How to Play Haven Valorant: 9 Secrets For Winning Every Match

Valorant - Win every haven match

Valorant, the game of judging your shooter and tactical skills, has been popular since its release. Many players worldwide have been glued to gaming screens since playing Valorant. This is why the game developers have repeatedly brought different interesting tools and aspects to the game.

Haven is also one such exciting aspect of the game. It is one of the four maps available in Valorant and also popular among users. Haven hosts three great reactor sites that can help a player immensely when dealing effectively with enemies.

Witnessing the extreme importance of Haven in the game of Valorant, many experts have designed tips and tricks to help the players in this regard. In addition, one can also take help of valorant cheats that can be found on Battlelog.

Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Play Haven Valorant

Before we dive into the secrets of improving your performance in this game, you should first read our beginner guide on making or recovering your valorant account.

On that note here are some reliable tips and tricks for winning every haven match:

1. Pay Attention to Corners

Pay Attention to Corners - Valorant Haven Map

Haven is a map with less open space and very tight corners. These corners offer ample space for enemies to hide and surprise you when you least expect it.

Thus, experts often advise checking these corners with precision and even remembering the familiar corners where enemies usually hide.

Also, you can take the help of agents such as Raze, whose Boom Bot can help you disclose your enemies’ locations. The only condition is to place these bots at a proper location.

2. Practice Fast Response

Mobility or fast response is an imperative aspect of covering Haven. Since Haven is a widely spread map, it is essential to have agents who can help move around the map quickly.

Though there are many agents to choose from, Omen and Jatt are the best in mobility.

Even agents such as Cypher, though they have lesser abilities, can still help you cover Haven in less time.

3. Sentinels are Vital for Defense

Sentinels are Vital for Defense - Valorant Haven Map

Haven is an attack-heavy map which makes having a stronger defense more critical. Sentinels are best for a successful defense strategy, and they help slow down enemy pushes.

Sentinels are agents that have their strengths in defending their team. They help by anchoring down sites, providing support by giving intel on enemies, and preventing opponents from executing sneaky attacks.

Cypher and Sage are two popular options with different advantages. Sage has the ability to heal her teammates multiple times and even revive them from death. She also has a wall that can block off entrances to the site she’s defending.

Cyper has cameras that give away enemy locations and cages for blinding and stalling them from attacking.

4. C-Garage is Important

C-Garage is an essential aspect of Haven Valorant and should be concentrated upon. C-Garage is the entry point of Haven, where attackers and defenders can have many utilities.

For example, C-Garage is where attackers can stop rotating those enemies, and the defenders can use it to make fast flanks. Thus, ensure that C-Garage is on your concentration point when playing on Haven.

5. Initiators Are Key

Sentinels are Vital for Defense - Valorant Haven Map

Retaking or regaining your map’s control from opponents is risky in Haven. It is essential to have a plan going in. This is why having initiators is important.

Initiators will place you at a tactical advantage as they can take out enemies from their hiding spots to defend your team against attacks. They also initiate attacks on site and help the team in battle.

There are currently five initiators to choose from, all with unique abilities, so choose according to your preference. Fade is a popular choice among players as she is easy to learn, has great utilities, and provides a lot of support to her team.

6. Patience Pays

Patience is another essential quality to take care of while playing Haven Valorant. Many players often need to make better decisions when making rotations.

However, pro gamers often advise to be calm and communicate effectively with team members for rotating purposes.

Please pay attention to those communications or pings by your team members, as many players tend to ignore them. Remember, quick rotations made along with your team members can help you surprise and overcome your enemies easily.

7. Attacker Advantage

Attacker Advantage - Valorant Haven Map (1)

Haven is unique for having three sites instead of the usual two. This makes it slightly attacker heavy, as it is difficult for defenders to get intel.

Teams playing attack can use this to their advantage. Defenders must spread thin to cover the entire map without the proper information.

Attackers can be at an advantage by denying defenders easy information and distracting them through smokes, flashes, or stuns. This will force your opponents to play more defensively while you can have easy site hits.

8. Know Your Map

This goes without saying that it is essential to know your map well before playing, and it is the only map having three bomb sites.

Thus, whether you are defending or attacking, you need to know the different ways to move and save yourself.

When you are defending yourself, be aware that there are three different ways in which your attackers can move. Thus, to save themselves, the defenders must cover each other’s cross angles to protect from enemies’ flanks.

9. Choose Your Agents Well

It is essential to choose your agents well when playing Haven in Valorant. Remember, you need to select agents who can help you make fast rotations and gather heavy information.

Agents like Cypher, Brimstone, and Viper are the best for playing Haven in Valorant. Also, if you correctly play, Jett can help you in getting successful in Haven. Phoenix is also an excellent agent who can be highly strong when playing in Haven.

Final Words

Haven is an exciting yet difficult-to-win-over map in Valorant. Just like any other map, it also has a strong point of possessing three bomb sites which play an essential role in making a strategy for both defenders and attackers. Spending hours and days on this game can be turned to profit. So it’s always a good idea to improve your skills.

However, the need remains to make proper plans and use the agents well to overcome Haven’s challenges and pave the way for victory. So, use the tips mentioned above and get on the way to success with Haven. Happy Playing Haven on Valorant!

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