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Katherine Renee Turner is an emerging actress who has managed to come out on top. She got into the public eye after her Tv series got released on the American broadcasting network CBS. Katherine is one of those actors who have explored both the television and film medium. She has managed to make her acting skills acknowledged by the general masses. Although she is not new in the field there is little known about her. Her television series, FBI has gained much fame and also helped her gain fame too.
People are starting to know about her and her career. Till now she has mostly been working on suspense and action-based projects. She still needs to explore other genres when it comes to her selection of movies and films. Have you too come across the captivating work of Katherine Renee Turner and want to know about her? Here I have gathered all the information about Katherine Renee Turner, her Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, and Wiki.

The performer is not very open when it comes to her personal life as she has decided not to share much about herself online. She is quite reserved and her activity on social media is only related to her latest Television series, FBI. There are not many posts on her official Instagram handle, although many fans are curious to know about her family, love life, and hobbies.

She is an American artist. Katherine was born and raised in America. The actress has been working on a number of projects in American movies and films. Although she has been working quiet years for about a decade in the industry, before the FBI she had not accomplished the recognition that she deserved. Her career still needs a mega-hit project that will help her portray her impressive acting skills and take her acting career to new heights.

Personal Life

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Katherine Renee Turner was born in a city named Springfield in the state of Missouri, United States of America. She is a beautiful performer. The actress has worked quite hard on her acting skills. She is not one of the actors who have accidentally ended up in the industry. Katherine has got proper education and mastered the skills of acting. She completed her early education and high school in Missouri.

Then she moved to New York for higher studies in the acting field. She is a dedicated and skillful actor. She entered the Juilliard School. It is one of the dominating acting schools and the students of this school are known for their command on their acting skills. She did a Master in Fine Arts from the Juilliard School. The artist later moved to Washington DC, to pursue her acting career. She is currently living in the National Capital Region, Metropolitan area, Washington DC.

Acting Career

Like many other graduates from the Juilliard School, this enthusiastic performer also started her acting adventure in the theater. A theater actor needs much more skills as they have to perform live. There is no chance of error, which takes their acting skills to new heights. This has also helped Katherine Renee Turner in mastering her acting skills. Despite her amazing skills she had worked quite hard to make a name in the acting industry.

Her acting career began by appearing in a TV series named, The RAs. Although her role and screen time were not much to mention, this Television series helped her make her debut in the American television industry. The same year she appeared in a 15-minute duration short film which was directed and written by Dave Traver called Ward 11. It is a dramatic film with a lot of mystery that needs to be resolved.

Later in 2012, she appeared in a short film of a duration of 23 minutes. In this short film named Wintersmith, Katherine portrayed the role of Tala. Tala is a courageous lady who does not resist fighting demons to save her loved ones. In 2016, the versatile actress became a part of a dramatic film called, Extra Ordinary. In 2017, the mysterious actress added one more film of mystery, crime, and drama genre to her acting profile, called Have A Little. The story is based on the mystery of the murder.

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In 2018 Katherine appeared in another short film called ‘The Bag’ which had a humorous touch to it. But like many other projects by Katherine, this film had a little mystery regarding a bag that was left by a dead father for his sons. A big-time hit for her career was her recent project ‘FBI’. It is a crime-based television series that was launched in 2018. The role portrayed by Katherine is that of Agent Tiffany Wallace. This role of hers is full of action and thrill.

Physical Parameters

This American National actress might have worked a lot when it comes to her profession but not much is known about her personal life. She has about a dozen posts and 3K followers. She doesn’t post anything personal online. The actress has kept it all so private that her age and date of birth are also hidden from her fans. Katherine has black colored curly hair and black colored eyes. She has a height of 5.10 feet and weighs about 58 kilograms.


Who is Katherine Renee Turner?

Katherine Renee Turner is an American actress who is emerging into the mainstream with her latest project ‘FBI’. The actress has been a part of a number of series and films before, but her role as agent Tiffany Wallace helped her gain fame. She can be seen in action in the television series that is launched on the American broadcasting medium CBS.


Winning hearts with her acting skills, Katherine Renee Turner is an emerging actress. She perfectly nailed action and crime-related characters. The young actress has been a part of all mediums, whether it is films, short films, television, or theater. You might have seen her in a number of thriller films.

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