10 Best Fan Control Software For Windows – Keep Your PC Cool

Best Fan Control Software

Do your CPU fan start spinning at greater RPMs by default when you open many tabs in your browser or play your favorite game? The RPM of the CPU fan is generally determined by the load on your computer, but if it goes wild, it can cause the system to become noisy. Fortunately, there are free apps known as fan control software that you may use to change the speed of the CPU or GPU fan on a Windows PC. This fan controller program can alter the fan speed based on the temperature of the system.

Here are our recommendations for the finest fan control software for Windows 10 and 11, which will allow you to easily and quickly set the unique fan curve.

Should You Lower Fan Speed If CPU Fans Are Noisy?

If you’re continually hearing the loud, obnoxious sound of CPU fans, it’s because the computer is overheating. Several games (such as Division 2) and editing software (such as Adobe Premiere) place additional strain on the CPU and GPU. They consume more energy, produce more heat, and make more noise.

That’s where PC fans come in; they’re designed to remove heat from the system, preventing the CPU from overheating and perhaps causing hardware damage. A desktop computer typically has three fans: a main chassis/case fan, a CPU fan, and a power supply fan. All of the fans work together to keep your computer cool.

The computer’s fans run on their own, but their speed is controlled by sensors on the motherboard.

When the temperature rises, these sensors detect heat and tell the computer’s fans to speed up.

But, if your computer fan makes a loud noise, the CPU fan speed controller program uses these sensors to allow you to change the speed. This is why you require fan control software.

PC Fan Speed Controllers

PC Fan Speed Controllers

Fan Controller Best Use Platform Price
SpeedFan ★★★★★ Control CPU fans speed, and laptop fan speed, and monitor system temperature Windows Desktop PC/Laptop Free
Corsair Link 4 ★★★ All in one tool to manage corsair products, Control CPU and GPU fan speed, AIO cooler fan, case fan Windows Desktop PC Free
MSIAfterburner ★★★★★ Safely overclock PC, Control CPU fan speed, GPU fan speed Windows Desktop PC/Android Free
Argus Monitor ★★★★★ Create customized fan curve, Control CPU and GPU fan speed Windows Desktop PC/Laptop Free / $3.90 per year
Easy Tune 5 ★★★★ Control CPU cooler fan, Overclocking utility Windows Desktop PC/Laptop Free
ASUS AI Suite ★★★★★ Control ASUS Motherboard fans Windows Desktop PC Free
MacFanControl ★★★★★ Best Laptop fan speed control, Change fan speed via the slider Windows Desktop PC/macOS MacBook Free / $24.95
smcFanControl ★★★★★ Control individual case fan and CPU fan, easily increase fan speed macOS MacBook Air/mini/Pro Free
Zotac Firestorm ★★★★ Control graphics card and its fans Windows 10/11 OS Free

Fan Control by Rem0o

A focused and highly adjustable Windows fan-control app. If you play video games, you should keep an eye on your computer’s temperature.

Rem0o’s Fan Control includes a variety of fan curve options.

You may also check the maximum, minimum, and average CPU/GPU temperatures directly from the main interface. Several profiles can be saved, edited, and loaded.

Best CPU Fan Control Software For Windows 11/10 PC

This Windows PC fan speed control software is open-source freeware. If you need a laptop fan speed controller, these tools can be as useful.

1. SpeedFan For Windows PC

CPU Fan Speed Control Software For Intel

On our list, Speedfan is the best CPU fan control program. It is the most well-known PC monitoring software. You may check the fan speed of your computer and, if necessary, execute a CPU fan speed test.

You may also read system voltage, HDD temperature, and motherboard temperature. Speedfan users may also monitor CPU temperature.

S.M.A.R.T. or SCSI sensors are used by Speedfan to gain access to important information. SpeedFan instantly scans your PC after you download it and run the setup. You can see the computer fan speed RPM on one side and the CPU temperature on the other.

When you check the automated fan speed box, this fan control program will regulate the CPU fan speed as well as the case fan speed. When this tool add-in system tray is minimized, you can easily hover on the taskbar to check HDD or CPU temperature.

If you want to modify the computer fan speed manually, click the “Configure” button to find the “option” and then the “advance” tab, and then use the up and down arrows to control the computer fan speed.

