10 Best Mini Circular Saw Cordless 2024 – Woodworking DIY Projects

Best Mini Circular Saw Cordless

Are you a home DIYer who loves to sharpen up his creativity often?

Well, getting the best mini cordless circular saw can certainly be a worthy companion for both household needs and your DIY projects.

Cordless circular saws are one of the most convenient tools you can have for clean woodworking!

These workhorses let you make straight cuts on wooden surfaces, and you get to do it with unlimited flexibility as you won’t need to be attached to a wire all the time.

You can work anywhere without limits and with the ultimate freedom, which results in outstandingly clean cuts and designs.

Comparison Table of the Best Mini Circular Saw Cordless

Image Product Name Features Price
best dewalt 20v circular saw Best Dewalt 20v Circular Saw
  • Volt: 20v.
  • Weight: 7.1 pounds.
  • Bevel Capacity: 0-50 degrees.
  • RPM: 5150 RPM.
  • Blade Length: 6.5
Available on Amazon
  • Volt: 20.
  • Weight: 6 pounds.
  • Bevel Capacity: 45, 90 degrees.
  • RPM: N/A
  • Blade Length: 5.5 inches
Available on Amazon
  • Volt: 20.
  • Weight: N/A.
  • Bevel Capacity: 50 degrees.
  • RPM: 4000 RPM
  • Blade Length: 6.5 inches
Available on Amazon
Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT- 6-1/2
  • Volt: N/A.
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds.
  • Bevel Capacity: 50 degrees.
  • RPM: 3700 RPM.
  • Blade Length: 2 inches.
Available on Amazon
BOSCH Bare-Tool CCS180B
  • Volt: 18.
  • Weight: 7 pounds.
  • Bevel Capacity: 45 degrees.
  • RPM: 3900 RPM.
  • Blade Length: 6.5 inches.
Available on Amazon

Top 10 Mini Cordless Circular Saw for 2024

Now, we have a list of options here in the guide. We’ve selected some of the best-performing cordless saws you can go for. Pick and choose the one that suits you best!

1. Best Overall Performance – DEWALT DCS391B

Best Overall Performance – DEWALT DCS391B

We’re starting with the unrivaled industry leader Dewalt! Coming with unparalleled popularity, this premium-grade device is something that only professionals should go for!


  • Carbide-tipped blade for exceptional performance
  • 5150 RPM monster motor performs way ahead of everyone
  • Tremendous cordless flexibility
  • Magnesium shoe increases cutting accuracy
  • Exceptionally designed handle for easy maneuvering
First, the device comes equipped with a monstrous 5150 RPM motor! It provides you with an insanely powerful cutting capability to handle hardened woods with an exceptionally faster speed!

Now, to control this beast, you’d need a comfortable grip. And that’s exactly what its rubber over-molded ergonomic handle provides, letting you work with steady arms and offering precise cuts.

Like PORTER-CABLE, this one has a 0-50 degree bevel angle capacity, which makes angular cuts a lot smoother.

On top of everything, this saw comes with a lightweight magnesium shoe that maintains top-notch precision for finishing that’d surely turn a few heads!

If you’re looking for an ideal cordless saw, this one is something you can go for without hesitation. However, one thing that you may find a bit difficult to deal with is battery charging. The stored energy may deplete a bit faster than expected; with a device of such quality, it may seem like a slight disappointment.

  • Monstrous 5150 RPM motor powers through any wooden surface and reduces work time.
  • The rubber handle offers an exceptional grip for a comfortable working session.
  • 0-50 Degree bevel capacity lets you perform angular cuts easily.
  • Lightweight magnesium shoe saw increases precision.
  • Battery run time needs improvement.


Well, there are some slight issues with it but, if you take its numerous benefits into consideration, this should surely be one of the best dewalt 20v circular saws you can go for right now!

2. Saw for Best Maneuverability – BLACK+DECKER

Saw for Best Maneuverability – BLACK+DECKER

At the 2nd spot in the list, we have another big shot manufacturer Black+Decker. Let’s look at what this one can offer you!


  • Offers exceptional lightweight comfort
  • Torque motor capability for powerful cutting experience
  • Exceptionally compact design for easy handling
  • Tool-free depth cut make your depth adjustment a piece of cake
  • Can be used with all the 20v MAX line

The device comes with a high torque motor which should offer a faster working pace and minimum vibration, making your finishing a lot smoother.

With an insanely fast 5- 1/2 inch cutting blade, the world is your oyster! Using this versatile blade, you can perform whatever cuts you desire with ease.

Furthermore, the depth adjustments are pretty simple with this tool-free design.

