How to Get Cell Service In the Woods? – 7 Surprising Ways for 2024

Cell Service In the Woods

Want to travel in the woods or go camping? Well, but be sure whether your camping or woods area is available for cell services otherwise, it may be difficult to communicate due to lack of cell services.

But don’t worry!! There are some ways to get cell services in the dead zone area and here I am going to review how you can get cell service there.

The 7 Surprising Ways to Get Cell Service In the Woods

1. Switch Carriers

You have to check which cell service provider provides better coverage in your area then it’s better to use that carrier. Check the coverage map of the cell service provider you want to use.

2. Use a Cell Phone Booster

If you get lower cell signals in your area, then a cell phone signal booster can help you to get a better signal.

It will pick up cell signals from the nearer cell tower and boost the signal then distribute it to the area you need.

So, if you’re in the woods, then you may use the best cell phone booster to get better cell services.

Cell Phone Booster

3. Use Femtocell or Microcell

If the Verizon service is available in the area of your wood, then you may use femtocell or microcell. So, check the Verizon coverage map whether the area of your wood is available for the services.

4. Move to Higher Ground

As the trees and bushes block the cell signals, if you stay in the woods area, then it will be normally difficult to get good cell services.

So, you have to move to a higher ground where there will be fewer obstructions so that you can get better cell reception.

In an urgent situation if you have no cell phone booster or network extender, then you may climb up a higher place including trees to get the cell signal in your phone to contact an emergency.

trees and bushes block the cell signals

5. Find Clear Space

As the more obstacles like trees, mountains, bushes, the more blockage penetrates cell signals in your phone.

So, you have to look for an empty space in the woods area where these obstacles are comparatively less so that you can get better cell services on your phone.

6. Avoid Interruption

There are many electric devices like laptops, microwaves, refrigerators, tablets, and more that can interfere with your cell signal and you have to avoid these interrupting devices to get better cell services in your phone.

Besides, you have to hold your smartphone in a way that doesn’t cover the position where the phone antenna receives cell signals.

phone antenna receives cell signals

7. Use a Satellite Phone

If all the methods are in vain, then you may try a satellite phone that may help you in the most emergency period to communicate.I highly recommend you the Iridium 9555 Satellite PhoneIridium 9555 Satellite Phone.

Besides, You may use a spectrum internet extender to boost your wifi signal at your large house!


better cell services in the woods

Here, I have started some effective methods of n how you can get better cell services in the woods, hopefully, you will be benefitted applying these methods.

But, before going to the woods area be sure whether any cell carriers are available for your location, or take a cell phone booster or network extender with you.

Otherwise, it may be dangerous sometimes in an emergency period if you need to make a call urgently.

However, the most effective method to get cell service in the woods is to use a good cell phone booster and here I highly recommend the weBoost 4G LTE & 5G Drive Reach RV weBoost 4G LTE & 5G Drive Reach RV.

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