Do electric kettles use a lot of electricity? Calculate Your Electric Kettle Energy Consumption

One of the most useful Electric appliances in our daily life is the electric kettle that almost everyone uses at their home to boil water, make tea or coffee.

However, did you ever think about how much energy an electric kettle costs daily?

Almost every electric appliance has a power consumption label like voltage or wattage that gives us an idea about how much energy they cost hourly.

Like the other Electric device, the electric kettle also has a power consumption label and that’s mostly near around 2200W.

Consequently, you can easily calculate the energy consumption of an electric kettle by seeing how much wattage or voltage it’s designed with.

So, let’s know about the power consumption of an electric kettle so you can understand whether your electric kettle uses a lot of energy or not.

What Is the General Electric Kettle Power consumption?

Before knowing the electric kettle power consumption, first, you need to have an idea of the working process of an electric kettle.

Like a typical kettle, an electric kettle boils water but the difference is the power source. The power source of the electric kettle is electricity.

The electric kettle is designed with a heating coil made of aluminum or steel at the bottom of it that becomes heated when you plug the kettle into an outlet ( You should use the best smart outlet).

How fast the electric kettle boils water depends on the rate of resistance to the current flow.

The thermal power is proportional to the resistance of the element and the rate of resisting current flow depends on the power rating.

If the power rating of an electric kettle is much then it can boil water faster as well as it can also cost a lot of energy.

However, the electric kettle power consumption can be calculated by the given power rating.

Most of the typical electric kettles come with a power rating of 1500 watts to 2200 watts.

You can easily calculate your electric kettle power consumption by multiplying the wattage and time in hours.

For example, if your electric kettle is 2200 watts and you use it for 1 hour daily then the daily power consumption of your electric kettle will be 2200*1=2200 watts= 2200watts/1000=2.2 kWh.

And like the same, if your electric kettle is 1500 watts then it will consume 1.5kWh per hour daily.

So, Do Electric Kettles Use a Lot of Electricity?

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You already got an idea of the power consumption process of an electric kettle..right?

If so then, you can easily understand that if the power rating of an electric kettle is higher then it will use a lot of electricity but also it will boil water faster.

In fact, to boil water faster, an electric kettle is an effective appliance that heats water very fast.

So, usually, it should consume a lot of electricity but the pleasant thing is that we don’t use an electric kettle for much time in a day and so, it consumes not so much electricity daily.

For example, a typical electric kettle of 1500 watts consumes 1.5kW power per hour but truly we don’t use an electric kettle for 1 hour daily. Usually, we use it to make tea or coffee and it needs 2 to 5 minutes to boil water. So, if you drink tea or coffee 5 times a day then it will consume less than 1 kWh daily.

You should also remember that the power consumption rate of the electric kettle is also proportional to the amount of water you take into it.

Consequently, if you want to make one to two cups of tea then you should also boil water at that proportion otherwise it will consume a lot of electricity.

So, an electric kettle doesn’t use a lot of electricity compared to the other electric appliances as you need it for 2 to 5 minutes to boil water.

Which is more effective: electric kettle or gas stove?

Undoubtedly, to boil water in a short time and in the case of energy-saving, an electric kettle is comparatively more efficient than a gas stove.

Because if you use a gas stove to heat water, most energy will be lost around the stove.

On the other hand, an electric kettle is designed with a heating coil placed in the precise position of the kettle so that it can instantly heat water when the current flow begins.

So, there is no wastage of energy in the case of an electric kettle and if you would like to heat water instantly then there is no alternative to an electric kettle.

Final Verdict

In fact, the consumption of electricity on an electric kettle depends on the power rating, water level, and time it needs to heat.

You can easily calculate the electricity use of your electric kettle by multiplying your kettle wattage power by the time it needs to boil.

However, compared to other electric appliances, an electric kettle doesn’t use a lot of energy at all.

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