Does Ring Doorbell Work With Google Home? Step by Step Guide for 2024

Ring Doorbell With Google Home

For your smart home, both ring doorbell and google home are a great addition!! But a question may arise in your mind does a ring doorbell really work with google home?

This is a confusing question because ring cameras have some limitations in functioning but fortunately ring cameras are now compatible with google home.

But still, there are some caveats you need to consider on how the ring doorbell camera works with google home, and let’s know more about it.

Is Google Compatible With Ring Doorbells?

Now, the great news about the ring doorbell is that google home is compatible with it but has some lack of intraoperative functions between these two devices.

However, using google home’s voice assistant, you can control some features of your ring doorbell cameras.

How to add Ring Doorbell to Google Home?

If you’re first time buying a new device then you have to download the google home app from the play store or Apple store. Android users don’t require to download google assistant as they already have it but the Apple users have to download google assistant from the Apple store.

Now follow these steps to add the ring to google home.

  1. Launch the google home app
  2. You can see a plus (+) icon on the top left corner of the home screen and tap the icon
  3. You can see here “Set up a new device” option and tap here
  4. Then “Have something already set up?” this option will appear and tap here
  5. You can see here different options and select your device among them
  6. Tap on the Allow option when google home asks
  7. All process is complete

How to Set Up Ring Doorbell Name?

  • Launch the google home app
  • Go to the Home and then the Setting option
  • Here write the name of your doorbell and tap on the Save option

For easy setup, use the same Google and ring account so that it may be synchronized and automatically added.

How to Install Ring With Google Home?

1. Go to the Google Home Assistant Ring Page

Firstly you have to visit the google home assistant service page to link your ring video doorbell to google home with your ring account.

So, you must require both the google account and ring account information to complete the whole process.

2.Log into Google Assistant

In this step, you have to sign in to your google account with the email address you used with your google home device.

3. Choose the Google Home Device to Pair With the Ring

After logging in to google assistant, tap on the Send to Device option. Here a menu will appear and from the menu, you have to choose the google home device you want to pair with the ring device.

4. Connect Your Ring Doorbell With Google Home

After choosing a device from the Send to Device menu, a notification will appear on your google assistant app to link your ring doorbell. So, tap on the Yes option to connect.

If Send to Device menu doesn’t appear then you have to connect your Ring doorbell through a web browser. So, you have to visit the Google Home Assistant Ring page with a browser and there you can see a blue link text in the top right and click the link.

Here you will get a pop-up “Do you want to link Ring with your account” to verify you want to link your ring to your google account. You will see two options here Cancel and Link, so select the Link option to continue.

5. Log into Your Ring Account

Now you have to sign in to your ring account with your account information. When you enter ring account information, you may be asked to enter it again with a two-step verification code sent to your phone number associated with your ring.

After entering the security code, then sign in to your account. After completing all the processes, you will get a mail or text that ensures your Ring account is accessed by google home.

6. Authorize Your Google Home

To access your google home you will be asked to authorize and tap on the authorize option.

Now the linking process is complete and you can visit the Ring web page to see whether everything worked perfectly.

Refresh the page and you can see the blue text “Unlink” in the top right of the page that ensures your google home is successfully linked with the Ring doorbell.

Or, you can watch this video tutorial for learning “How to Install Ring With Google Home”!

So, Does Ring Doorbell Work With Google Home?

The answer will be yes but you can use limited functions between them. But luckily there are many Ring Doorbell functions you can use with your google home.

Ring Doorbell Functions:

  • You can turn on and off your ring alerts
  • You can identify out who knock on the ring doorbell last
  • Besides, you can command the ring to continue recording

List Of Commands:

  • “Hey Google, turn motion alerts “
  • “Hey Google, Start recording video
  • “Hey, Google, Secure home.”
  • “Hey, Google, What’s the health of my doorbell?”


Ring Doorbell With Google Home faqs

What voice commands can I use with Ring Doorbell and Google Home?

With Ring Doorbell and Google Home integration, you can use voice commands such as “Hey Google, show me the front door” to see live video from your Ring Doorbell on your Google Nest Hub, or “Hey Google, turn off the chime on my Ring Doorbell” to mute the doorbell chime.

What type of alerts will I receive on my Google Home device when someone presses my Ring Doorbell?

When someone presses your Ring Doorbell, you will receive a voice alert on your Google Home device, such as “Someone is at the front door.” You can also see a video notification on compatible devices, such as the Google Nest Hub.

Is the Ring Doorbell integration with Google Home available in all countries?

The Ring Doorbell integration with Google Home is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Are Google Home And Ring Together Worth It in 2024?

Though there is some lack of compatibility between google home and ring doorbell, still you can use many features and control your ring doorbell via voice command.

But the problem is that google’s control’s hubs or consoles can’t receive and playback real-time ring camera records that create negative effects on the ring’s doorbell and security systems.

However, without expecting playback the ring’s footage, google home and ring doorbell are worth it if you just want to control your ring doorbell via voice command.

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