SEO Vibes 2024: Connecting International SEO Experts

SEO Vibes 2024: Connecting International SEO Experts

Do you feel the SEO Vibes? This October, every search engine optimization enthusiast should, as Budapest gets ready to host the grandest SEO event of the year.

SEO Vibes, organized by WhitePress, is the biggest SEO conference in the CEE region – and it’s just around the corner, so if you want to visit, you’ll need to get your tickets now!

What Is SEO Vibes?

What Is SEO Vibes?

The CEE region has recently proven itself as a buzzing center of SEO activity, with rapidly emerging, highly innovative companies that are revolutionizing the field. SEO Vibes 2024 is a key event for anyone working with or interested in SEO – a platform for the exchange of ideas and strategies, set up to bring the brightest industry minds to share their insights.

And what’s an event without some music, lights, and a dash of party? SEO Vibes promises to be more than just a conference; it’s where business meets leisure.

All guests will have the opportunity to network and enjoy the after-party – and everyone who purchased the Jazzy Package will be able to attend an exclusive Danube River cruise with sightseeing and SEO discussions on the day before the conference!

Tomasz Domański, Head of International Growth at WhitePress, encapsulated the idea, stating, “There are many SEO experts in the CEE region, but they have few opportunities to share their knowledge, which is why as WhitePress, having been present in these markets for several years, we decided to create a platform for insights exchange and networking.”

Setting the Stage: The Eiffel Art Studios

Come October 5th, the stunning Eiffel Art Studios will be the host to a diverse range of top global SEO experts, eager to share their insights on the latest technologies and changes in the industry. The Eiffel Art Studios itself is a striking piece of architecture, designed by the renowned Gustave Eiffel, helping the conference merge the past with the present.

Guests will be able to listen to speeches and lectures and engage in discussions, but the learning doesn’t end there. Attendees will be able to immerse themselves in the very fabric of Budapest, labeled as one of Europe’s best party cities. With an after-party and a breathtaking Danube cruise on October 4th, it truly is going to be an unforgettable experience.

Speakers at the SEO Vibes 2024: Key Presentations to Attend

Speakers at the SEO Vibes 2024: Key Presentations to Attend

A star-studded lineup awaits attendees:

  • Kyle Roof: The man behind High Voltage SEO and a co-founder of Internet Marketing Gold. Also, a co-creator of PageOptimizer Pro – one of the most popular algorithmic factor analysis tools used by SEO experts all around the globe.
  • Robert Niechciał: A maestro in reverse engineering Google algorithms and the CTO at SEO specialist for 18 years and huge enthusiast of the latest tech – especially when it can be used for SEO.
  • Raluca Radu: Founder of MTH Digital and a key figure in digital marketing, with over 18 years of experience in digital marketing. Listen carefully as she shares her experience of running a successful digital marketing agency for e-commerce.
  • Gabor Papp: Co-founder and Head of SEO of The Pitch and a leading name in SEO blogs in Hungary. Gabor has published hundreds of useful articles and case studies on SEO, and has worked with numerous large, international clients, and is always happy to share his wisdom.
  • Mihai Vânătoru: The driving force behind DWF, Romania’s largest SEO Agency, actively working on hundreds of active SEO projects. A true SEO expert, Mihai has over 10 years of experience and has been responsible for some of the most successful organic traffic campaigns in history.

…and many more from the top experts of the SEO realm. Check the full list of speakers here.

SEO Vibes 2024 Attractions

SEO Vibes 2024 Attractions

Attendees can look forward to three blocks of presentations on SEO, AI, data science, and more topics relevant for optimization. Take a look at the schedule:

Symphony / The Opus

8:30 – Gates open and registration

9:30 – Welcome to SEO Vibes Conference by WhitePress®

Part I. – Sonata – Case Studies and Best Practices in Digital Business

10:00 – Robert Niechciał – “It is not so easy bro…”

10:30 – Raluca Radu – to be announced soon!

11:00 – Kyle Roof – “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet (no, it is not an error! stay tuned!)”

11:30 – Mihai Vânătoru – “How to deliver SEO performance at scale: DWF’s approach on managing 200+ active SEO projects and accelerated team growth”

12:00 – INTERMEZZO – Coffee Break

Part II. — Andante – AI & Data Science

12:30 – Bastian Grimm – “The Rise of AI: Strategies and Tips to Drive Growth”

13:00 – Damian Sałkowski – “How to become a data head”

13:30 – Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR – “Pixels, Letters, and Bytes”

14:00 – Richard Klačko – “Unlocking the power of AI in keyword research

14:30 – Daniel Duriš – “How to track 100% of e-commerce transactions (legally without cookies) – about GA4”

15:00 – INTERMEZZO – Lunch Break

Part III. – Scherzo – SEO & Link Building

16:00 – Gabor Papp – “How to automate your SEO workflow”

16:30 – Alex Galinos – “SEO For Aggregators: Combining Commercial & SEO Data For Maximum Impact”

17:00 – Gaetano Romeo – “Critical SEO Errors of E-commerce Websites”

17:30 – Natalia Witczyk – “7 SEO learnings from the biggest e-commerce website in Barcelona”

18:00 – Networking buffet dinner

19:00 – After party with a DJ

Available Packages

Available Packages

For anyone interested, there are two ticket packages:

  • The Classy Package: A thorough immersion into the conference, including lectures, networking opportunities, a lunch buffet, an after-party, and a special gift pack. Available for 49 900 HUF, or approx. €134.
  • The Jazzy Package: All the Classy features, plus the unique Danube cruise on October 4th, ensure a perfect blend of business and pleasure. Available for 89 900 HUF, or approx. €242. Tickets limited.

SEO Vibes is not just a conference; it’s an experience that promises a unique mixture of knowledge, networking, and partying. Dive deep into the world of SEO, forge new connections, and let the enchanting city of Budapest mesmerize you. Tickets are available now! Grab yours and truly feel the SEO Vibes!

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