How To Check Twitch Chat Logs – Easy Guide 2024

tips To Check Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch experienced a massive surge of users when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the world. Now, over 30 million people use the nifty online application to watch live streams of their favorite content and games.

All that said, navigating Twitch as a newbie can be a little confusing. So, if this is your first time on the platform, naturally you’d wonder how you can check your chat logs.

To make things easier for you, we’ve created this easy guide for how to view chat logs for both users and streamers. We also answer a couple of user FAQs for good measure.

Twitch is a live streaming platform primarily used for video game streaming but also hosts other types of content, such as music, talk shows, and creative content. It was launched in 2011 and has since become one of the largest live-streaming platforms in the world, with millions of daily users and thousands of content creators.

Users can create an account on Twitch for free and start streaming their own content, or they can watch streams from other users. The platform allows for real-time interaction between viewers and streamers through a chat feature, enabling users to engage in conversations and ask questions while watching a stream.

What Are Twitch Chat Logs? 

What Exactly Are Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch chat logs are records of the chat messages that are sent during a live stream on the Twitch platform. These logs contain a record of all the messages sent by viewers during the live stream, along with information about the sender and the time the message was sent.

Twitch chat logs can be useful for a variety of purposes, including content moderation, analyzing viewer engagement, and understanding audience behavior.

For example, streamers can use chat logs to monitor chat messages and ensure that their chat rules are being followed, or to identify trends in chat activity that could help them improve their content.

Chat logs are also used by Twitch to enforce community guidelines and policies. If a user violates the community guidelines, moderators can review the chat logs to gather evidence and take appropriate action.

It’s worth noting that chat logs are considered private data and are protected under Twitch’s privacy policy. Accessing chat logs without permission or using them for unauthorized purposes can be a violation of Twitch’s terms of service and may result in account suspension or termination.

Why Monitor Twitch Chat Logs?

Monitoring Twitch chat logs can be important for several reasons:

Remove offensive comments

Remove offensive comments on Twitch

As we discussed, by checking the chat log, you can filter out abusive or harmful comments and remove them. You can also ban the viewer who commented abusively from your stream. Permanently remove the nasty remarks and ban the people who do this because Twitch might charge your channel if it notices this behaviour.

Critique moderator activities

We all know no one is perfect, and people make mistakes. You can use these chat logs to ensure that your twitch stream moderators make the right decisions for your chat. Sometimes they might make wrong decisions that might impact your channel, so always review their decisions.

Meter audience responses

Meter audience responses on Twitch

To understand what your viewers like and don’t, you have to go through the chat logs and study their reactions. Most viewers will give their honest opinion while watching streams because they are probably watching the stream from far away, and they won’t know what you will feel while reading that message.

Recognize your most loyal viewers

There are always some kind souls who always watch your stream and try to interact with you the most. Identify and thank them by using these chat logs. You can quickly know the most loyal viewers by going through the chat logs after every stream.

Gain insights

You can ask questions to your viewers while streaming and read the answers later by using these chat logs. This way, you can interact with the streamers and know what they like the most about your stream and their dislikes.

Understand audience behavior

If you have recently started streaming and cannot figure out what people like to watch, you can try doing different things and analyze your viewers’ reactions during the stream. Let’s say you are a gaming streamer; then, you can try playing different games and see which game your viewers like the most.

This way, you can know more about your viewers and increase your channel viewers.

How to View Twitch Chat Logs

How to View Twitch Chat Logs

As a viewer, you cannot view  chat logs for a live stream. Only the streamer and the authorized moderators have access to chat logs during the live stream. However, there are a few ways to access chat logs after a stream has ended:

1. User Search Command

This is the simplest way you can check your Twitch chat log by the user. You simply enter a command into the search bar and it’ll show you the results you need.

In this case, the command is “/user” only, instead of typing the word “user” you type the name of the user whose chat log you want to check.



This command can get you several pieces of information about a user, such as:

  • The date they made their account
  • How many messages they left on your channel and what they contained
  • How many times the server has timed them out
  • How many times they were banned
  • Comments left by Mods (moderators) about them

2. Using Third-Party Tools

The use of third-party applications like “Chatty” is widespread among streamers who want to access chat logs. This program is open-source and unrestricted. Also, it includes a large array of tools that are superior to those on Twitch’s native toolset.

