How To Find Roku TV IP Address Without Remote? – Step-by-Step Guide!

You can enhance your fun by connecting Roku tv with smart devices. You will need the IP address to connect them to Roku tv. For IP Address, you will need a remote, but is it possible to find a Roku tv IP address without a remote? If possible then how to find the Roku tv IP address without the remote?

Check through the router’s admin panel, go to the attached devices list, find Roku tv, and read the IP address in the same row in the left column under the IP address of devices.

However, you need step-by-step guidance to learn in a better way. In this article, I will teach you the simple way to find the IP address of your Roku TV.

A Guide on how to find Roku tv IP addresses without a remote?

Roku tv is one of the cost-effective ways to connect any of your screens to streaming services such as Amazon Prime, HBO, Go, HULU AND Netflix.  Following the instructions below, you can also enjoy such streaming on your smart devices.

Method 1: Through the router’s admin panel

With the help of the router’s admin panel, you can easily find the Roku tv IP addresses. Let’s know the procedures below.

How to find the Roku tv IP address through the router’s admin panel?

Top 4 steps to find Roku tv IP address:

How to find the Roku tv IP address

Step 1- Search for attached devices

Log into your account and then click on “Attached devices.”

Step 2- Check the Attached devices list

When you click on “attached devices,” you will see a list of devices connected to your wireless router.

Step 3- Locate the Roku tv

Then locate your Roku tv; you will see its name in the list of connected devices.

Step 4- Read the IP address

Finally, check the left column in the same row as your device name. You can read the Roku tv IP address.

You can fix your problem by watching Max Dalton’s Video!

Method 2: Through the Mobile device

When it comes to finding a Roku tv IP address without a remote, then the mobile device could be one of your easy ways. Let’s know the step-by-step process.

How to find Roku tv IP address through a Mobile device

If you want a quick solution, here is a simple way to locate your Roku tv IP address before a minute. Follow the below simple steps and find the correct Roku tv IP address.

Top 5 steps to find Roku tv IP address:

Roku tv IP address

Step 1 (connect your mobile phone)

First, connect your mobile phone to a similar network to which you have connected your Roku TV.

Step 2 (find the “Wi-Fi Network” and click that button)

Once connected, then go to the settings tab on your mobile phone. In the Settings menu, find “Wi-Fi Network” and click that button.

Step 3 (check the details of your wifi network)

Now check the details. When you tap on the Wi-Fi network, a screen will appear with complete details of your wifi network.

Step 4 (Find IP addresses and your phone IP address)

Here you will see the IP addresses and find your phone IP address. You can easily identify it by checking your phone. Once checked, the remaining IP address is the Roku tv IP address.

You have tried both methods, but you are not sure you have found the correct IP address. No worries, contact the Official Roku Support Page and get help from them.

Method 3: Through the Web Browser

You can easily find Roku Tv IP Address with the help of the browser here how.

How to find Roku tv IP address through the Web Browser

If you are having trouble locating your Roku TV’s IP address, you can try using a web browser.

To find your Roku TV’s IP address in a web browser, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Google the address

Open a web browser and type “” into the address bar.

Step 2 – Find your IP address

If you are viewing the Roku home screen, your IP address will be displayed at the top of the page next to “Server Address.”

Step 3 – Enjoy the Movies

If you are viewing a channel or movie, simply click on the title to start playing it.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs): Find the Roku tv IP address without remote

Find Roku tv IP address without remote

1. Does Roku TV have its IP address on the back of the TV?

No, Roku tv does not have an IP address on the back of the TV. You can know it from the router or network.

2. Is there any default IP address of the Roku TV?

No, there is no default IP address for the Roku TV. You can only find its IP address when connected to the network. Only the router can determine the IP address of the Roku Tv.

3. Can you find the Roku TV IP address with the Serial Number?

Yes, you can find the Roku IP address on the same screen as the Roku Serial number. To see its details, you must go to your Roku TV settings.

4. Why is the Roku TV IP Address not working?

It may stop working when the IP address is mismatched with the Roku device. Sometimes, your Roku device accidentally connects with your neighbors’ wifi network, so it does not work.

5. Can you find an IP Address on the Roku app?

Yes, Roku App is also helpful in finding the IP address but only if you are already connected to the app. You can download the Roku App from Google PlayStore.

Once connected, it will store the IP address that will work when you cannot find it through the device.

6. How do I access my Roku settings without a remote?

How to find Roku tv IP address through a Mobile device

To access your Roku settings without a remote, follow these steps:

1. From the Home screen, choose System > Settings.
2. On the “Main” tab, scroll down to Remote and select it.
3. On the “Remote Control” tab, under “Accessibility Options,” make sure Enable Remote Access is checked.
4. Under “General Options,” uncheck Allow Password Retrieval and enter a new password if you want to secure your settings.
5. Under “System Services,” uncheck Disable Background Transcoding and enable Show Media Files in File Explorer (if you want to be able to navigate files on your hard drive).
6. To change the language for menus and dialogs, double-click on the text in any menu or dialog box and select a language from the list that appears.

Final Verdict

Connecting Roku tv with other devices except IP addresses is impossible. It is easier to find the IP address through Remote. But if you do not have the remote, you can use the admin panel, mobile devices, and Roku app to find the IP address.

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