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We all know that Miranda Derrick is a professional dancer but what else do you know about her? Do you know about the clash she is having with her family and that she is going to be featured in a film? Well, if the answer is no then tag along to know all about Miranda Derrick through this article.

One thing is clear here that if you are looking for Miranda Derrick’s information then you must already know who she is but as not a lot of information about her is available on the internet, I have decided to write this article for you guys so that you know not only about Miranda’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, wiki, but also all personal information that nobody yet knows. Let’s begin, my friends.

Date of Birth, Age, and Religion

Miranda Derrick date of birth

Let’s start with the date of birth of your beloved personality, Miranda Derrick. She was born on 24th February 1997. According to her date of birth, she is 25 years old right now. Moreover,  she is from Michigan, the United States of America but currently, she is living in Los Angeles. She follows the Christian religion.


Miranda Derrick is the eldest daughter of Dean Wilking and Kelly Wilking. Her parents are successful entrepreneurs. She also has a younger sister named Melanie Wilking who is also a dancer and a social influencer. There are a lot of family photos on the social accounts of Miranda and Melanie. These sisters also started a vlog together on youtube together named Wilking Sisters.

Professional Life

Miranda Derrick TikTok

We all know that Miranda is a social influencer and has various dancing videos on TikTok. She has a huge fan following as well. She also teaches dance in an academy. She has also done some short films and commercials. She has a short appearance in Oz the great and powerful.

School and Graduation

We got some information about her schooling from Facebook. She did her schooling at Warren consolidated school of performing arts. Then she went to Michigan University for her further degree. Miranda Derrick says that she always knew she was born for dance and thus she attended various theaters and dance teaching academies since she was too young.

Height and Weight

Miranda Derrick height and weight

Miranda’s height is 5 feet and 7 inches and her weight is 58 kgs. From the sources, we found out that Miranda maintains her weight and is very conscious about her figure. As she is a professional dancer, she goes to a gym regularly and loves to keep her body toned. She is pretty specific about her diet and avoids eating fast food.

Relationship Status

From her posts on social media, we found out that Miranda Derrick is crazily in love with James Derrick. James Derrick is also a dancer and Miranda and Derrick have performed various events together. They have also tied the knot but the exact date is not confirmed yet. There is no information about Miranda and Derrick’s plan about starting a family, but we hope to hear the news soon.

Miranda’s Net Worth and Income

Miranda Derrick net worth

Miranda earns money from her dancing profession and also from teaching at a famous dancing academy in the US. Moreover, she is also in partnership with various brands and promotes their brands. Her major source of income and fame is Youtube. The estimated amount of her net worth is around $2.5 million USD.


There is no information about her on Wikipedia right now but I hope sooner or later we will see this extraordinarily dancer information on Wikipedia. But right now you can find out everything about her through this article.

Featuring in a Film

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Објава коју дели James Derrick (@bdash_2)

As per the report, we have found that Miranda Derrick is now becoming a part of the movie cast. But we are not sure whether she will have a guest appearance in the movie or will play a leading role. Until we confirm this news stay tuned. We hope that you see your stardom as a leading role in the big picture.

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FAQs Miranda Derrick

How did Miranda Derrick get famous?

Miranda Derrick always knew that she was born for dance, she made her own youtube page where she posted a lot of dance videos and got a huge fan following through it. Moreover, she participated in a famous show named “ you think you can dance”, and that was basically the major turning point for her profession.

Does Miranda Derrick have any children?

Miranda Derrick and James Derrick (her husband) have not mentioned anything about having a child.

Has Miranda Derrick worked with Katy Perry?

Miranda Derrick has worked with Katy Perry and various other celebrities as well.

Does Miranda Derrick smoke?

We haven’t seen any pictures of Miranda Derrick in which she is drinking or smoking, and according to the sources Miranda does not smoke.


Salsa Tuesday💃🏼🕺🏾 @BDash 🎥@kreativebeno #fyp #couplegoals

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Miranda Derrick is not just a social media influencer who makes lip-sync videos on TikTok but also a very famous dancer who got hype by participating in ”you think you can dance”. She is 25 years old right now and her estimated net worth is $ 2.5 million USD.

She is no longer in contact with her family, especially her younger sister Melanie with whom she used to make youtube videos, but she is pretty happy in her married life and we hope to hear that she and James Derrick are in a family way.


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