You can also choose whether to display the PC temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. You may also use your HDD to perform a fitness performance test. Speed Fan is the best Windows 10 PC fan speed controller app.

2. Corsair Link 4 For Windows PC

Brand Specific Fan Control For PC

If you have a Corsair CPU fan installed in your system, you should utilize the corsair link PC fan control software. The Corsair Link 4 software is both a PC monitor and a hardware monitor.

You can monitor CPU temperature, HDD temperature, CPU load, and manage PC fan speed. Corsair link is designed for computers that use a Corsair hydro series liquid CPU cooler. However, rest assured that the Corsair Link works perfectly in other systems as well.

Download Corsair Link 4, run it, and you will see a simplified system summary. If you believe your computer is overheating, the Corsair Link 4 can assist you in changing the CPU fan speed. Using this PC fan control software, you can set the fan speed to 100% or less.

The corsair background displays an image of the Computer casing, but you can replace it to whatever custom image you choose. Again, the finest PC fan controller software for Windows OS is Corsair Link 4. You may also use the Corsair application on your laptop PC to monitor and adjust the fan speed.

3. MSI Afterburner For Windows

Control Fan in MSI Gigabyte ASRock AMD CPU

MSI Afterburner

MSI afterburner is the third-best CPU fan control software for Windows 10. This software is designed specifically for overclocking. The overclocker can benchmark their PC and test its capabilities, but it is not limited to that. Download the MSI fan control software to monitor CPU and GPU temperatures, as well as manage fan speed, GPU voltage, memory utilization, frequency, and FPS.

It’s the greatest GPU overclocking program with an on-screen real-time monitor. You can see how the graphs change as the temperature of your computer fluctuates. The GPU/CPU readings are precise. If you alter the core parameters or fan speed, save the changes in 5 profiles.

You don’t have to be a computer expert to modify the speed of your computer’s fans. Simply grab the bar that appears beneath the fan speed tab and drag it to the desired position. If your PC overheats while running applications, raise the speed of your laptop fan to keep it from overheating. If you need fan control software for your laptop, MSI afterburner is a fantastic option.

4. Argus Monitor For Windows

Reliable Windows 10 Fan Control

Argus Monitor

Another excellent CPU fan control app for Windows 10 that allows you to immediately modify the speed of your computer. The Argus monitor is a straightforward gadget created by a German business. It can perform all that other fan speed controller software can do plus a few extras.

This PC fan controller software displays all of your system’s sensor data, such as HDD temperatures, GPU temperature, CPU temperature, and so on, but the most impressive feature is its fan control function.

Argus Monitor is quite simple to use. Each PC fan can be regulated independently, and you can choose from a variety of input elements for your PWM fan curves, such as CPU temperature or average GPU temperature.

You may also save and even export your fan control settings in case your operating system needs to be reinstalled. This PC fan control software is also quite customizable, with both a classic and a dark theme.

You can track anything you want in the Windows tray area without having to deal with obnoxious gadgets lingering around your desktop or its edges. The Argus Monitor pro edition is also available for only 8 euros per year.

After a year, you will no longer receive updates, but you can continue to use the PC fan control software for as long as you wish with your one-time payment.

5. EasyTune 5 For Windows PC

Best Laptop Fan Speed Controller

Aorus Gigabyte Easy Tune

EasyTune 5 is another excellent fan control application for Windows 10. The interface of this app is simple to use. EasyTune 5 is an overclocking application, but it now includes fan control options for Windows 10 users. This tool can manage all types of fans, including CPU fans, case fans, laptop fans, and HDD fans.

You can also utilize its fine-tuning to improve and regulate the Windows operating system’s system, voltages, and memory timings. When used to its full potential, this CPU fan controller can keep the ideal CPU temperature at 60 degrees Celsius.

EasyTune 5 includes a smart-fan control feature that allows you to control the fan speed of the CPU and North-Bridge Chipset cooling fans. It also checks system status to ensure PC health and has an overclocking tool to enhance system performance.

It is a free PC fan control software that has an easy-to-use interface and works with all Windows versions.

6. ASUS AI Suite 3 For Windows

ASUS Motherboard Fan Control Software

If you’re looking for an Asus laptop fan control tool for Windows 10, it’s probably because you have an ASUS motherboard. Then you should get AI Suite 3 for Windows. It’s a free utility for controlling fans linked to an ASUS motherboard.