Similar to the DEWALT DCS391B, this one too comes with 45 and 90-degree bevel adjustments providing you with an exceptional capability to cut the wooden boards at different angles.

Coming with a compact design and equipped with a curved handle, this cordless saw should offer you maximum freedom and comfort while working!

  • Torque motor offers the smooth and faster-cutting capability.
  • 5- 1/2 inch cutting blade lets you be creative with your work.
  • Easy depth adjustment for increased convenience.
  • 45 and 90-degree bevel adjustments offer to let users perform angular cuts easily.
  • Compact design for better maneuverability.
  • May lack power slightly.


Despite the tons of positives, the power may seem a bit lacking, especially when you’re attempting to cut harder and thicker woods. However, it would make a quality low/medium duty power tool anyway.

And given the exceptional performance-related features it has to offer, it’s an item you can go for any time if you want the best battery-powered circular saw!

3. Best Blade Performance – PORTER-CABLE

Best Blade Performance – PORTER-CABLE

Now we have another stunner to talk about. At this stage in the guide, we have the Porter-Cable circular saw for outstanding home DIY projects. Let’s have a brief overview of the item.


  • Exceptionally powerful 4000 rpm motor
  • Carbide tooth blade for extraordinary cutting strength
  • Contoured handle features maximum comfort
  • Outstanding beveling capability
  • Versatile cutting enabled

First things first, this device comes with a powerful 4000 RPM motor that can cut through almost all wood surfaces without much struggle.

Coming with a carbide-tipped blade measuring 6-1/2-inch, this device lets you perform diverse cutting techniques making it a highly versatile option.

You can pivot up to 50 degrees and make bevel cuts easily, thanks to the beveling shoe!

Similar to the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX 5, this one too comes with a highly compact, curved design with a contoured handle which lets you wield this beast for outstanding output.

The installation or removal of the blade may seem like a highly challenging task to perform, which can make the entire job a bit complicated.

  • 4000 RPM motor offers a faster, more powerful cutting experience.
  • Versatile 6-1/2-inch Carbide tooth blade lets users perform diverse cutting techniques.
  • Provides easier beveled cuts.
  • Curvy, contoured handle setup makes it highly mobile for comfortable wood designing.
  • Removal and installation of the blade may seem difficult.


It may have slight issues we mentioned but, the device comes with exceptional overall performance, making it a highly desirable item for DIYers on the whole!

4. Best Battery Circular Saw – Makita XSS02Z

Best Battery Circular Saw – Makita XSS02Z

Close to the final parts of the guide, we have the Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT. The Japanese world leaders in power tools Makita’s XSS02Z 18V LXT is something you should go for if you’re looking to get only the best! Let’s find out why!


  • The high-powered 3700 RPM motor offers the extraordinary cutting capability
  • Excellent power management
  • Overheat protection technology offers battery longevity
  • Overload protection offers better safety
  • Over-discharge protection boosts battery life

Coming with a 3700 RPM motor, this one should help you tackle the woods without much resistance and get the jobs done faster than usual.

On top of that, the high precision, heavy-gauge machined base in the device offers highly accurate cutting capability, resulting in quality finishing.

It also gives you a 50-degree bevel capacity, similar to the DEWALT DCS391B   so you can make angled cuts easily.

If you’re looking for a tool that can satisfy your creative flows, this one should be the pick. Its 6 to 1/2 inches blade lets you cut 2- 1/4 inches, making it a tremendously versatile device to work with.

Moreover, Makita’s outstanding fast-battery-charging technology would make it unbelievably convenient for you to use it whenever you want.

Plastic blade guards may let some users down as they can be easily damaged during work.

  • 3700 RPM motor offers adequate performance and exceptional cutting capacity.
  • With high precision, the heavy-gauge machined base offers exceptionally accurate cutting capability.
  • Tremendously versatile with 6 to 1/2 inches blade lets users be more creative in their works.
  • Fast battery charging technology makes it easy for instant use.
  • Plastic blade guards can be damaged easily.


Keeping aside the slight issues, the device comes with an astounding number of benefits it has to offer, the device should be a miracle if you want the best battery-powered circular saw as a home user right now!

5. Best Cordless Worm Drive Circular Saw – BOSCH Bare-Tool

Best Cordless Worm Drive Circular Saw – BOSCH Bare-Tool

Finally, we have the premium Bosch cordless circular saw. Time to find out more about this one; let’s unravel!


  • Tremendously durable construction for long-term use
  • High bevel adjustability
  • Highly powerful 3900 RPM motor gets everything done
  • EMP or Electronic motor protection technology protects the motor
  • ECP technology keeps battery safer

Highly identical to the Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT, this one too comes with a 6-1 2-inch saw blade size making it an outstanding device to get all your woodworking done in the desired fashion.