With Chatty, you can search and save chat logs, making it simple to access chat history in the future. In the event that an application mistake occurs, it’s also an excellent way to back up data so you don’t lose anything crucial.

3. Video on Demand (VOD)

On Twitch, live sessions may be recorded. All you need to do is turn on your stream’s VOD functionality.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • on Twitch, visit “Creator Dashboard.”
  • Search for “Stream Options” and click it. Next to the option that reads “Save past broadcasts,” move the slider to the left.
  • Your stream will now be automatically captured and stored by Twitch on their servers.
  • You can watch the complete file and the talk minute-by-minute on your channel after it has been posted.

Because broadcasters and moderators frequently don’t have a reference to what people are saying, context can frequently be lost in chat logs.

VOD is a fantastic approach to learning more about the context of user comments. They can also see what circumstances led to certain user reactions in this way.

4. Get a Moderator

A streamer can monitor chat logs much more easily by adding a moderator. One benefit is that moderators may monitor discussions in real-time and take swift action against hecklers and other troublemakers.

Also, it enables streamers to concentrate on what is more crucial. Simply click the sword icon at the bottom of your screen to take control of a Livestream. By doing so, “Moderator View” will be activated, making the Live Chat visible only to you and the broadcaster.


How to View Twitch Chat Logs fag

Does Twitch Store Chat Information?

Yes, it does store chat information for a period of time after a live stream has ended. The chat logs are stored on Twitch servers and can be accessed by the streamer and authorized moderators.

Twitch stores chat logs for a period of up to 14 days after a live stream has ended, after which they are deleted. However, if the streamer or moderators flag a chat message or user, the chat logs associated with that message or user may be stored for a longer period as part of it’s moderation and enforcement processes.

How to View Logs for Other Channels?

As a viewer, you cannot view Twitch chat logs for other channels without the streamer’s permission. The chat logs are considered private data and are protected under Twitch’s privacy policy.

Streamers and moderators have access to the chat logs for their own channels, but they do not have access to chat logs for other channels unless they are authorized to do so. For example, if a streamer is a moderator for another channel, they may have access to the chat logs for that channel.

Can Chat VoDs Be Accessed Indefinitely?

No, it does not store chat VODs indefinitely. Chat VODs (Video on Demand) are recorded versions of a live stream that include the chat messages sent during the live stream.

Twitch stores chat VODs for a limited period of time, typically up to 14 days after the live stream has ended. After this period, the chat VOD is no longer available for viewing, and the chat messages are deleted.

Can You Download Twitch Chat Logs?

Yes, it is possible to download Twitch chat logs for a specific stream or channel using third-party tools or browser extensions. These tools allow users to generate a log file that can be downloaded and analyzed.

One popular tool for downloading Twitch chat logs is Chatty, which is a Java-based chat client that can be used to download and save chat logs. Other tools include Twitch Chat Downloader, Twitch Tools, and Twitch Chat Exporter.

Can I Share Chat Logs with Others?

Sharing Twitch chat logs with others without permission can be a violation of Twitch’s terms of service and may result in account suspension or termination. Chat logs are considered private data and are protected under privacy policy.

If you want to share chat logs with others, it’s important to obtain permission from the streamer or authorized moderators first. Additionally, it’s essential to respect the privacy of other users in the chat and ensure that sensitive information is not shared publicly.

Remember to always abide by Twitch’s terms of service and privacy policy when accessing and sharing chat logs. Failure to do so may result in account suspension or termination.

Is It Possible to Filter Specific Chats?

Yes, that can be done using third-party chatbots. You can filter specific chats by entering keywords.


Chat logs are helpful tools that guarantee the user’s safety and the effectiveness of the content. Conversation logs can be used by streamers to maintain a cheerful and comfortable atmosphere on their channel. Also, they can utilize it to polish their writing and increase viewer appeal.

We believe that most of your inquiries about Twitch chat logs have been addressed by the answers we offered today. Please feel free to reach us on any of our social media channels if you believe we missed anything.

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