100+ Instagram Name Ideas 2024 – Cool, Funny, Unique Username

instagram name ideas

In 2024, your Instagram username will be much more significant. This is so that Instagram can read your username’s keywords. Your username helps people locate you and become new followers. Also, marketers can locate you if you wish to become an influencer by using your username.

It’s acceptable if you can’t fit all the terms you want in your username. You can add the keywords in your Instagram name instead. They count as keywords too.


Before I show you fun Instagram username ideas, here are ways you can customize your username.

  • Use underscore (like @this_this)
  • Use full stops (like @this.name)
  • Use numbers (like @thisexample001)

You can also use words like:

  • The” (like @the.preview.site)
  • My” (like @myappsitee)
  • Your” (like @yourlovemovie)
  • Let’s” (like @letsgetfit)
  • Club” (like @youryachtclub) to create a community account
  • Story” (like @mystory)

You can also combine words based on:

  • Your name (Mike)
  • What your account is about (fashion)
  • What you are like (professional)
  • What you like
  • Any other important words you want to use

If I follow these tips, my username could be:

  • @mike_fashionremake
  • @promike_fashion

Pretty cool ?

Your turn to try different combinations for your account.

instagram username ideas

Keep scrolling to get more ideas. You will see we have used “full stops” and “underscores” in the username examples. Feel free to use whichever one you prefer. You can also remove the full stop and underscore if you want to keep the words together.

Here are some of the most funny usernames (that hopefully aren’t taken yet). Borrow them and see how many friend requests come pouring in.

  1. Aero.Adventurer_Mouse
  2. Mystic.Muse.Carpet
  3. Fresh_Fiesta
  4. Arctic.Ace.Race
  5. RetroRascal_Pascal
  6. WavyWanderer_Ghost
  7. RainbowRioter
  8. AquaAdmirer.AA
  9. Galaxy.Guru_Guy
  10. SmoothSailor.6969
  11. FierceFlame
  12. DigitalDynamo
  13. Groovy,Goddess.Daddy
  14. ElectricExplorer
  15. EnchantedEra
  16. FluffyFantasy
  17. Neon_Ninja14
  18. FunkyFiesta
  19. SweetSiren
  20. CosmicComet
  21. BubbleBabe.mamma
  22. RadiantRocker
  23. Dreamy.Diva.momma.boy
  24. TechnoTraveller
  25. WildWesterner
  26. UrbanUnicorn
  27. TropicalTide
  28. SunflowerSoul
  29. FireflyFlicker
  30. BeachBumming.Buggy
  31. VelvetVoyager
  32. Northern.Nomad.Guy
  33. Saltwater_Siren.Merrmy
  34. RainbowRider69
  35. SapphireSoul
  36. GoldGlitter
  37. MoonlitMaven3124
  38. PiratePunk
  39. JungleJive
  40. CloudChaser22
  41. BohoBelle
  42. ChicCheer
  43. ZenZephyr
  44. RetroRider.Ghost
  45. DigitalDreamer
  46. Stellar.Star.Sun
  47. CosmicCactus
  48. DreamingDancer
  49. AquaAdventurer
  50. Groovy_Glow_Floss
  51. Moms_spaghetti_51
  52. Chris.p.bacon
  53. Lt Dans Legs
  54. Courtesy flush
  55. Hogwarts dropout
  56. Spongebobs pineapple, number
  57. Gary thesnail
  58. No.this.is.Patrick.
  59. Count_swagula
  60. Sweet.pete
  61. Pnut
  62. Snax
  63. Colonelmustards.rope
  64. Fartoolong
  65. Rawr means iloveyou .
  66. Having.things.to.do
  67. Heres_wonderwall
  68. Coolshirt_bra
  69. Kentucky_cried_fricken
  70. Kim_chi
  71. Saint_broseph
  72. Bigfoot_is_real
  73. Santas_number1_elf
  74. Horn_of_unicorn
  75. Ineed_2P
  76. Abducted_by_aliens
  77. Nacho_cheesefries
  78. Victimized_by_regina
  79. Avo_cuddle
  80. Avocadorable
  81. Harmless_potato
  82. Panini_not_meanie
  83. Fartn_roses
  84. Red_monkey_butt
  85. Master_chief
  86. Free_hugz
  87. Ima_robot
  88. Tiger_queen
  89. Pixie_dust
  90. Chop_suey
  91. Igot_the_juice
  92. Regina_phalange
  93. Fedora_the_explorer
  94. I_can_see_your_pixels
  95. Unfinished_sentenc
  96. A_collection_of_cells
  97. OP_rah.ah
  98. Well_endowed
  99. My_anaconda_does
  100. Hey_you
  101. Pluralizes_everythings
  102. Test_name_please_ignore
  103. Yellow_snowman
  104. Joe_not_exotic
  105. Tinfoil_hat
  106. Def_not_an_athelete
  107. Magicschoolbus_dropout
  109. Not_james_bond
  110. Itchy_and_scratchy

Cute Instagram username ideas

cute instagram username ideas

Need something more special, charming, and adorable?