The sturdy 3900 RPM motor would power through any wooden surface without much struggle. If you’re a professional or a home DIYer, this should let you perform all the woodworking jobs with ease and comfort.

This one features a blade left design, which will give stunning clarity while working for quality finishing.

Furthermore, it comes with what they call an anti-snug guard technology that offers extended accuracy. Plus, the electronic blade brake present in the device would let you stop the blade instantly, saving you from causing any design flaws.

One of the main concerns for everyday users is the durability of the power tools. Thanks to the aluminum upper guard and foot, this device is tremendously sturdy and should give you a lasting performance on the whole!

  • Versatile 6-1 2-inch saw blade makes the device highly super-easy to perform multifarious tasks.
  • The 3900 RPM powerful motor does a decent job of tackling the woodworking jobs easily.
  • Left blade design gives users a clear view for effortless operation.
  • Anti-snug guards increase precision immensely.
  • Electric brake stops the device instantly increasing safety.
  • May seem slightly underpowered in the demanding tasks.


One issue that you may find a bit disappointing is the power. It may seem slightly underpowered for handling some highly demanding activities. But on the whole, this should surely be a top pick for anyone who’s looking for a decent saw performance!

How do I choose the best cordless circular saw?

If you don’t want to end up with a saw that doesn’t do the job, you should learn a bit or two about them before heading shopping.

Let’s look at some of the dos and don’ts while getting a battery-powered circular saw:

  • Motor Power

The thing that decides the quality of a saw is the motor. The more powerful the business motor is, the better the work gets. Well, if you’re able to get a saw with 4000-5000 rpm (rotation per minute), that should be enough for regular day-to-day woodworks.

If you go less than that, it’d still work but may have slight trouble tackling larger wooden elements.

  • Great Battery Life

Well, the long battery life principally relates to two things in particular. First, you must make sure the battery coming with the device would offer a lasting service time (which is a bit difficult to understand as long as you’re not using it).

Second, you should get a device that has a long battery run-time. A longer run time would let you work on a project for a long time at once.

If you have batteries that don’t have a long run time, then you may need to charge them up mid-work, interrupting your workflow!

  • Saw Shoe

Try finding saw shoes that are made using magnesium. The magnesium blade guard is both strong and smooth, which would offer better workability while adding durability.

Aluminum shoes are good as well. They’re lightweight hence making them easy to work with.

saw shoe

  • Ergonomics

Finally, don’t forget about the ergonomics of the device; make sure it has a comfortable handle. So you’ll be able to use it longer without tiring the hands much.

Well, these are the few considerations you should make to get the best mini cordless circular saw with dust collection!

Cordless vs Electrical Circular Saw

It’s difficult to discern which one is better among the two as both have immense potential. Most cordless models offer incredible flexibility; on the other hand, corded versions of circular saws offer continuous working ability. Let’s look at their key differences:



If you’re talking about convenience, getting the best cordless circular saw for beginners is obviously the better one to go for. You don’t need to be attached to a power source while working with these, which provides flexibility.

On the other hand, the small electric saw for cutting wood needs to be connected to an outlet the whole time, which restricts movement.

Power Source

Here is the category where many cordless circular saws lose out. The other saws like the corded ones come with a continuous power supply for more power. So, you get to work without interruption, making the work a lot easier.

But the cordless saws rely on batteries which can run out before your work is completed, sending you to charge the batteries up again.

Design Output and Maneuverability


Being a battery-powered cordless tool, you get to have the desired design with ease with a cordless model. It offers a certain level of maneuverability, making it an outstanding device to curve out shapes you want.

But with the corded saw, that ability is somewhat compromised with the extended wire.

Ability to Run Power Hungry Devices

Another thing that relates to a power source is that the electrical circular saw can offer a larger power output than their corded counterparts, which would help run the power-hungry motors with serious RPM ratings.

But the battery-powered devices won’t do as well in this case.

Difference Between Worm Drive VS Sidewinder

Right or left? Where do you want the blade to be? Sidewinder makes it easy for you to work over the head. At the same time, the worm drive makes designing better. Let’s see how they can help:

Work Time

Top 5 Mini Cordless Circular Saw

With the weight on the left sidewinder, you should be able to work better overhead. Being lightweight and easy to handle, they’d offer longer work time, so you get to do things a lot faster.

On the other hand, the worm drive has its’ weight on the right, which may make it a bit difficult for long-term work.

Design Output

One of the key issues with a sidewinder is you’re a lot less likely to see the cutline, so you may end up with bits of design flaws.

Well, with a worm drive, that isn’t the issue. With the blade on the left, you’d get a clear visual while cutting a straight line or other designs.. It’d give you a tremendous edge in designing.

