, also don’t offer Continuous Recording yet.

Most smart doorbell cameras allow event-based recording as they are featured with motion sensors that only trigger the camera when any movement is detected.

Besides, You may check this article “How to Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription ( A Complete Solution)”!

So far there is one doorbell camera that supports CVR (Continuous Video Recording) and that’s nothing but the Nest Hello Video Doorbell.

The Nest Cam Hello Doorbell allows 24/7 recordings and to watch the 24/7 record history, you must be the subscriber of an active Nest Aware Plus account.

Are Doorbell Cameras That Are Always Recording Worth It?

In fact, people use smart video doorbells to get notified when someone arrives in front of the door, so doorbell models don’t need to record 24-hour events.

Basically, typical doorbell cameras are designed with usual features like two-way talk, event-based recording, google home, real-time talk, and more features.

But if someone wants to view the 24 hours recording history, then the doorbell cameras like the Nest Doorbells that always record are indeed worth it for them.

But keep in mind that if you want to use doorbell cameras that can record all the 24-hour events, you have to be a subscriber of the available subscription plan.


So, the doorbell cameras except for the Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell record the main events (movements of someone) and that’s enough I think for the doorbell cameras.

Because the doorbell cameras are not designed like the security cameras that record all the events of 24 hours and that’s why if you look for the doorbell that can also record like the security camera you should choose the Nest Hello Doorbell.

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