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A common dream of the modern generation is building a gaming PC. Saying it easy, feeling it joyous but building it isn’t that easy.

Now I think you need to build a gaming PC. And that’s why you are here. But now the question is how to build a really good gaming PC?

Building a gaming PC depends on your work type and your budget. Next, you must have to buy proper items from a proper shop. And finally, the assembled part arrives. There you have to install everything, connect the output, and install the operating system.

It is a vast process. Don’t worry, we’ll help you to build any kind of gaming PC here. Now get ready and pay attention. Let’s build your gaming PC.

What Is a Gaming PC?

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Before building a gaming PC you should know exactly what a gaming PC is. A gaming PC is not only a fancy-looking computer, it means a high-performance computer. Usually when you hear the name “Gaming PC” then you think of gaming. That’s right, a gaming PC is usually used for gaming but it is also used for high-performance tasks.

Difference Between a Regular PC And a Gaming PC

If you are thinking that a gaming PC is just a fancy-looking regular PC then you are wrong. There is a huge difference between a regular PC and a gaming PC. A gaming PC means a computer built for heavy tasks and gaming at very high standards. It contains high-quality components inside it but a regular PC doesn’t. You can build a regular PC at a very low price but if you want to build a gaming PC then you have to increase your budget.

Why Do You Need a Gaming PC?

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A gaming PC is usually built for heavy gaming but you can multitask and do heavy tasks on it. If you do heavy tasks at work then a gaming PC is suitable for you. It will make your work faster and smoother.

But a gaming PC is generally built for gamers. If you are a gamer you should know that every component of a computer is very important for gaming. A gaming PC contains high-quality components in it such as a powerful CPU with more cores or a higher-level graphics card. You have to choose which type of build you need. There are two types of PC build.

Gaming Build

If you are a gamer then you need a gaming PC. The main focus for gaming PCs is increasing the frames per second. Every component of the computer matters on the frame rate.

If you are building a gaming PC then you have to pay attention to all of the PC components. That’s why building a gaming PC is much more expensive than other types of PC.

The most important thing is to choose the proper CPU. A lower CPU will decrease your gaming performance that’s why you need to choose a proper CPU. Then it comes to the graphics card.

Graphics cards are the main factor to increase your gaming performance. The higher quality GPU you use the higher performance you will gain. You need to use an SSD to have a better experience. You can overclock your CPU to have more frame rates.

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Workstation Build

If you are multitasking or any type of heavy task then you need to build a workstation for yourself. It is very similar to a gaming build that’s why you need to choose higher-level components for your PC.

To build a workstation you need to focus on processor speed and the number of cores. The more the number of cores the higher speed the CPU will have and it will let the CPU focus on the programs.

GPU plays an important role in a workstation build too. There will be some types of work that are GPU-based, having a high-quality GPU will always help you to complete them efficiently. You don’t need an SSD for a workstation but an SSD will make your computer smoother.

If you just want a PC to only browse the internet such as go to youtube, check the bank statement, or any kind of easy stuff then you don’t need a graphics card. You just need a modest CPU with integrated graphics. There is no need for an SSD, you can just go on a normal hard drive.


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Budget is really important before building a gaming PC. Here I will give you a concept of budgeting.

Low Budget

A low-budget gaming PC will cost you around $300-500. To build a low-budget gaming PC you can use a processor with 2 cores and a normal motherboard and a 2GB graphics card and 8GB RAM. You can play low speech games at 30-40 FPS on this computer.

Mid Budget

A mid-budget gaming PC will cost you around $600-800. To build a mid-budget gaming PC you can use a high-level processor with a good motherboard and 16GB of RAM and a 4-8 GB graphics card. It will let you play almost any game at high settings at a standard FPS or you can play at medium settings at a high FPS.

High Budget

A high-budget build will cost you a minimum of $1000. To build a High budget gaming PC you have to choose the best quality processors with the best quality motherboard with a minimum of 32GB RAM and an 8-16GB graphics card.

You can play any game at high settings with a baseline of 60FPS. The more higher-level components you will use the higher quality performance you will get.

Essential Components of a Gaming PC

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The central processing unit (CPU)

The processor is called the Central Processing Unit (CPU). It’s the core of a computer. To build a gaming PC, you have to choose a processor with 4-8 cores.

But if you want to build a next-level gaming PC then you can choose a processor with more than 8 cores. A processor with 6-cores is enough for sweet gaming.

There are mainly 2 types of processors in the market. They are Intel and AMD. Both of them are good processors—some people like Intel and some like AMD. You have to choose which type of CPU you want.