Motor Orientation

This difference in motor orientation makes a big difference in how the saw performs. Worm drive saws are better at making long, straight cuts, while sidewinder saws are better at making quick, curved cuts.

So, which one is right for you? It depends on what type of cutting you need to do most often. If you need to make long, straight cuts, then a worm drive saw is your best bet. If you need to make quick, curved cuts, then a sidewinder is your best choice.


Well, if you’re talking about safety features, it’s better to go for a sidewinder. The compactness and blade positioning of the sidewinder would let you keep the hands at a safe distance.

How to Change a Blade on a Cordless Circular Saw?

Changing the blade on the cordless model saw can seem like a daunting task for some. Here is a small guideline you can follow to ease things up a bit:

Cut the Power

First, start by disconnecting the power source. Get the battery removed before you start.

Detach the Blade

Now, detach the blade from the device. You’d notice blade locks that holds into place; press it. Now turn the blade using a blade wrench.

Start turning clockwise, which will loosen up the screw. And remove the blade after loosening up the screw.

Do a good blade selection based on your needs.

Insert New Blade

While removing the blade, you should focus on if there is any sawdust left. If you find sawdust to be present, remove it using a brush.

Also, inspect which way the arrow is pointing in the blade and follow the instructions.

Now, insert the new blade and press the lock. Use the wrench and engage the lock by turning. Keep pressing the blade lock and keep turning the wrench counterclockwise until the blade settles in.

How to Work with a Cordless Circular Saw for Beginners?

When using any type of power tool, it’s important to take precautions to avoid injury. With a cordless circular saw, there is always the potential for kickback – meaning the blade could suddenly spin back towards you. To avoid this, always keep your hands behind the line of the blade and make sure that you are holding the saw firmly with both hands.

When making a cut with a cordless circular saw, you’ll want to start by lining up the blade with your mark on the material that you’re cutting. Once the blade is in position, squeeze the trigger and let the blade do its work. Remember to keep your hands behind the line of the blade and apply steady pressure as you move the saw forward.

In order to release the material from the blade, simply release the trigger and allow the blade to come to a complete stop. Once stopped, carefully remove your piece from the area around the blade – being careful not to touch the blade itself.

For beginners, things can seem a bit challenging. Here in the following guideline, we’ll talk about how a beginner should start working on it.

Getting to know the different parts

Mini Circular Saw parts

The first thing that any beginner should know is how the different parts of the new cordless circular saw work. It will give him a basic understanding of the device and would help him, in the long run, to operate it better.

Some Steps You Should Follow

  1. Use the workstation to clamp the wood strongly before working
  2. Mark each area you’re going to cut
  3. Use work-specific blades for the jobs
  4. Make sure the power outlet is able to provide the required power if it’s a corded saw
  5. Make sure the battery is fully charged before working if it’s a cordless one
  6. Let the saw cut through at a slow pace, stop pushing it harder to get works done faster
  7. When work is done, release the trigger, let the blade stop moving then lift the saw
  8. Always wear protective gear like gloves and safety goggles while working
  9. Make sure the blade teeth are okay to work with
  10. Always keep your hands away from the blade
  11. Don’t leave children unattended while leaving the site for any other reason


1. Can we cut the material without having a table?

Saw tracks or foam boards can also be used while cutting wooden material using your saw.

2. What type of materials can we cut with a circular saw?

You can cut a range of different materials using a circular saw. Although wood is the most common material, you can also cut steel, masonry, and ceramic tile with it.

3. Why are most cordless circular saws left-handed?

These are known as the worm drive saws; they are specially designed like this, so you get a clear vision for making precise cuts. That’s why most cordless saws are left-handed.

4. How well do Cordless Circular Saws Cork?

Cordless circular saws work effectively with smaller materials like drywall and plywood.

5. How can you tell if a circular saw is bad?

First, check if it still has the power it had previously. You can also check the blade if it’s damaged or not. Blades need replacement from time to time. Finally, check for technical flaws like not starting or stopping suddenly. These are the signs that your circular is going bad.

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Bottom Line

corded saws

Well, we have talked plenty about circular saws. We’ve shown you some saw options which are undoubtedly one of the best you can find out there.

Further, our guide has provided you with vast resources and materials which can help you tremendously while getting a quality saw.

With the advancement of Lithium-Ion battery technology, it seems there won’t be any corded saws in the near future. The battery-powered saws offer tremendous convenience and flexibility as they let you work without restrictions and discomfort, which results in spectacular outcomes with your works.

So, what are you waiting for then?

Acquire the best cordless circular saw and watch the magic unfold right now!

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