Is a Smart Sprinkler Controller Worth It? – 5 Legit Reasons WHY!

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Using a water can to water your garden or lawns is outdated now. In this article, I’ll introduce you to the smart sprinkler, a modern up-to-date method. This latest watering method saves time and water bills. However, as a new product, you may wonder, “Is a smart sprinkler controller worth it?”

The simple answer is, yes, a smart sprinkler is worth a try. With a tap on the phone, you can control this watering device and keep your garden fresh. The smart sprinkler is also an addition to home automation.

Therefore, you’ll need to know the nuts & bolts about smart sprinklers and I’m here to help you with that. Please continue reading to know more details.

What is it Used For?

To be simple, a smart sprinkler controls the watering schedule in your lawn or garden automatically. By automatically detecting the weather situation and keeping your lawn healthy, this device intelligently optimizes the irrigation system.

It cuts the excess use of water and keeps your water consumption at a certain level.

For garden or lawn maintenance, a smart sprinkler can be considered a smart home automation device. You can operate a smart sprinkler from your smartphone or Amazon’s Alexa. The main purpose of a smart sprinkler is to make your life easier, and more convenient, save bills and also save water resources.

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The smart sprinkler is one of the best and most popular investments nowadays. This device lets you save money, and water consumption and make your life convenient. Most importantly, with just a tap on your smartphone app, you can control the smart sprinkler from anywhere in this world.

This app automatically schedules the watering process for lawns and gardens. Plus, it prevents the water loss we face from inefficient irrigation.  In short, the smart sprinkler isn’t any lavish product, rather it’s very cost-effective and awesome.

5 Reasons Why is it Worth it

The main benefit of a smart sprinkler is to have precise watering of your lawn and reduce water bills. Aside from these, you’ll find some other benefits in these controllers too. Those are-

1. Healthy Lawn & Plants:

When your yard is watered on a daily schedule basis, then obviously it’ll be fresh and healthy. Smart sprinklers optimize the water level and maintain your lawn. It will help ensure that your plants receive the proper amount of water and nutrients, which will in turn promote healthy growth and stem development.

2. Hydro Zoning:

Hydro zoning is a type of zoning that regulates the types and quantity of water that can flow through a system. Hydro zones are typically used in areas where there is a lot of vegetation, such as forests and wetlands. The purpose of hydro zoning is to prevent flooding by limiting the amount of water that can flow from the source, into the system, and out to downstream users.

Some of your lawn areas will need water, and some will need less. In your app, if you program your irrigation system in this way, the device will automatically work like this.

3. Easy to Operate:

smart sprinkler easy to operate

A smart sprinkler may sound complicated, but it’s extremely easy to use. You can turn on or off the device with just a tap and set up schedules as you want.

All you need to do is connect it to your home’s plumbing system and start watering your plants. There is also a software that you can use to customize your watering schedule.

4. Weather Responsive:

A standard sprinkler always sticks to the schedule, so it can water your yard in the middle of a storm too. However, a smart sprinkler can detect weather changes and adjust the watering schedule.

For example, if it’s hot outside and the ground is dry, the controller will water more often to make up for lost water. If it starts raining, the controller will stop watering altogether so that pipes and plants don’t get wet.

5. Smart Home Integration:

With a smart sprinkler controller, you’ll be able to water that area that is hardly watered. Through voice commands and app controls, this device can be operated.

Types of Smart Sprinklers

Smart Sprinklers

There Are two types of smart sprinkler controllers available on the market. Such as-

1. Weather-Based Smart Sprinkler Controllers

This type of smart sprinkler uses local weather data as information to adjust the watering schedule. In this way, the landscape can receive enough water to give appropriate adjustments. Four weather reports are considered here- temperature,  humidity, wind, and solar radiation.

Most of the models of this type of sprinkles are small and can be mounted in the yard or lawn. The wireless connection between sensor and controller makes it convenient to operate.

Here is an option for such type of sprinkler – Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler ControllerRachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

2. Soil Moisture Sensors Used With Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Moisture-based smart sprinklers use one of the best methods to measure soil moisture and then adjust the watering level. This device is buried at the very root zone of turf or trees so it can detect the moisture level of the soil. Then, it transmits the information to the controller.

Must-Have Features In A Smart Sprinkler

There are some features, which are a must and inevitable in a smart sprinkler. Let’s have a look at these features-

  1. Choose an intelligent sprinkler controller with WaterSense certification. This means the controller will detect the landscape information and efficiently water the yard.
  2. Make sure to find a controller for the equal numbers of the zone as your in-ground sprinkler. Count how many different areas you want to water at the same time and choose the zones. Most of the time, bigger yards need more zones than usual.
  3. Be sure that your controller is compatible with your home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

intelligent sprinkler controller

How Does a Smart Sprinkler Work?

So, the question is how does the smart sprinkler function?

Smart sprinklers generally work with their advanced sensors and other technologies. The sensors can detect the moisture level under the very root of the ground and then later at the level. Plus, they also use weather information to control and adjust the watering schedule.