A motherboard is the main circuit of the computer. Every component is attached to it. Every input and output is connected to it. It holds every part and maintains the connections between every component. To build a gaming PC you have to choose a motherboard that is built strong. The motherboard should support a minimum of 64GB of RAM and it should support every kind of graphics card.

There are two types of motherboards in the market. One is Intel and the other is AMD. The motherboard type depends on the type and generation of your processor. Your motherboard should have a good VRM system. Motherboards come in 3 sizes. They are MINI-ITX, Micro-ATX, and ATX.

Memory (RAM)

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Random Access Memory (RAM) controls the speed of the computer. The higher the ram is the higher the speed will be.

It reads and writes the data of the computer but it’s temporary. When you turn off the computer, all the ram data will be gone.

RAM comes in different sizes and bus speeds. The size depends on you and the capacity of the processor and motherboard. And the bus speed depends on the processor. If your processor supports 3200MHz then your ram can’t be more than 3200MHz.

It’s not impossible to use a ram of more bus speed but it won’t work faster than 3200MHz. If you are building a gaming PC then you should use ram with heatsink technology.

Graphics processing unit (GPU)

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a specialized circuit designed to higher the picture quality and the frame rates of the computer. It’s a very important component for a gaming PC. A higher level GPU increases the gaming level so much.

FPS is so important for gaming and a GPU increases the FPS that’s why you need to use a higher-level GPU on your gaming PC.

There are 2 types of GPU in the market. One is a Graphics card and the other is a Video card. Most people use graphics cards. Graphics cards come in 1-16GB. There are 2 types of graphics cards on the market. They are GTX and RTX. It depends on you which type of graphics card you want.


Storage devices are very essential for a computer. All the data of a computer is stored on the storage device. There are two types of storage devices on the market. One is an HDD and the other one is an SSD.

An HDD is normally big and connects with the SATA cable. An HDD has low reading and writing speed but an SSD has way more reading and writing speed than an HDD. There are two types of SSD on the market.

One is 2.5 inches and the other is called m.2. The 2.5 inches SSD uses a SATA cable to connect with the motherboard and the m.2 directly attaches to the motherboard. There is AHCI and NVME technology used in SSD.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

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The Power Supply Unit (PSU) is the main power source of a computer. It connects with the motherboard through a 24-pin cable. It powers the processor through a 4/8pin cable and it powers the GPU with a 6/8pin cable.

The power capacity of the PSU depends on how much power you need to run the computer. If the power supply is less than your need then it can damage your motherboard and GPU.

System Cooling

The cooling system matters so much to the performance. The cooler the components are the higher the performance you will get. You can use a CPU cooler and casing fans. The CPU cooler decreases the temperature of the processor and the casing fans cool down the other components.

There are 2 types of CPU coolers on the market. One is an air cooler and the other is AIO. The air coolers are directly mounted on the processor and the AIO uses a liquid cooling system to cool down the heat of the processor.

There is another cooling technology available on the market. It is called a cooling water system. In this technology, The processor and the GPU are connected with pipes, the pipes carry liquid in them and the pipes connect to the AIO. It depends on you which kind of technology you want to use on your computer.


The case is the home of every input of a computer. It’s important to choose a good quality case for your computer. The casings cooling system matters to the performance of a computer. There are many sizes of casing on the market.

The size of the case depends on your motherboard. Every size of motherboard fits in an ATX case but it’s impossible to fit an ATX motherboard in a micro-ATX case.

The casing also matters in the look of your computer. If you are building a gaming PC then you may want a fancy look for your computer that’s why you need to choose the right case for your computer but don’t forget to take a good look at the features.


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For gaming, you will need a monitor with a minimum 75hz refresh rate and a response time of a maximum of 1ms. A 24-27 inch monitor is best for gaming.

The resolution of the monitor depends on your use, if you are gaming at a 4k resolution then you will need a 2160 monitor but a 1440p monitor is enough for a gamer.


If you are a gamer, you will need a mechanical keyboard but if you don’t like noise then you can choose a membrane keyboard. The keyboard must be a gaming-type keyboard because they are built for gaming.


For gaming, you will need a really good gaming mouse. There are many kinds of mouse on the market. For gaming, a mouse with 6 programmable buttons and a maximum of 16000 dpi is perfect. The cable of the mouse should be USB 2.1 or higher and it must be lightweight.


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An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) gives a computer power backup when the main power is off. It’s an emergency power source used to protect the computer from short circuits caused by power failures.

It contains a large battery inside it, it recharges the battery when the power is on and gives backup to the computer in an emergency. You will find many kinds of UPS on the market. Which power supply you choose depends on how much backup time you want from it.

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