Include these in your username. It may appear before, after, or with any other word you add to your username. If you have an Instagram account dedicated to books, for instance, you may add “bloom” to “book” to make @bloom.books or @blooming.books.

  • sweet
  • cute
  • cutie
  • sparkle
  • star
  • little
  • true
  • plantiful
  • inspire
  • inspired
  • between
  • sincerely
  • love
  • lovely
  • pretty
  • sun
  • sunshine
  • light
  • moon
  • vanilla
  • flower
  • rose
  • bloom
  • blossom
  • bubbly
  • blush
  • darling
  • soul
  • shine
  • rise
  • happy
  • always
  • raw
  • forever
  • good
  • infinite
  • everything

Why should I choose a funny username?

Funny instagram username

There are usernames, and then there are usernames that are intriguing, distinctive, creative, unusual, insane, and humorous. And amusing usernames are your best friends if you also want to leave a lasting online impression, be more than just a simple social media user (perhaps an influencer), or simply desire engagement.

Recognize that if people don’t visit your profile, they won’t realize how great your content is. Your name needs to stand out from the throng in order to achieve this.

Furthermore, using a humorous username is a great approach to break the ice and strike up a conversation. If you use a dating site, for instance, that is a terrific location to strike up a chat.

Avoiding repeating usernames or common names is a good reason to having a funny username. You can discover numerous people with the same name, especially in India. So, what are you going to do? Stop using social media? Start introducing a large quantity of letters and numbers? Or gleefully alter the spelling? NO-NO-NO!!! Let’s think outside the box (123cooolgirl does not count) – if you won’t work on a simple thing as a username, why will someone put an effort to visit your profile?

How can I create my funny username?

instagram name idea

Although it can be exhausting, at times, to come up with a unique, crazy, memorable, catchy, and funny username, you have to try – it really is worth the pain. So here are the pointers and tricks to create a funny username for yourself:

  • Keep it simple (no special characters, please).
  • Try to be unique (for example, try making short names after combining your name, maiden name, and surname)
  • Make it memorable.
  • Avoid difficult names (there is only one Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  • Keep it short.
  • Make it funny, sassy, clever, savage, and hilarious.
  • Include something that you love or what your profile is all about.
  • Include something that is trending.
  • Add something that you hate or dislike.
  • Add a hobby or that you are a couch potato!
  • Do not be disrespectful or vulgar.

It will take a while, but with our help, you will get your perfect funny username!


What is a unique Instagram username?

Your Instagram username serves as your online persona. It is particular to you and only you. It communicates to your followers who you are and what you stand for.

How do I style my username?

  1. Name or Nickname – Your name or a common nickname.
  2. What are you like? – Enter any word or phrase here.
  3. Hobbies? – Add a word or two for your favorite hobby.
  4. Things you Like – List one or a few different things that you like.

What is a perfect username?

A username is typically a shortened version of a user’s first and last names. For instance, if a user’s name is John Smith, his username might be generated using the first letter of his first name combined with the first four characters of his pseudonym or surname name.

How do you make a cool Instagram name?

Here are some ideas about how to create a special Instagram username:

  • Search for a word you like in a different language.
  • With your initial name, use alliteration.
  • Change one word to make your favorite phrase hilarious.

Can you use fake name Instagram?

Names, gender identity, and personal pronouns are not necessary on Instagram, but if you add them, be aware that we will only use your username when contacting you.


It’s time to reconsider your perception if you believe that all of the outrageously hilarious usernames have already been taken. Replace vowels with digits, add dashes and underscores, ask a question, or just be silly (the greatest approach when nothing works!) There are a ton of creative, cute, smart, sassy, and humorous usernames out there waiting for you to pick them up and give them your own special touch.

If you’re still hesitant, the tips we’ve provided above will undoubtedly help you make your username unique and stand out. Making the right username choice is essential because it is the first step in creating your online identity.

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