How to Check Browsing History On Your WiFi Router 2024 – Track your Internet Activity

How to Check Browsing History On Your WiFi Router

We all have a WiFi connection at home where several devices are connected to one router. So, for different reasons, we need to check the browsing history of the WiFi router. But most of us don’t even know how to check to browse history on a WiFi router.

Generally, there are different processes we can follow to check the wifi Browsing history. The process varies for systems and devices. If you are using a PC, you have to follow a particular process and a different one for Android.

However, we have tried our best to find out the simplest ways to check the browsing history on WiFi routers from different devices and systems. But first, let us disclose exactly why you may need to check the browsing history on the WiFi router.

When Will You Need to Check the WiFi Browsing History?

WiFi router‘s browsing history

There are several reasons, one might want to check the WiFi router‘s browsing history. To be honest, it’s not legal or logically appropriate to check the logs of a mature person’s data. But still, there are reasons, people are being curious about their families’ internet activities.

Most commonly, parents are curious about their kid’s internet activities and want to check their browsing history. Besides, many people are curious or worried about what their families are doing using the internet.

Also, some people lose or accidentally delete their history where they have something essential.

When something like that happens, no other way works better than checking out the wifi Browsing history.

How to Check the Browsing History on WiFi Router?

Basically, the process to check the browsing history of your WiFi is not a very difficult task.

Still, for your convenience, we have divided the entire process into parts. Here, we are sharing the easiest way to check the history. Follow the steps sequentially to get it successfully.

Step 1: Get The IP Address

To find out the browsing history, you have to first get your IP address. You will need it at a certain point in the process. Basically, you will find the IP address on the bottom part of your router. But for different reasons, you may not get it too.

Suppose, the router is faded or the written IP address is erased. What to do then? There is another way to get the address too.

If you are using Windows, you can find it in the setting option. And if you are using Mac, it will be there in the preference section.

So, as a Windows user, you have to go to the setting option and then hit on the button, Network & Internet. Next to that, you have to click on ‘View on the Network Properties’.

Here, you will get a number right under the default Gateway option. That’s the IP address.

browsing history IP address 1

There is another way to get your IP address on Windows:

  • Press Windows Key + R to launch Run.
  • Type cmd and hit enter.
  • Execute the ipconfig command to get information about the network interfaces on your device.
  • Under Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi or Local Area Connection section, you will find the Default gateway IP.

Well, let’s talk about Mac users. First, you have to hit on the Apple logo and then click on the System Preference option.

There you will find another option, named network. Right after that, you will get the option, Advance. Click on it and there you get the address right under the Router button.

Step 2: Copy the IP Address

As you get the IP address on your PC, you have to copy it. It must be a number of 8 characters. If you are collecting the number from the router’s bottom part, you don’t need to copy it anyway.

Step 3: Add the IP Address on the Web Browser

Now, you have to paste the IP address on the web browser. If you don’t copy it from the system preference or setting, you have to type the number manually that you get from the router. Once you paste or add the number, you have to press enter. It will immediately take you to a login tab.

Add the IP Address

Step 4: Sign In

The login page lets you sign in to the admin page. For that, you need to input the username and password. Don’t know the password? If you didn’t change it, it will be there in the bottom part of the router.

Step 5: View the Log on the Homepage

Generally, routers of different brands come with different homepages and layouts. So, you have to find the option of view log on the page. Once you click on it, you will get a list of sites as the IP address. The sites won’t appear as links.

If you want to find out the browsing history of a particular device, you have to find out the IP address of that device first. Then, you can check the log of the history of that particular device.

So, this is the simple process to check the Wifi router’s browsing history. This process only discloses the ways to check it on PC and Mac. The next option will show you the process of how to check WiFi router history on Android.

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How to Check WiFi Router History on Android?

If you don’t have a PC, you need to check the history of your WiFi router from your Android phone. Now, the question is if it is actually possible. Well, yes, checking the history using open DNS is indeed very easy on Android.

Basically, DNS stands for Domain Name Service. If you want to use this method on your Android device, you have to make sure that your device is compatible enough to run the DNS Server. Well, then follow the below steps for that.

Step 1: Go to the WiFi Setting Option

First, you have to go to the setting option of your Android device. Next, hit on the WiFi option. It will take you to a list of all the networks your phone is within range of.

Step 2: Network Modification Option

Now, you have to select the wifi you are connected to. For that, you were supposed to enter the password as well. But, you are not doing this.

Instead, get two options. One is for forgetting the network and the next one is about modifying the network. Here, you have to select the second option.

Network Modification Option

Step 3: Change the IP Settings

At this point, you have to change the IP settings. You will get the option on the DHCP to static. Basically, this change will let you get the menu of the DNS settings. And then, you can change the DNS settings too.

But, here is a point to remember. Generally, different models of devices have different options to get the DNS settings. For some devices, you have to even select the advanced settings too. So, find the system carefully.

Step 4: Fill the DNS Sections

Once you change the DNS settings, your device will obtain the IP address from the DHCP automatically. Now, you have to fill in the following DNS resolvers ( and The first one is for DNS 1 and the second one is for DNS 2 sections.

Step 5: Save the DNS Setting

At this point, you have to save the settings. And the saved change will initially update the DNS servers for your Android device. You can also create an account on the OpenDNS website, following the instructions given on the site.

When the Open DNS settings are saved, all the details of the router including the browsing history will be available for the admin.

How to Hide Browsing History From Wi-Fi Router?

If you are concerned about the privacy of your browsing history, you can try hiding it from your Wi-Fi router. This will prevent your internet service provider (ISP) and other devices in your home from knowing which websites you have visited. There are a few different ways to do this.

One way is to use a VPN. A VPN works by creating a secure tunnel between your computer and the VPN server, so the ISP cannot see what websites you are visiting. However, this method is not always reliable, because some VPNs have been known to log traffic information.

Another option is to use browser extensions like Privacy Badger or Ghostery. These extensions add an extra layer of security by tracking cookies and other tracking data that is sent by websites. However, these extensions can also be quite resource-intensive, so they may not be suitable for all users.

The best way to hide browsing history from your Wi-Fi router depends on the type of router that you have. If it is a standard router that uses firmware versions prior to 4.3, then you will need to change the settings manually. If your router uses firmware version 4.3 or later, then you can enable the automatic hiding of browsing history with a setting called “Do Not Track”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to block certain websites from the router setting?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to block certain websites directly from your WiFi router settings. For that, you have to block specific IP addresses of the websites from router settings using the Content Filtering option.

How can I clear my Wi-Fi router history?

You can easily clear your WiFi router’s browsing history from the setting. For that, you have to log in to the router from the web browser. Next, you need to look for an option, Clear System Log. You will initially get it in the same section where you can view your Wi-Fi history. Then, you have to clear your browser’s cache by clicking on the clear button.

How long does the router keep history?

Genuinely, a router can keep a history of around a year. But there are some high-end routers that can even keep the history of 32 months to 36 months.

Can Parents see WiFi Browsing history on the internet?

Yes, your parents can see the wifi browsing history on the internet. They can just follow the steps of how to check the browsing history on the WiFi router and check the log history. They can indeed check all the websites you have visited.


So, you have learned the easiest way to check the browsing history on a WiFi router. Before we take our leave, we love to remind you about something important and relevant. Remember that monitoring others’ browsing history, especially if the person is mature, is not legitimate and legal work.

If you are using this process for your kids’ safe internet activities, then it’s okay. Otherwise, you should give it rethink.

Thank you for your time.

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