What Can Interfere Cell Phone Signal? – Top 16 Surprising Things That Interrupt Your Cell Signal

Interfere Cell Phone Signal

How important a cell phone is, you know well when you want to contact anybody in an emergency.

However, in your emergency needs, if your cell phone shows network issues or calls drop, then definitely you experience an annoying problem.

So, in order not to face such a situation, you have to know what things can interfere with your cell signals.

Top 16 Surprising Things That Interrupt Your Cell Signal

bandwidth drain your cell signal

1. The strain on bandwidth

Do you know most of the running apps on your smartphone are filled with advertisements and they provide you notifications frequently? However, they consume a lot of bandwidth and drain your cell signal as well.

So, after using every app on your phone, you should exit as well as you should abstain from installing unnecessary apps. Moreover, you should keep a check that the apps which are not in use must be uninstalled from your phone.

2. Bad Weather

As cell phones accept and transmit electromagnetic waves, they are badly affected by heavy clouds, lightning, heavy rain, snow, ice, thunder, humidity, and other bad weather conditions. So, in short, due to bad weather conditions, your cell phone may not be able to receive or make a clear call.

Bad Weather

3. Low Battery

Do you know that cell phones require sufficient energy to keep up connection with the cell tower? So, if your cell phone gets battery power lower, that means your cell phone has to struggle a lot to get the cell signal, and finally, you may get weak signals in your phone.

So, a faulty cell battery or a low battery power of a cell phone badly affects its cell signal. Hence, you should keep your cell phone battery at least up to 60% for a weak cell signal and up to 80% for a strong cell signal.

Low Battery

4. Blocking Your Own Cell Phones Signals

You may probably know that every cell phone is designed with inside antennas that receive and transmit the signal. So, if you hold the phone carelessly like covering the area of the embedded antenna, then the cell signal may be interrupted to transmit and receive. So, that results in weak signals in your phone and you will experience call dropping. Therefore, you should handle your phone carefully.

5. Construction Materials

There are some common construction materials such as brick, concrete, steel, wood, and more that can badly interrupt cell signals. Usually, metal blocks your cell signal completely and the drywall interferes lightly.

So, if you are facing bad cell signals in your home or office, then the walls of those places may be the main reason behind it. Therefore, you should check that and take the necessary action to eliminate the problem.

6. Geographic Features


Geographic features like hills, valleys, trees, bushes, rivers, etc also can interrupt cell signals. If you stay near a mountain where the cell tower is on the other side of the mountain, then you probably do not get good signals on your phone. So, in that case, you should move to some other places where you can get good cell signals.

7. Low-E Glass

As the density of the glass window is less compared to the density of other building materials, the glass window hardly interferes with cell phone signals. But nowadays, most windows are geared with energy-efficient metal oxide coating called Low-E glass that badly interrupts cell signals.

8. Electronic Devices

You should know that some common electronic devices such as microwaves, security systems, baby monitors, garage openers, Bluetooth devices, etc emit electromagnetic waves that can badly interfere with cell phone signals and result in bad cell service. So, you should keep those devices away from your cell phone to get good cell signals.

9. Network Traffic

Network Traffic

If in a single area, too many people (more than capacity) use the same tower or suddenly a cell tower becomes overloaded by too many users, then the network traffic happens which results in call drops and signal issues. So, you should avoid using your cell phone in crowded places or at events where too many people use cell phones.

10. Solar Flares

Have you ever heard about solar flares? It’s the intense eruption of electromagnetic radiation on the surface of the sun that often occurs in active regions. This solar flare creates shock waves and badly affects the earth’s magnetic field which may also result in interrupting cell phone communication. So, if you experience bad cell signals during a solar flare, then you should wait until the effect of the solar flare goes away.

11. Objects in Motion

If any moving objects like cars, trains, or airplanes come between your cell phone and the cell tower, then it may interrupt the cell signal and you will face call drops or bad cell service. So, you should avoid using your cell phone while you are moving.

12. Weather Conditions


Bad weather conditions like thunderstorms, rain, snow, and fog can also interfere with cell phone signals and result in call drops or bad cell service. So, you should be careful about that and avoid using your cell phone in bad weather conditions.

13. Distance From the Cell Tower

Too far distance from the cell tower is a common cause of getting weak signals on your cell phone. To receive better cell signals, you must be in the cell tower’s range otherwise the more distance from the cell tower, the lower cell signals you will get.

So, if you are facing bad cell signals, then check the distance from your current location to the nearest cell tower. If it’s too far, then move to some other place where you can get better cell signals.

These are some common things that can interfere with cell phone signals and result in call drops or bad cell service. So, you should be careful about those things and take the necessary action to eliminate the problem.

14. Electromagnetic Interference

microwave ovens

Electromagnetic interference from other electronic devices like microwave ovens, Wi-Fi routers, and cordless phones can disrupt cell signals. These devices emit radio waves that can interfere with cell signals and cause connection problems.

15. Congestion on the Network

If too many people are trying to use the cell network at the same time, it can cause congestion, resulting in slower data speeds or dropped calls. This is more likely to occur during peak hours or during events where large crowds gather.

16. Network Outages

Sometimes, cell network outages can occur due to technical problems or maintenance issues. These outages can cause a temporary interruption in service and can result in poor signal quality or dropped calls.


phone case bad reception

Can a phone case cause bad reception?

If your phone case is geared with metal implements or badly designed that block the antenna area of the cell phone, then unfortunately it can badly affect signals and cause bad reception.

Do Magnets Affect Cell Signals?

In fact, magnets can’t affect cell signals and they have really no effect on the radio waves of your cell phone.

Does poor signal drain the battery?

Yes, the poor signal has a negative effect on your cell phone’s battery. The poor cell signal drains the battery power comparatively faster than its normal battery consumption.

How to fix your poor cell signal?

Though there are many reasons for getting poor signals on your cell phone, fortunately, you can improve your cell signal. To know details, go here to know how you can boost your cell signal at home.

Wrapping Up

In fact, the poor cell signal is really annoying and has a negative impact on our communication, and when you face call drops in an emergency conversation, then you understand how annoying this issue is!

If you are facing bad cell signals in your home or office, then the walls of those places may be the main reason behind it. Therefore, you should check that and take the necessary action to eliminate the problem. Besides that, there are other things like low-E glass, electronic devices, network traffic, solar flares, etc that can also interfere with cell phone signals.

So, you should be careful about those things as well. If you take the necessary action to eliminate those problems, then you can surely improve your cell phone signal and get better cell service.

However, I have tried to review here some surprising reasons behind bad cell signals. If you know any other reason that I have missed here, then please share it with us in the comment section below.

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