Having A Smartwatch: Is It Worth the Money?

It seems like every day we are being introduced to new technologies and suddenly everyone jumps on the bandwagon and they become a must-have for ease in daily life. Smartwatches started as digital watches with some extra features and connectivity with your smartphone. But seeing the possibilities, smartwatches became a domain in itself. Now, there are hundreds of options available under the filter of smartwatches which range from high-end options to low-end options. Generally, the main features of all smartwatches are the same, but there is a big difference between low-end smartwatches and high-end ones.

Here we will discuss that if owning a smartwatch is worth the money.

Internet Connection

Most high-end smartwatches can connect to the internet connection through Wi-Fi. This allows you to send and receive messages right from your smartwatch. In most cases, these smartwatches also get access to an internet connection through your smartphone.

For smooth maneuvering of a smartwatch, why not get a reliable internet connection? We recommend Xfinity for providing internet to your smartphone and smartwatch. Even when the battery of your phone dies down, you can use the internet on your smartwatch. Reach out to Xfinity customer service at https://www.localcabledeals.com/xfinity/customer-service for more information.

Fitness Tracking

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Generally, all smartwatches have the purpose to help you track your fitness and activity level. Just like your smartphone, the smartwatch keeps on tracking the number of footsteps you take. You can set a target for the daily number of footsteps and use your smartwatch to keep an eye on your progress. Not only does this give you insight into your activity level but it also helps you achieve your daily goals.

Furthermore, high-end smartwatches have the ability to track various other activities too, such as running, swimming, cycling, hiking, treadmill, elliptical trainer, curling, and many more. The extent to which your watch can track your activity and the number of activities depends on what kind of watch you have.

These watches help you keep track of how many calories you have burnt in a day or during a specific workout, they monitor your activity level and correlate with your heart rate and then calculate how many calories you have burnt.


The smartwatches come with features that are helpful for personal health. You can use your watch to keep an eye on your heart rate, body mass composition, stress level, noise pollution, and other such features which a person can use to monitor their health state.

Some smartwatches come with emergency features as if you experience a trauma such as a fall due to any medical reason, the watch can access and will inform your emergency contacts and share details of your location.

It is advised that the data you receive on your smartwatch is not an actual diagnosis of any disease or ailment. It is just for general health. In case you are concerned about your health, it is better to consult your doctor.


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Smartwatches have made it easy for you to receive notifications on your wrist without needing to use your phone. You can check your messages and calls on your watch and even respond to them. The main reason for having a smartwatch is so you can easily access your mobile phone and its notifications without having to use your phone.


When you buy a watch, you do not have the option to customize its dial. The interface or dial of the watch is always a constant, but with a smartwatch, there are thousands of dials and interfaces that you can choose from. You can pick anyone according to your mood and personality. The wide range of customization is definitely worth considering a smartwatch over a normal watch.

Smartphone on Wrist

Basically, a smartwatch is almost your smartphone which you can access from your wrist. You can choose to opt for notifications that you want to receive. For example, if you get a notification on Whatsapp, it will pop up on your smartwatch and you will be able to know what someone had sent and who had sent the message. In addition to this, you will also be able to know immediately if your crush likes your Instagram photograph (now, we are sure that must have been something you have been awaiting. ) Alongside, provided you would be wearing earphones, you would also be able to see who is calling and receive the call without even having to take out your phone. Once you have placed your phone on the side table before going to sleep, you might not want to pick it up again to set up an alarm. In that case, know that you can easily set up an alarm on the smartphone you have on your wrist! All in all, a smartwatch is indeed something that can perform a lot of the functions that are usually performed by smartphones. This resembles how at one point it was realized that a smartphone could do anything that a personal computer did.

Fashion Statement

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Watches have always been a fashion statement as well as an accessory. Now smartwatches have taken their place in the same category. Smartwatches not only aim to be a multi-purpose piece of hardware but they are also becoming a big fashion statement. Companies are trying to make their watches stand out. You can choose a watch according to your liking.

Final Verdict: Is It Worth the Money?

Keeping in view all the features and usage, smartwatches are definitely worth the money. The whole purpose of technology is to make life easier and smartwatches do the same. They take away the hassle of having to use your smartphone and it brings your smartphone on your wrist. Smartwatches also provide many extra features which aren’t available on your smartphone. If you still think that smartwatches are overpriced, you can opt for a low-end smartwatch according to your need. It is understandable that not everyone needs all the features. Hence, you can go for high-end smartwatches which provide all the features, or low end to cut the cost. In the end, it is money well spent.

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