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Speech to Text

Modern technology offers us numerous possibilities. You will see various technologies making a breakthrough in various industries. It has managed to do so to a degree where companies cannot complete even the smallest tasks without using at least one. Therefore, we can say that industries have become dependent on these. With that in mind, we can only see what is to come in the future.

Naturally, the list of these technologies is practically endless. Another thing we want to point out is that it is impossible to imagine modern communication without using software. Of course, we are largely talking about the business side of things. We are all aware of communication software being the trend. However, did you hear about using speech-to-text software? While this concept is not new, it started gaining momentum recently.

In various industries, speech-to-text has become an integral element. If you are interested in obtaining one and you are unsure where to look, be sure to visit vidby.com. The concept was known as transcription for a long time, but when the software came out, the whole concept suffered a rebranding. Today, we want to touch upon speech-to-text and discuss it in detail. Without further ado, let us begin.

How Does It Work?

describe speech-to-text

The simplest way to describe speech-to-text is to say that this term was coined to explain transcription software, as we’ve explained earlier. Basically, we are talking about the software that listens to the voice and transcribes it exactly, word by word. The better the software is, the more precise the transcription will be. The key element for the precision this software manifests is the algorithm that takes notes and writes down the speech.

At the same time, you will see the best-known programs able to transcribe different languages. The result of conversion from speech to text is better known as Unicode. What is more interesting to understand is that the deep learning model is based on neural networks. It works by converting the speech by going through several steps. Now, we will describe these steps in greater detail.

The first thing we want to point out is filtering. The sounds are, let us say, registered and processed through a digital converter in the form of an audio file. The next step is segmentation, which means the software can distinguish between different words, which is crucial in this case. Another significant step is known as character integration. It means that every audio file recorded will get its mathematical model.


The most important question regarding these concepts is accuracy. Without accuracy, there is no point in using software like this, don’t you agree? If you go to the latest Google studies and reports, you will see that only around a third of mobile users use voice search. There are many reasons for this happening, and all experts will agree that the lack of accuracy has something to do with it.

Some experts point this one out as the most important reason. Sure, using software like this is quite a fun action, but you will see that the results you get are not often what you desire in the first place. While there are some software you can find online that provide accurate transcription, you will find the number of those who are not as accurate is much higher. Naturally, the overall quality of speech-to-text will certainly improve in the future.

Key Features of Speech-to-Text


Now that we’ve covered the basics, we want to discuss the key features of this concept.

Domain-Specific Models

This technology’s most important feature is its ability to provide a trained model. What does this mean? Well, it means that the models, which are used for a wide array of different activities, not just this one, are there to provide the framework. Trained models are present in phone calls, voice controls, and video transcriptions. Since they are a framework, the product needs to be adapted to the requirements introduced by the framework.

Compare Quality

The quality provided by the software can be easily compared. It means that users can take several recordings and compare the quality. Of course, using different software will help determine which is the best one for you to use. But it is not just about using different software; we want to point out you should use different configurations to adapt it to your needs. The possibilities that come from this are practically endless.


When the recording has been made, another significant element comes with adaptation. Adaptation can mean an array of things in this context. However, we want to point out that it can help boost the transcription accuracy of domain-specific phrases. By using these, you will have the opportunity to convert spoken words into many other forms. As you can imagine, this is crucial for various occurrences.

What are the Benefits?

Benefits of Speech-to-Text

Speech-to-text comes with numerous benefits; among them, you will find the following:

Easier Communication

Communication between businesses becomes significantly easier. We are not just talking about recording the conversations but also about translating them. When the dialogues are recorded, you will find it easier to translate them by a professional. Of course, this also can be achieved by software.

Customer Service Support

Customer support is the backbone of most companies out there. The communication with clients is of the highest importance. Receiving feedback makes it easier for the owners and managers to know what fields of work they need to improve. Customer service agents can transcribe and analyze their dialogues to reach the core.


A speech-to-text software makes it possible for businesses to transcribe cheaply. Subscriptions to software like this will not cost you more than $5 per month on average. Of course, the ones with the highest quality will require a higher price since they offer a much better quality. Still, they are quite affordable; even small businesses can afford them without struggling financially.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, speech-to-text has yet to shine, even though it already made an impact. Here, we’ve provided you with an insight into this concept. We are certain you will find it informative.

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