Once you install your smart sprinkler controller, connect to the related app and you’ll be good to go. You can turn the device on or off with your tablet, laptop or smartphone.

Some of the Smart Features:

There’re plenty of reasons why you should add a smart sprinkler to your home automation. The most common answers are- to save water and bills. Let’s have a look at the other reasons-

1. Auto-Schedule

Before you need to keep track of your watering schedule, smart sprinklers will make their automatic schedules. You can also make changes to that schedule. Most of the models offer varieties of schedules and you may choose one from them.

2. App Operate

Like most home automation services, you can control this device with your app. You’ll need to connect your new sprinkler with your WiFi, install the related app and be done!

3. Water Saving

water saving sprinkler

With the sprinkler controllers, you can precisely water your yard and garden. It’s effective and saves gallons of water. By saving water, you can also save your water bill by this process.

4. Voice Control

One of the most updated editions in the sprinkler controller is this voice control. With your voice command, this device can initiate or turn off. It can sync up with Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

5. Smart & Convenient

No offense, but a smart sprinkler is smarter than you. This device makes a schedule by examining the weather report, soil moisture, and other sensors.

Our Recommendations For the Best Smart Sprinkler

Here are the top 3 smart sprinklers which are also the best sellers. Let’s dig in-

1. Rachio 3

Set the schedule and forget everything. This one is the most flexible and easy-to-use smart sprinkler. This best-seller sprinkler is compatible with almost all smart home assistants.

This device has 16 zones with outstanding functionalities. With advanced settings and facilities, it’ll be able to satisfy your desires. With hyperlocal weather forecasts, this controller makes effective & efficient watering.

2. Orbit B-have XR

Orbit B-have XR

For bigger yards, this device is a magical tool. This device can cover bigger yards with less expensive products. You can operate this device with the app, though the app isn’t much developed.

Both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are suitable for this device. Using a smart WeatherSense Algorithm, this controller adjusts the water schedules.

3. RainMachine Touch HD

What makes this model splendid is that this device doesn’t need any WiFi connection to operate. You can find this model with 12/16 zones. You can control or operate the device with a touchscreen, app, or home assistant.

Detecting the weather reports, this model makes a huge range of optional weather services. This is super efficient for novice gardeners.

Buying Guide

sprinkler controller buying guide

When shopping for your new sprinkler controller, make sure to look out for these features-

1. Zone

Zones are from where the water is sprinkled. Make sure your model has 8/12/16 zones at least.

2. Lawn Size

The bigger your lawn, the more zones you’ll need to cover the area. You may not be able to cover the entire area with a single sprinkler. When purchasing a sprinkler, you must decide the zone and lawn size together to make an efficient service.

3. Waterproof Control Panel

Not all controllers are waterproof, so make sure yours is waterproof. Otherwise, you’ll be doomed if you live in a humid climate and your controller isn’t waterproof.

4. WaterSense Certification

It’s a must feature, you need to look out. This certification is given by the EPA to help determine the efficiency of the device.

5. Cloud Connection

Cloud Connection sprinkler controller

Your device should have a cloud connection to get internet access. Then, it’ll be able to collect the weather forecast and adjust a schedule.

6. Price

Lastly, consider your budget before purchasing your favorite controller. The price varies from features to facilities. The price range can vary from $100-$300.

How do you set up a smart sprinkler system?

Setting up a smart sprinkler system can be done in a few simple steps. Before you get started, make sure that you have the necessary equipment and software.

  1. Start by connecting your sprinklers to your computer or controller. You’ll need an irrigation controller, a cable, and plug-in connectors.
  2. Download the appropriate software. There are many options available, but we recommend Irrigation Manager from Smart Water Solutions.
  3. Configure the software to your specific needs. In Irrigation Manager, you’ll want to set up zones, trigger points, and schedules.
  4. Finally, test your system by watering a small area. If everything goes according to plan, you’re ready to go!

Watch this video for additional tips:


1. What are the disadvantages of a smart irrigation system?

There are some potential disadvantages to consider before making the investment in a smart irrigation system. One of the biggest drawbacks is that these systems can be expensive to install and maintain.

2. How much water does a smart irrigation system save?

A smart irrigation system can save homeowners up to 50% on their water usage by reducing the amount of water used for watering plants. A typical irrigation system uses about 8 gallons of water per hour to irrigate a lawn, but a smart irrigation system can using only 4 gallons of water per hour. This means that a smart irrigation system can save an entire family of four more than 100 gallons of water a year!

3. How many days a week should I run my irrigation system?

On average, you should run your irrigation system for 3-5 days per week. Factors that will affect how often you need to run your irrigation system include climate, soil type, plant variety, and the amount of rainfall your area receives.


convenient smart sprinkler

That’s all for today. Watering your lawn with a smart sprinkler is easy, convenient, time-saving and also good for the environment. I hope you got your answers to “Is a smart sprinkler controller worth it?” Be careful about the features I mentioned above and make a good purchase. Happy shopping!

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