AI Suite 3 performs a variety of duties, including monitoring system status, and CPU temperature, and integrating with ASUS software, making it simple to access ASUS hardware through the unified software.

Fan Xpert 4 is a key function in the AI Suite 3 that allows you to control all of the fans connected to the motherboard. You can adjust the CPU fan speed or modify it to your liking.

7. Zotac Firestorm For Windows

Zotac Firestorm

The Zotac Firestorm is another top fan control program for Windows 11 & 10 on our list. The Zotac Firestorm is more than just fan control software; it also includes GPU overclocking capabilities.

This application is incredibly simple to use because all of its choices are displayed in a straightforward layout. You may quickly configure a custom fan curve, modify the RGB lights on your graphics card, and monitor its performance.

The main limitation of this program is that it solely regulates GPU fan speed. Download SpeedFan if you want to control the CPU fan.

But, if you need to manage the fan speed of your graphics card, this is great software to have.

8. Mac Fan Control For Mac

Notebook Fan Control

Get Mac fan control software if you want fan control software with an easy-to-use UI. This CPU fan control is compatible with both Windows and macOS. But, in order to use this PC fan controller, you must first download Boot Camp.

The best monitoring program for Mac is this fan controller software. CPU temperature may be monitored on both Windows and Mac. It is the finest remedy for Mac Overheating or for people who are constantly bothered by noisy CPU fans. You can also use this CPU fan control on the laptop to modify the fan speed conveniently.

When you launch the Mac Fan Control program, you’ll notice that it displays all fans on one side and various components on the other. If you want to alter the mac fan speed then click on the “Custom” button use the slider to adjust the CPU fan speed or intake fan and then click “ok”.

9. smcFanControl For Mac

PSU & Case Fan Controller

SMC Fan Control for Mac

smcFanControl is our final CPU fan control software. This fan control program provides everything you need to modify the speed of your CPU fan or laptop fan. If you wish to deal with heat issues on your Mac, download smcFanControl.

This free program allows users to modify the speed of CPU fans and main computer fans individually. All built-in fans are set to a low speed, which might lead to overheating. To address this issue, download SMC fan control for mac and adjust the minimum fan speed.

It is true that current Mac gadgets consume more power. The burning is palpable on your thighs. The common explanation is that they contain compact yet advanced hardware. The SMC fan control for mac is a viable solution to these problems.

These are the top nine best PC fan speed control software options for Windows 11/10 PCs, laptops, and macOS. These instruments deliver precise readings. All of these tools are simple to use. Even a novice can alter the CPU fan speed.


Fan Control Software For Windows

Is it safe to use fan control software on my computer?

Yes, it is safe to use fan control software on your computer as long as you download it from a trusted source. These programs are specifically designed to modify the speed of your computer’s fans based on the temperature of the system, which can help prevent overheating and potential hardware damage.

Can I use fan control software on my laptop?

Yes, you can use fan control software on your laptop. In fact, some of the fan control software mentioned in this article is specifically designed for laptops, such as MacFanControl and SpeedFan.

Will use fan control software damage my computer’s fans?

No, using fan control software should not damage your computer’s fans as long as you use it properly. It is important to not set the fan speed too low, as this can cause overheating, and to not set it too high, as this can cause unnecessary noise and wear on the fans.

Do I need to have the advanced technical knowledge to use fan control software?

No, you do not need to have advanced technical knowledge to use fan control software. Most of the software mentioned in this article have easy-to-use interfaces and simple controls that allow even beginners to adjust fan speeds.

Are there any free fan control software options available?

Yes, many of the fan control software options mentioned in this article are free, such as SpeedFan, MSIAfterburner, and smcFanControl. However, some may offer additional features for a fee, such as Argus Monitor’s pro version, which costs 3.90 euros per year.


Managing the fan speed of your computer is crucial to prevent overheating and ensure that your system runs smoothly. A variety of fan control software is available, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

From SpeedFan to Mac Fan Control and everything in between, these programs offer a simple way to adjust your CPU and GPU fan speed and manage your system temperature.

With these tools, you can avoid noisy fans and keep your computer operating at peak efficiency.

Whether you’re a gamer or a professional, having a reliable fan control program installed on your Windows 10/11 or macOS system is a must.

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