How to Turn Off Ring Camera Recording? – 8 Easy Ways for 2022

One of the highest valued acquisitions and accepted doorbell cameras by most of the users is the Ring video doorbell camera.

This doorbell camera is comparatively equipped with many more advanced features than the other doorbell models.

But one thing about the ring doorbell camera that most of the users experience hesitation is how to turn off its camera recording when it’s not needed to record.

However, in this article, I am going to share some easy steps about how you can disable the ring camera recording. So, let’s get started.

How to Turn Off Ring Camera?

Ring camera now comes with upgraded Modes functions (Disarmed, Home, and Away modes) that you can change via the ring app to stop the camera recording.

  • Disarmed Mode: The Disarmed mode allows you the freedom of moving in and out of your home without any alarm. You can also customize the detect motion feature of the camera whether you want to get the detection of movement or not. For instance, if you want to avoid the alarms when you stay home, you can switch off the motion detection on the camera via the ring app.
  • Home Mode: The home mode allows you to move independently inside your house without getting any alerts but still, the outside camera is activated. In this mode, you can also customize the detection feature whether it will detect the movement or not. Besides, in the Home mode, you can also control the sensors that will monitor.
  • Away Mode: If you want to get alert of the incidents occurring inside or outside of your home and get all the sensors activated, then you can select the Away mode. This mode allows recording both out and inside of your house. Like other modes, you can also control the camera in this mode whether you want motion detection.

You can set two options among the three modes on each doorbell camera and by clicking on each mode you can control the recording behavior of the camera.

Each Camera Modes Settings

  • Motion Detection: If you turn off the motion detection, the camera won’t detect any movement and you won’t get any notifications and snapshots.
  • Live View: Even after turning off the motion detection, the live view via the ring app is still accessible, and if you want to turn off the live view option also then you can do it through the settings.

Note that, if you turn off both settings ( motion detection and live view), then your ring camera won’t be able to stream or record.

8 Easy Ways To Turn Off Ring Camera Recording in 2022

how to turn off a ring camera
How to turn off a ring camera?
  1. First, launch the Ring App.
  2. Click on the left corner top of the screen where you can see three lines.
  3. Click on the Settings.
  4. Then you can see ‘Modes‘ and tap here( To see the Modes option, you must enable the modes features and you can see here ‘Enable Modes’).
  5. Then select the two Modes as you want among the three options(Disarmed, Home, and Away).
  6. By clicking each mode, you can see the camera option and turn it off as you wish to from the options.
  7. Then click on the toggle switch to go to the Motion Detection and Live View Options and turn them both off.
  8. Click on the right corner of the top where you can see the ‘Save’ option.

Let’s enjoy this video tutorial “How To Stop Recording on Ring

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Can anyone change your Ring camera settings?

Yes, if you allow anybody to access your ring camera then he or she can access the camera modes and settings options and turn them on again.

So, to prevent access by anyone to your Ring camera settings options, turn off the shared user access. Go here to know how you can remove or turn off sharing access with anybody.

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Now ring doorbell cameras are upgraded with more advanced features, so you can disable your ring camera using the Modes feature and customizing some settings.

So, if you want privacy for a particular time, then you can easily keep your ring doorbell camera off and turn it on again when needed.

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