Pokies Through the Ages: A Look at Their Remarkable History

Pokies Through the Ages: A Look at Their Remarkable History

Pokies are the name Australians have for slots. Now that this thing is clear to you, it’s obvious that we’ll talk about the most popular form of gambling ever and the bright history behind it. As we all know, it’s one of the easiest games that offers huge payouts, and everyone can play it as long as they’re an appropriate age.

Pokie’s history is quite fascinating. They were invented back in the 19th century by a man named Charles Fey, who put plenty of knowledge and creativity into creating such a machine. Since then, pokies have evolved quite a lot. Today, fans can play them in land-based casinos, but they’re largely available online, too, as you can see at https://online-casinosaustralia.com/real-money-pokies/.

Pokies in The Early Years

Pokies in The Early Years

The inventor Charles August Fey invented the first slot machines in 1984. He named the machine “Liberty Bell,” and it looks pretty similar to what we can today find at casinos. On the other hand, it only included three reels, a single payline, and an integrated payout system.

When it comes to the design, even the modern versions look quite similar to the original slot machine. As we said, it featured three reels with five symbols each. Surely, you can easily recognize the bell, horseshoe, heart, spade, and diamond.

These symbols are often present in today’s gambling scene. Even though there are plenty of versions available, the classic ones feature these symbols as a homage to the German-American inventor who introduced the concept of pokies to the world.

As you suppose, Liberty Bell became really popular, and it still serves as an example and inspiration, even in the modern days of online gambling.

The Rise and Development of Pokies

Video pokies appeared in the 70s. They are more sophisticated compared to Liberty Bell but still have similar features. On the other hand, video pokies feature advanced graphics and effects but also are more interactive, with more game options.

Video pokies quickly became the most popular type of pokie machine, and they remain so today. If you visit a land-based casino, you can find plenty of machines you can play pokies on.

The variety of games is huge, and the player can easily choose how many pay lines they prefer, what symbols they find most appealing, and surely, bet on amounts they can afford to spend. Video pokies offer a wide variety of themes and features, and they appeal to a wide range of players.

Pokies in the Modern Age

Pokies in the Modern Age

When the internet came, many things became more accessible to the people. We could do so many tasks, play games, and even collaborate online on many things. Little did we know back in the 90s that online casinos would be a huge thing a few decades later.

Still, online pokies offer convenience while playing your favorite game at home, while traveling or every spare moment you have. Their popularity has risen in recent years, too, especially after online casinos became the most popular way of entertainment.

Surely, being part of the digital transformation doesn’t mean the risks and volatility are lower. People still need to be very wise and careful, even plan your budget strategically.

Online pokies are attractive and convenient but also very volatile. Sometimes, we get the wrong impression that we can handle the challenge, but the rules remain the same – be very careful about the return to player rate, money management, and the amount of time you spend playing. Remember, as before, pokies today are an entertainment activity, and you shouldn’t spend all your money on it.

The Future of Pokies

The Future of Pokies

We can expect a continuous evolution for every casino game, pokies included. As you can see, their history is pretty bright, and we expect the same for the future. Probably more innovative machines and online versions will be released in the years that come, making the whole experience more sophisticated and interactive.

Since the beginning, we have had so many different versions and approaches. People today can play classic pokies, video pokies, and online games inspired by them. By matching symbols in different pay lines, all enthusiasts can manage to win a significant amount of money.

As usual, pokies will probably stay equally risky and volatile because that’s what makes them most exciting among all the other casino games. On the other hand, the potential to win large amounts is huge, so we suppose people will love pokies even more in the future.

Some of the expectations are that new types of pokies will be invented in the years to come, incorporating technologies like virtual or augmented reality. Online players are looking for a more realistic experience, and they’ll probably get it soon.

And surely, the rules about fair gaming stay the same. All players must control their money, play wisely, and don’t make impulsive decisions, especially during a loss streak.

When it comes to the future of pokies, there are surely things we can’t even predict. That way, we can always be surprised by the implemented innovations, making the overall experience even more exciting and entertaining.


Online pokies, just like traditional pokies, are a great way to see the evolution of casino games in retrospect. When we talk about gambling, surely the first association is slot machines and recognizable lucky symbols. The history of this game is easy to follow, but the future is unpredictable, knowing that many factors contribute to the great interest and development of this industry.

However, we believe that pokies will continue to remain a recognizable symbol of casinos, regardless of whether it is the online versions or the machines that you can find in land-based locations. Of course, we believe that there are many innovations to come and that in the future, we will have even more options to choose from and have fun.

And until then, it remains to be smart in playing and managing your money. Only then will pokies be a source of fun and excitement instead of annoyance and frustration. So, be wise, and enjoy your pokies session – as well as this valuable history lesson!

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